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The Londot) Morning Star, commen ting upon Mr Gibsuu's speech, has theae reflatiitoni : " Tlio Uniled States has taken from us (uring last )rear, in return for their immense exporta of food, five raillions' worth of' gnoda nuire than in 1861 ; and Ibis lacrease íh not attributable solely to tbeir import of' tnunitions of war. Even under the Merrill Turiff, ind despito their diitiinished menns of purchase, ibey have bought thirteen out of twentv-one milhoiiH' worth oi commodiües they were iccustomod to buy. The enarmona quantitfeè of provisjiona iheir ubundani harvest etiabled them io export have enabled iir to beur more easily than c;ru!d have been anticipated Ü)v susiension of employtnent in tho cótton tlistriels. They have at the Báfme time íhown us, vrith the utmost i imHTSsi venesp, hrw desperate would have been the folly and ickedness oí intirlerenee in the domeatic qutirrel. Intarl'erenee, under whatever name, would have involved in iiitorrup tion of mippiiesirom the North as well from tho South. We should have lad;od food for our looma It would have been a (-aiamity not lo be ineaaured by annv and ravy es limares, or by trade reTnns. it would havo been confined to no ono district or trade. - Jt would have penetrated eviry workshop and eyery lióme dependent apon industry. Ii. would havo Htarved English artijinhf, not that slaverv might jivrish of plctlira, 'out that freedom might be iissailed in the hurbora wout to gush wilh plenty for the vvorld."


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