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TliG ilepubheatis ot tuis city iiave nomiuated tho following caudidate for City and Ward cfüoors : - For M-iyor - Charlea Spoor. For Recorder - G. A. Chapín. For Justice of the Peace - George W. Anibrüse. For Marshal- O. M. Martin. For Sireet Cumtnissiomr - 11. O, Dillon. For Collector- A A. Terrj. For Supervisors - lst & 2d Wards - Con rad Krapf. 8d, 4th & 5th Wards - Mosea Hogers. For Aldermen - lst Wan)- C. B. Thompson. 2d " ( Hauser, H. Krauae. 3d " D. Hisoook. 4th " W L. Loomis. 5th " John Tajlor. For Conslalhs - lst Ward - Jas. E. Davis 2d " II. Pchlottcrbeck. 3d " James Hawkina. 4th " Artliur Boylan. 5th " N. II Pierce. S'tST" '■ ne Democravs in the several Towns are rnoving and vo expect a good report on Monday next. In Lima Charles Wiiitakkr heads thfc ticket, and the balance i-) eomposed of good men and truc. In Northfield Patkick McKernan is out for Supervisor, with first-rate candidates fr all the other offioes. McKernan has been Supervisor, and made an excelli'tit offiner. Lutueii Palmer is the oandidate for Supervisor in Scio, witli live demooraw as associatus on tlio ticket. Palmer has had experience, and ought tj bu elected. ' Lorenzo II. Jones ia ngain the canihdale ftf our democratie fi'iends of D-xter. He is an okl hand ut Ihe belluws, a first-class officer, and of course will be eleated. Ilis afsociate candida tes are O. K. In Ann Arbor Town Joetii G. Farr heads the licköt. Mr. Farr is an active, thoroughgoing business raiin, and it elected will rutïke a good Supervisor. - The other candidatcs are of good material. Walter D. Corson runs for Supervisor in Salem, and is backed by the righe kind of Demócrata. '7"fC e hPe t'lat some fi'ienrl in each Townahip will sond us tbe vote for Judges, Regonts, and Townsbip offioors the dny fottowing the election. If no one ] is coming dircctly to this oity ploase forward statement by mail, and yo;ir courtesy sball bo reraembercd. Up Aoain - Gold ciosed iu New York on Wednesday, fii m at 59. The rise is Htributed to 8 conspiracy butween the ' shorts" and the wholesale men of the Eastern citios who wish to keep gold up uutil they work off their heavy stocks, lletailers will bite carefully. jgg The Michigan Regiments in tbe )th army corps were at Bardstowü, Ky., at last advices. 8@„ On Friday last, Robert Gay, a piivate in the 71st Indiana Iufantry, waa shot at Camp Morton, Indianapohs, by order of a Court-martial for deserción. this is the first execution for desertion whch has taken place in the west. +ea Tribute to Prof. Fasquelle. At a meeting of the Board of Regenta of the University, held on Tuesday, Mareh 2-lth, the following resolutions were offered by Air. MoIntyre, and unanitnously adoptod : Whereas, Since the last meeting of this Board, death has entered the University and removed from its halls, and his field of usefulness there, one of its brightest ornameuts, and one of the nust faithful, dovoted and uscful mem'oers of its Aca demic Faculty, in the persou of John Louis Fasquelle, Profes-or of Modorn Languages and Literature, and creatod a vacancy not easy to ba supplied ; And as it is fitting that the Board of Regents should, at tbia their first meeting shice the oceurrenoe of this bad event, give public expression of their regret for the loss which the University bas sustained, of their high appreciation of tbe valuc of his services as an educator, aud of his worth as a man, thorefore, Resolved, That by this dispensation of Divine Providonco which has removed hiui from earth to a higher lif'e, the University bas been deprived of an earnest, faithful and sincero fricad, as we!l as an ablo and sucecssful teacher, wbose cxemplary deportmont, punctuality and fi.leüty in the performance of his duties, and wbose uv.wearied devotion to bis profession and to the interest of bis classes, endeared hiiu to bis pupils and advanocd his department to a high position, and entitled hiiu to the just commendation of a good and faithful servant,whosc widely extended reputation as an author contributed to bring from other States, and frora the noigbborhood of other distinpuislied iöstitutionsof learoing, students wbo were desirous to sit at bis feet ond learn from him who bad furnished the model text-book in bis department for somany of the Universities, Oollegea and Schools, in our oivn and otlnr landi. Rn;hnl, That tbc Board of Kegcnté, while they sinceroly feel the great loss which tbc University lias sustained by the death of Professor Ftisquelle, do not forget the greater loss which, has fallen gtill more heivily upon bis hereaved widow and ohildren, to wliom they hcroby tender their cordial sympathy in tbis affliction, whicb bas deprived the ono öf a faithful and devoted busband, and the others of a kind and affeotionató fatber, whoso loss to thero ie indeed irreparable. Resolved, That the Secrctary prcscni to the widow and family of the deceasod ) a eertified copy of thea resol ution?.


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