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■Remcmber that tlie gcvcral Ward Boards of Ilcgistration will be in session to-morrow frora 8 o'olock, A, J[. until 8 o'olock, P. M., and that unless your name is registerexl in the Ward in which yon resido you will not bc permitted to vota on Motiday nest. - Pon't trust tlie matter to any one elsp, btttgoyourself anii sec that your name I properly entored oa the Rcgistry of your Ward - The Township Rpards of Registration also meet to-morrow to correct and complete their severa! regiatry lists, and every voter should sec to it tbat his name is registered. SST Maj B.MiitY returned aafely some dajs sinoo from hia trip to Nashville, 'i'enn., after the body of young Reed, of the Oth Michigan Inf.iiitry, who Jii'd in hospital some timo in Deoember List. Major li. was oo the train which wus captured hy the guerillas, but as the guerillas were drivcn away by a detachiuent of Federal soldiers brfore they had completcd tbeir work of plundering the train and paroüng the pas-engers, he was not peronally a prisoner, though the train and "all hands" wero under guard. A close cali, sure. - Maj. B. brought home about êlO,000 froiu the Michigan regiments at and near Nashville. jLg" At the sessiou of the Board of Rogont3 of Üie University, last week, Edward P. Evans was eiected Professor of Modern Lansraages and Literatura - the chair vacated by the death of Prof. Fasquellb - at asalary of 81,500. Prof. E. bas been filliag the chair nauied sinos tho death of Prof. Fasquhu.e, to the ntisfactioo of all conneeted witli the Uuivorsity. lie is a gradúate of the Uüiversity-, and since bis graduation has spant severa! years in teaching, and two or three years iu Europe porfeeting himelf in the very studies whic'a mak-j up bis Professorship. - At the S'irao sessioa the salary of Prof. Wood was ncreased to $1,500 af ter the first of October next. - 500 was appropriated for the purchase of a collestion of geologie il and botanical specimens. C3T T'10 April nauibjr of the Con tintntal Moathlj has a tabla of eontents ofraorethau usul readableaess. The artieles speeudly pertiaoat to tho times are: IIow the Tir aifects A;nericans, by Hon. E. P. Stanton ; Tho ünion, by Hon. B. J. Walker j D)vv. iu Tennesee; and Ojr Presant Pasitiaa, its Dangsrs and ita Dutias. $3 a ycar ; two copies 85. A.ddress Joas F. Tuow, 50 Qreeue Street, New York. L2Ê We have tbs April numbsr of the Ladieí liepository. It has two fine steel engrarings, " Protection," and " Coriielia-the Roman Matron," and a liit of artiülos just suited to the family circle, intreatiag, iastrnctire, olcvating. 82.50 a yeajr. Address Pas & IIitoiicocx, Ciacinnnti, Ohio. &!L" The April nuinber of tho Edectic Magazine has a üst of vory read;iblo papera, Bmong tliom : The Life of Mohammed, Bishop Colenso 'on the Pcutateuch, History of Eírthqoakes and Volcanoes, The re;ll tli of Nations and the Slftve Poifer, Cicicorning Cuttiagand Curviiig, In tho Waters Uuder the Earth, etc, fto. The selections aro fioni twclve of tho lending Enfílala periodicals. Sec proapfetus in auother column. Wc endorse both the JSclectic and tbc premium platos,


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