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A CARD TO THE LADÍES. DR. DUPONCÖ'3 GOLDEN riLLS FOK TÉMALES. Inlallible n correctlng. regulating and removlng all obstructions, frotn whetever canse, imd alwaya succesaful as a prevenüve. Tho comWnatior oí ingrc-diciits in Dr. Duponeo'a Goldon Pilis Cor Tómales aro porfmtlj barmli ss. Tin y have boon use.l mthe private practioe of Dr. Doponco over 30years,and thomands uf ladiea can teüflfy to their great and nover failing ruccoss in almnst every caneincorrecling irregularities, reüevlng painful and ilatreaid'ng monstniation, particula-ly ut the ettóge of Ufe. Fn.m ñve to teopillaw! eure that cnmmon yet' ireadfnl comnlaiut, the WhltBB Noarly every femalo in me land kuIhts frtm tU eomplalnt. abare I'illlias pofmanently cureil thoosand, and thcy wtUeure jou ifyon úae thom. They cannot harm you; on the conlrary. tluy remove all olstructons, re ■torenature tolts proper cbanacl, and nïigorate the wliok jyttem, Ladles whose health will not permil an [ncrease nf family, ivill Snd these Bills a supcessful preventivo Ladies peeallarly Bltuatedj or thoae upposlng thcmíelve so, abonld not n.-o thee Pilis duriog dio first tteee months, as tbey are oertaio to producemiaoarriagt, "arter which admonition" the pro. prietoi assume no responslbility, altl.ougli their mildness will prevent an Injury to hesito. The Ingrediente composing the abovo Pilla are .nade kn .un to every As. nt. and tlicv will tell you thoy are aafe and will perfono all otolmed lor tlunn. Prióe SI per box Sold in ANN AUBOK, by STI5BB7M niÜON. Erngglsts, W. A. HÜN'T, Drlg?!st. Ladiea living at a rlistance by sending them $1,00 through tho Ann Arbnr l'ostoffloo, oan luive the Pilla sent (confldíntially) iy mail, to any part or the country free "1 poal M l -ttcwarr, of a base couvtcrfeil af theie Pillt.- yon can buy the conaterfrit aitrcle :: anyprioefrom 2 toTocontsn box (dearat that). UBliwyour lives and health re of too mach yidue to 1. triflfd ivith.besi es bein Imposed opon with a worthloaí art ele. Therefore, any one offcringyou these Pillafor lesa than ti % boj avoid them na yoo would poiBon. They re bogas. Non uregenulne unlesa the name of . D. HOWE la on ever box wbioli haa recently been addeil.on account of ti. PiUabeingcouterfelted. aNE &' &lTH,,Yps1tan. HLIS.s 6 BEEBEJackson, índoy oñodrngíistto every villng H cuy i" the Onited States, andby CARKAND.SHEE] EYSi UO.. General State Agenta, Detroit. S. D HOWE, SoleTraprietor. 867yrs2 -New Yoi:1;ID TOBACCO- Yuu can buy the bost 1 grades of FINE CHEWING TOBACCO ni, frcim 50 cenia to One Dollar SMOKING from kurieen to twenty oeot at 1 M. UEVAIíY'S TOBACCO A"D 01GAR STORE Sign- Red Indir.n. South ide Hurón strcot, a few doors from Cook's Hotel. M DEVANT. Aun Arbor: Dee. 11, 1862. 8S3tf Doublé Premium Offer! Eclectic Ztifonthly. 5ícu) iïnïiurcmcnt' AKTISTIC ATTBACTIÖJ?. rpHK two match Pnrior Prints mllbesent, pcgtage 1 pfcid, alter this date, f" BAdl huw aubsprtber lo Tnn Kcik(TJ .M.iujzi-NK who sends his uiimo and $6 in advaliro. 