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The Lifetime Of Man

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When iliü wnrl'I wis ereated and all (ventures assetftbied to have their lifp.time appoin,ted, the ;iss first advanned mik) asked how tnnir lio woirld havn to live? "Thirty yeir=," replied fïatnre; " will that b' agreeable to thee r " " }-i ! " answered tho ass " it is a long ifhiJe. Remeniber whar a wparisome existence wil! be mino; froin inorn inr ui! t il I sliall have tobear lic;vy hurdens árj;' s oornsacks to the aaill, that othprs inay eat brjaad, wliilö I fhall have no oncourircinout, nor hf refresbed by anytliMiir but blows and kick. Q'we n" but a pnrtion of t 11 n t time. I pray !" Nature was moved with ooinpaesion, and presen'ed but eighteen yoars. The ass went away comforted, and the dog csmc fnrward " Ffow Ion;,' dost tli ou require toltve'V aslicd N;'nre. ' Tbirtv years were too many for tlif as?, luit wilt thou be contentpd with tbflm ? "' 1 Ts it tliy "ill that T shouM ? " ropliod tbe dop. " Tliink how mn li I slull have to run about ; ray f.'ct will not last for s'i long a timo, and wb 'ü I shall have i"t my voioo for barkinjr and my te.eth for bitinjr, what r!.s' sbüll T be fit for but lie in corner and rrowl ? '' Nature thonght lm was right, and gave twelve yeara. Tiie ape tlion appcarcd. '' Thou wilt, iloubtlcs-!, w llinjrly livo the thirty yenrs," said ííature; thon will nut bave to labor as t!ie ass and dog. - Lift? will be pleaaant to thee. ■'Ab, nol" cried he; " so it may sepin to others, but it will not be! Should pu(ldin;s ever rain down, [ shall escita lauirbt r by my griBiaoes, tl tlien be rewarded by a smir apple. Ifow often gorrow lies foneealed lieliind a 7 1 ♦ ! I j atiall not be able to endure for tbirty years." Nature w:is gracious, and lio reccivcd but ten. At last carne man, hoallliy and strong. and a kfid the measure of bis days. " Will thirty years content thee? " " How shori a time! " exelauned man. "Wheri I símil bave built my house, and kindled a íire upon my own iienrth - wlicn the (rees I sliall have plantod are nbout to bloom and bi'iu' fruit - when life sliall seem to me most desinible, I sliall die. Oh, Nature, grant me u j ger pcriod " " Then stalt thou hare the eighteen years of the asa besides." (' That is not caough," replied the mnn. ! " Take, likewise, the twelva years of tlic dg." ■' It is nnt j'et siiffiuiont," rciterated nu'ii : '■ ive me inore." ' l vvill givo thee tlien, tlio ton yenrs of tlie ;ipu ; and in vuiu wilt tbou claim more ' Man departed unsatisfied. Thus man li ves scventy Jfoars. The first thirty are liis biynan yearp, iviul pnsa swiftly by. He ia then heult.liy iind happy. He la-bora oarefully imd rrjoices in his cxistctiec. Tlie eighteen of the ass con c next ; bunlen upon barden is hcapod upon liim-he cnrries the oom that is to fWd others 5 blows aiwl kicks are tho reward of his faitliful service - TIn; twelve yearB of the dog follow, and he luscs hia teeth, and lies down in the corner and growlfl Wheo these are gone, the npe'S ten years form a conclusión. Then man, wenk and silly, be coinés the sport of cliildren. - Tnmslated from Germán.


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