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The Value Of A Cent

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It is au oíd sayiug that "a pin a day is a groat a year ;" by which oominon exprtssion some wise man has uttempted to teach tboughtlesg people tfaa value of a notnewhat higher artiole, thouah a iiiuoli oet-pised oiio - -we mean a cent Centtf, like minutos, are ofteu thiown awav, beoause people do uot know wliat ti du w;tli thetn. Those wlio are not ecouoiuio'B of time, (and all the great men on record have been go,) take care of the BiiunteB, fnr tbey know that u few minute-, wtll upplied eaok (Jay, will make hours m the course of a week, and d ijs in the course of a year, and in the eourse of a long life, will tnake euough of time, if well einploved, in wbich a man by pereevcrauce may h-tte seoomplisbed 6oim! rork, useful to hil felluw creatures and honor, ble to himself Large fortunes, wlieu gaine.d Iionestly, are rarely aoquired in any other wav than by small savii L8 at firsf, and sivings i'a.i only be made by habita cf in(iustry and teinperancQ. A sa ving man, therefore, vblle he is adding to the general Btock of' wealtli, is setti :r au exanip!e of those virtues on wliièh the ve y exis'euee and happiness of soeietv do pend. There are s.ivi: g prople wtío aro misers, and h.ive do one good quility lor wliu-li w ■ pan liké tb m. Tírese are not the kiod of people of whoui we re spuuking; bat, we may remark, that a miser, tbouiih a disagreeable fellow whi alive, is a vitv useful person wheu dea He has been ooiapared toa tree whob,wh!e it is growiuLT, can bu appüed t.i no use, i but at 1 st furuishes tituber for hou-es! and ('ome.-stic uttnsili. 13ut a miser is ' i;.fini'üly more nscful than a suejfdtbrift, a ui-re oorïgamer and Wasteir, who, after he has spdut all Irs owu moiu-y, trie to spend tiiut of o: her peoplo. Suppose a yoani$.min juat beginning to work lor biuiself, coubi gave but fiva cents a day ; and we bilieve there are! iew that cauiiOt do it. V ho couM not save this ámouiit daily froin ii is eXponditures, without [essening bis cumforts ''. Yet tb s. wi li the aci amululing interest, in the course ot ten years, w I amou it to the sum of two hutidred and thirty dollars sixtA-foiir conts. ; in twtntv years, to six bundred and sisty-lhrce' 'dollars fifty oight cents; in thirty vears, to one thousand three bundred and ninetj six dollars nixty-seven een!n; in fnrty ears, t two thousand eight kundred and üf y five d'-llars forly-tw-o cents ; and in fifty yeais. to live thou-aud three bundred and fifty fotir dollars thirteen cents It will appear, from ti.ia mode of calcul: tion, rkat the imount duubles iu about ten yars. Let tbc process be - tinued two bundred .years, and thu ! Ü:ig rui of live cents each riay will produce a tutal of ouo huudred and fifty luilüons of dollars. " i


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