1. Rctui'iiffl from RlarJcct, is a boautifíil en craving, bv John Sartttin. The markt-ctrl bas returncd froin the tuwn, bearing a licl] freigbt of par chaae tothedelighted youngpeople, wlio are receiv10 Ihem with eagerness. ïhe wliolo lamüy :i : sembled on or in front J the Piazia, which, with the Mansión appars aimost exactly like the ilounl Ver non home of Washington, with the old gentleman seated.andadjaatinghia glasnes to read the pi er, who looka lilce' Washington himsetf. The v!i.,lesccne in the larse eneraving is attractive and beautilul, and u'orlli a place on the parlor w:-.lls. 2. ïbo mntch i i i n t i s Filial Affedlon, (ir Sunday Bloriilng, ateo engraved by John Sartain,ata cost of twelve hundred dollars for both of tliem. Carliinsprice wasS5 lor the twomnoh ptlnt. Tl nm !n this print is at the family home, and the view thro' the open gate present th villoge ohurch in tlie oistance, with its spire polotinj heavenward, and a beau tifulKi.l of ome twenlv ommers waits, Bible in by the gate, holding it ogen for tht.egrem oí the (SmOy. The mother, stilLhandaome, attends the v.-ni grand father withlhecbildren, thehottsedog.sndtliedo ikcy, roa.kenpthefamilygroup,JHSt fleparting for roral.ip in villnge sanotuarjr. Bóth are beautiful match prints, easily obtained inthis mannei-. 3. A larp.e and flne portnit ol the Hin. EDWARD E.TEBEÏT will ue sent in place of either priDt, n-a premium.postagepald as may be ptelerred 4. Toifanjary nrnnber óf the &'!t:nir limnocnnh ert with doublé historie pintes, withtieasures p turo. 5. TlioKübruary uucibcr plttte tal portraits ol em nent men. (i. rhe Marco nuv.iVr plate is a print of Napoleon I. at thebattle of ,u.-lerl.!.. 7. Tii-.eeuMTior platea are in the hands oi tao artit Tor future numbers. Now :s a scuod time ta :rib , A.ulrvs", W IT. BIUWEU-, No. 5 Heekman St . N. . ' The Great Living llistory.' e. THE REBELLION REDORO ! , A HAKY OF AMIJÜCAN EVENT3 Edited by FRAIíK MOORB. I'ublMi np in pnrts, at EO cents, eachpart illustratcd with two i'ortraits engraved on steel. FüUK VOLUMES are novr ready at annexe 1 príces, antil pril 1 , 1SGJ: Cl.ith :i 75 :l vlamt Sheep, 4 01 " Half Calf, or half Morocco, ..500 " THE REBELLION RECORD IS IKDISPENSABLE 10 RVEltY PUBLIC AND 1T.I7ATE 1IBRABY. TUe four volumes coutain : J A FUI!. A! CONC1 !E DUET OF EVENTS, Ciom tlio Meeting of the South Carolim Cimvention in l)ec , ISoO, tu the ciptiiiö of Nú .: ■ ', inclusivo. II. OverOXE THOÜSAND OFFICIAL REPORTS and N'AR KATlVKa ol ili the BalUea a.n I SklrmUheii that have cccuril'd (Uir.ll tilo ;ir. III. Over PIVR IirXi aEDSON S AND BALLaDS, bufe loyal lud rübel IV. KORTV-SF.VF.N POKTBAIT?, engraTed :i steel, - most cetebrated men ui' the time, and TwetiU six Maya and Plans ut' Battles. v. Over TUIty:x T'IOI'ííaxD Uddenis and .' iei personal darïngand briivéry. "Art a vork foroonp.íant refereDce itis enïin □ be relied ou " O. 1'. Pl'ïXAM, PuDltalrer 53 liionilwny, CHA--. T. EVANS, Gen Xgt. " 4i8 Broadflray. SPECIAL NOTTCEOn and ifler April 1-t, t;ie pnce of "The Rebellion Keord" wlll bê ADVANCun HI'TYi'l". A 70LVME,-,From that date, the sala of Parts from Nog. 1 to '24. will be discoctinued. )!'" Pur "f tb-"Beballii n Kecord" wtll"be s Ad only in volumes Purcbaers nnd snbflCTiberfl who havt not ccmpleted tbe four vols, must at once do so. The work wil] continue to b 'fui habed in parte, at SO cent- eaeh pait illustrated with two por'raits on steel. Volume V. wiU eomprUe even parts. Tru-scs ! RÜPTÜRE CAN BK CÜRED BY A TRÜ8S of tbe nglit