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Destruction Of The Anglo-rebel Steamer Georgiana

Destruction Of The Anglo-rebel Steamer Georgiana image
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The Charleston Mercunj, of the 20th nstant, gives the following acoouut of the loss of tho Georgiana : '' Tbc British iron screw steamer Georgiana, Captain Hudson, kft Nassau, N. P:, on Sunclay aftoi-noon, March 15, for this city, lriving on board a f ahiable cargo of medicines, dry good3, and some six pioces of field artillery, of the Whitmarsh and Blakely pattcrus. On Thursday morniug, off Deriee's Breakers, she was discovered by tho blockaders, who at once gave chase. The Georgiana kept on her course for the bar uutil her rudder was disablod by the explosión of a shull uader hor stern, and her huil waa penotrated by seyeral shots, ono of which, it is reported, passed entirely through her. At one time the Yankees were 80 close that the order to fire and the direction te trail their guns cou'd be dis tinctly board. ' To prevent capture, the Georgiana was run ashore on Long Island beach, and the pipes leading to the vessel were out, letting a larga amouut of watar into the hold, which it is hopou will prevent the eneujy from seouriug the vessel or cargo. The Captain, pilut, and most of the ciew, have roached this city In tbeir boats. Oue of the boats is still missing, She may yet bo heard from. " The Georgiana was owned by Eoglish parties, and was consignad to Mesara Juhn Fruzer & Co A rumor reached this city yeslerday that the Yankees had set the Georgiana on fire, but it may prove to be incorrect."


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