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The New York Harbor Defenses

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The memliers of GovernprSeymonr'H utaft, u committöO oi the Chamber of Commerce and ihe ppêeiul [iarbor Dolene Qommittee recently appointcd by Üie L'jgi si ature, proiseeded down the b:iy yosterday ior Üio purpose of nttpeutiug the fortifieution of the har hor. Tlui IH.-W forlificutions now being eected at Randy Honk was first exiimined. The iv'ui k is exoecdingly mstSMÍve, the walla being formed of granito six üiid eight feot in tbieknuBS. The cm 1. rasures are faced vvith wrought iron, and nrrnnged in such f mnnner oa to ronder it rmpuMÍble for a nlmt nr the fragment f a shell to pass into ihe fort. A large number of eiglrt and ton-incb oolumbiads havo receniiy beon moun'ed hui'e and munneel by a cura pany of TTiñtod Staten auiüiers. It is thoiight thal. vvithin a year, with sufficienl inaiis and nion, this fort cutild be rendored exceeüingly cffirient. Tho wurbs on Staten Inlatwl re very formidable. There will be 815 guns, distributed nfi fllows : Fort Kichmopd, 1-10; Piirt Tompkins, 90; redoubt of Fort Tompkin, 26; Battery Liudion, 50; Battery Morton, 9 During the past year these batteries have been completed, and Fort Riohmond noeds butlutle moro work to finish it. - All of these dcieuses are garrmoned, and everyihing was iound by the oompanv in excellent order. Fort Hatoilton'mounts 45 heavy, guns, and 73 of smnl'.er (ize, besides a öeld battery on terrace in front of the fort, opposite the main entiance, The redoubt numbera G gune, ome of whicb are mounted. Fort L'afiiyette mounts 20 gons; Fort Gibson mounts 15 gun?, 12 of vvhich are heavy. Fort Wood, located on Bedloe's Island, mounts 77 guns of heavy calibro; Fort Oolumbus, on Govornor's Iiand, muunts 105 gnns, 87 of whii:b are of heavy eaübre; Cstlu Williun mounta 78 guns, largo and smallj tíouth Battery mounts 13 guns, and guardsthe narrow uhannel betvveen the souihern extremity of the islund and Biooklyn.


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