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The Former Sieges Of Charleston

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As the s'ere of Charleston will sonn be eotntuenced by ouf foroea under cocumand of General Fïbntor, n bistory of the I former sieges of the gaine city, by British troops, during tlie Revolutiouary war, muy not be ui.iiiterestiiio; : ' ín tho boginning of June, 1770, tbe whole ol tlie British fleet, under Admiral 1 Sir Peter Park'eri ancbored off Charleston B;ir Pievious to their arrival the city bid adoptcd meaos of d,efens , and works wera erected on Sulliv.m's Mand, niouutcd with tbirty pieees of oanuori, in a vory ádfatitágeoois bifcuation for annoying sbips !n tlieir advaoee to tlie town. The inilitin of tha province assembled in great uunr ers for the cUfcn-e of the capital, aided by severa! Continental reg-iments, and thu whnle were cmn mandod by 0en Lee On the "28th of June tlie Jjiistol and Experiment,, cach carryitig fifty guns, supported by severa] sniüllur shi]i8, with some difficulty crosséd tlie bar, and advanced to the attack oí the fort on Snllivan's Island, oonstruoted eiitixly of palmetto. A furious cannouaiio üow commenoéd from tlio sbipptng, whioh was relamed wtth equ-il i'ury and with inore effect, from the fort. The sbips ere nlmost torn to pieces, and the n ■mhter was frightful Fiiin;; did not cease tiil eveniuir, when the aiiips sJipped tbeir cabios and withdrew from the scène of action. Tho A'ctseoo, of 21 guns, havhig run agroand, was deserted and set on fire. - Captáis Morris, of the liristol, recei"d a moral vYouud Oaptam Seott, of the Experinient, and Lord Wüliain Campb.ll, late (iovernor of the colony, who now servcl as a volunt"or on board the fleet, were dangerously wounded witb more t'nan 'Ji)0 men of fhe crews ol these two shipa only. The design on Charleston was, .".ftor this disaster, abandonöd, and Sir Peter Parker innnediately sailed fir New York. Six days sunsequant to this unsuccepsful attempt to Hubjga'e Charleston, the Deelaratfon of Independen ce was promuiated. O,i thelirstof pril, 1780, the Bntiih troops, under Gen.. Sir llünry Clin t ui, broke ground at tbe distanca of about, 1,300 y.-nds in front of tiie American tiues wlii-.'h, though no more than field works. tlie Enjflish Gommander treated with three pnrallels, and Hlade his advanoe circumspeetly. The place was delended by General Lincoln, with s nu merous garrisön. On the '20th of April, the soc id pir:)l!tl being completed, tering of Capiiiila4i.oa were proposed on Condition of the defündflfs feeipg allowed to witiidraw, .ui (jifi -r whioh the behieger deciiued. Tl;e third parallel w;.t ca-rieii io a few (!ays, ind prep irati;n,a ■-vore made for sri asnanlt. (ieueral Lineóte, on being infohneil by bis engiueers t.hat the lines were no loñger defendible, consented to surrender the city on the terras originally pn posed by Sir Henry Clinton, in onst'q'ience of whieh about 6 000 mon, cpnsisiinir of cmtinenta' troiítpíi, militia, and sailors, beoame prisooei'S of war on tho 4tb of May, 1780. In the following yeur tho roya! ármy at Yorktown was placed in a similar condition, LnH ('iimviiüis being forced to propose terras of capitularon in üc-tober, 1781. The bnnor of narclinn; out with colors ïlyinir, whieh lud boen refused to Gen. Linooln on nis giving up Charleston, was now rèfused to Lord Oornwallis, and Genetal Üïnooln waeappoiutedi-areeeive the submission of the ariny at Yorktown. preeisejy in the same way as his own had been eonducted eijjhtéen mohths ago.


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