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The bids tor tbe Vulunteera' cumuy Reliet Loan of $7,000, advertised for by the Treasuivr, ware oponed on Wednefday, April lst, and tbe loan awarded as follüwa : W. Weeks, J1600 at 8){ per cent pr. Xhos. Ninde, 100 " % " " " " " 100 " 1 " " " 1Ü0 " % " " " Geo. G. Gnsson, 400 " % " " Phillip Bach, 100 " 5-8 " " " 200 " % " " " 200 " 3-8. " " " 200 " % " " " " 500 " 1-5 " " " 500 " 1-10 " " " C. II. Qregory, 1000 " 21-iO " " " Thos. Nimle, 200 " par " " " Mis. K. Schlack, 200 " " L. &11. Smith, 100 " " Eliza J. Frene!], 100 ■ " " Mrs. J. A. Street, 1300 J' " $7000 Total premiumna on loan. $09,83. Tho bids for the loan imounted t" 17,800, and no offer was at ier-s tlian par. The loan is for Ihree years frora the first day of April, inst., and the bond bear seven percent interest, payable annualiy. The credit of Washten.iw Oounty is evidently good. jggL" We re-produoe from tho State News tho lollowing reasons why our oilizens, without distinction of party, shouid vote for Mr. Ricumond, one of be demoorutio cqndidutea for Regent f the University, not becauso he is a Dtmoorat, but because the necessity is grent for a Regent to reside in this city. Tliis nucessity has heretofore boen reoignized by both politicul purtio?, and we :i Regent has always reaided ioi-8 sinee the foundation of tlie Universitv. Quüslions arise almost overy day making it desirable, and many times tibs ;lately neuessury, that a Regent be conaulted, and much delay and uoonveoienoe will be saved it thu Regents have a representativo on tho spot. But, theNiws puts. this matter in so ptrong language we need not introduce its paragrapt with further coniments : The nomíneos for regents are uil truo to tho interesta of tbe TJniversity, but wethink the oonvention eommitted a great blunder in not giving Washtennw county one oi them. It seems to u- almost a necwsity that one of hu Regenta should reside in thia city. The resident Regent hua much more to do, and to ace to, than merely to altend tho meetings of the board. - He is looked upon as a sort ol Superintendent, and it is neeessary, we think, that he should keep a sharp look out, or the intererts of the Univorsity urn liable to nuffer. The State has pent a large amount of money in adorning and irnproving the grouucU, and it need.s gome one who is officially comiected wilh the University to lonk atter the grounds, and keep a vigilant eye upon them, or the money o jndiciously spent in their mprovemout and einbellishmeot, vvill have been s;ent in vain. A numher of grond men were proposed, but the Convenlion could not, or ralher ilid not agroe upon any one of them. It was bad policy, very bad policy. S" Abner Pratt, ot M irshall, the Mayor aod Senator and ex-Consul to tlie'SandAieh Lsland.-, in d.uigerously ill at bis resïdenee Terhaps his Oopperhefld virus has struck in. - Tribune and Adcertiitr, March 28. The viloneás of the above extract may be fully appreciated when we state that Senator Pratt died the d:iy before the issuo of' tho Tribune anti Adcerliser vvhich contained it. An editor who will use such languago oí' a dying man wouli steal the psunies off bis dead mothor' eyes, or rob a blind pig of its dinner and sell it for "ioHy-rod whiskoy." As a rumor has guined considerable oirciilation that Senator Pratt died o! slow poison. the Tribune libelier fhay ave meant something when suggesling that tho "virus lud struck in." JSST Hon. lï'i5RT3ON, member of the Souato frona Maoowb oounty, dicd suddenly at his rosidenca iu Mt. Oleinens, on Thursday, Maroh 25th, agod 41 years. Mr. Robhrtson was a lawyBï by profession, and had attainod high rank among hia fullows. His aasooiatas ia the Lsgis lature speak of hiin as a genial gentleman and able legislator. Ho was a firm and consistent rcraocrat. IIoq. Asnm Pratt, member of tlio House from Oalhoun oounty, and Mayor eleot oí Marshall, diod at bis residence in that city on Priday last. Judgo Pkatt has long ben identified with tin; public affuirs of tho Stato, living filled honor to himsolf many places of respon sibility, SS" '-'ie Keil's i"Jsits that Mr. RicuMOXi) " has no quidifio.itions for R01rent - nono wbatevor, heyoni his husine$H capaeilies." Well, as " business capacities" are all that are neccssary to a lirst-oluss Regent, wo won't ask any further endorsument of the News. Lj3r Tho marriage.of the Prinoa of Wales with the Princess Alexandra of Daumuik, was celebrated in St. George's Gliapel, Wiodsor, on tho lOth of Maroh. 'l'ho oost of the ooremouies is 'cstimatcd at $250,000. J3C" A bilí ha bean introduood into tho New York Legislatura legaüzing bnLÍD2 undf tbt nstions! Itw.


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