Jiiiifl, ü" pruperly Bit ed and ilul; aitend 1 to. This luis b en ftbumiantly demonRtrkted ifi unrimm ble nstances bj theueoftlie Plnltlpcdnl Trusa of 4r. litgKS, duptnsc the laátfcw ywr. Thia Trusa beJDgcoveied with Hard Rubber, ia porf&clly waterproof, may be twefl in bathrng, and is alwaya cteaalj aa well as inrtestrtiatible by ordinary usage. }i not Batisl'actory alter a fair trial of' sisty liy, it ïatiy be ri - turncil. It challengts ooiqparisou itli any trusa known. Dr. KIÖOS1 ulïico, No. 2 BAROLAY Street. NewYork. ■ t88 i Vttentioii Corapany ! npHKflrm of Uonre ft Loomia, nre now cloeing nul ji theïr bwinesn in t tta oity.. and all these indt btod to the linn, either by note, or bonk account, nro re -j eet' fully invited to cali and settle the stime immdiatety ands;ive cost. After the lOili, inf.. the bookfi and accounts of stAá ftrm wil! be left wifh Mr. X. B. Hole, nne door nrrtb od M--.--rs. Sr'i.,;' & Milleie BookstoFd, Fraoklin Block, who is difly aotborized to settle the Mime. JIOORE & LOOMt. Aaï Arbor, Jan. Tíh, I863. tSfttf LostON Baturday. ifarch 14 th in thla city, fl VTallpt, ê'alainiug aNütegtveD by Jacob N-rfei toííeO. Busli nr barer, r me timu January, 18 3, payabïe in une ywr. All peisoiw are cautiond againsi uur cbaiug i be saine, as paymtmi lian bwta Ktoppd. A n-fr Mi.ii'l" rew.irii ill be ]i;nd lur the return uL Wallet and Note,ot the Note. G.vgnfi. GK0IÏ(;K BUSII. AyerJs Sarsaparilla. BOOT % SHOE ■3. % H. B. OOLB, ;Successor to itoofe & Loom! ) has opensda store in '"' FJRANKLJN BUILDINGS, Jiam street, Aun Arbor, ana has on han.l n largo asÖOOÏS, SHOES 'i RUBBERS, nianufacturea i'n,m the best materinl onrl rarranted to K!vo satistaction, consiüting "I MLN'S KIP, CALF AND TIIIGK BOOTS, DüUUI.rc SOI.KD. MElf-S JJ UI' FALO OVERSEOES, of ill desciiptiol LADIES' C-AITEE3, Morocco Bootcea, BaJmorals, Feil Ottrihoei, and Rubbers. Also, Boy's Kip, Colf & Ttiïck Jïoots, togeth&r wüii n varicty of CHILDKEN & YOUTH'S SHOES. 1 10 also Maimfoctuirlng WAEEAJiïED BOOTS & S1IOES. Men's Fine Frencli CnlJTBóo'.s Peggednnd f' . Cijcrac .n en 11 beforo purohaslng olsewhere. I will BfíWooas clicap for carli. REPAIRIKG NEATLY DONE AND ON SHORT KOTIÜE. K. B.COLE. Am, Arhor.Jan. lOth, 1868. 8S7tf TO YOliHS MEM! Just Fublish'.d, in n Sealed Envclope. Prict Six Cents. A Lscture o;i the Nature, Treatment p.nd Radical Cui-c of Spermslorrhoëa or f?cmiDal Wealnesii, InTol„, .,,.v ;■■.,;■„ irns.FPXi . nd 'nl menta tn Uarrii , n. ratlj , Kervouiini .' - nsui i] ü n, I püfP bj and Fi:s ; anfl l'hysical I ■ reiiilting fío Sclf-AbusV, &c -By BOBT. J. Cüu'kUWKI.L, M. 1).. AuthiTi'f tlic Grr-v Pook. bc. ïlie world renownpd acthor, ntliis admirableLectnre elearly provea rroin hl ovn esperieucc thi tlic au i connequencf o! feil tbufe ir-.v ' '■ llectually removed H-iibotti medicine, and nitfccul flniigerous snrgical . or crdiaiii, poinlinf ■ of eure al ince certain o ■ aal b which every suffercr, iw multfr whpt lii comliticin mai bc. mav coro hinaell clieaply, privo ■ . THISLeCTÜBÏ 1V1J.I PB01 E A BOOS 10 i : rsANls iM) THOCSU XI).-'. .S'-ai an? r. plain enveiope, laiftof ii cents, or Iwo postage stamps,by UMlU"SnS' CHASJ.CKI.lXFS.-rO., IJ" Bowery,Xew Vork, Post omce Box, 4566 WODERFÜL fcUCCEfcS. The iittentioo and reseirch of the 'nost 4'tioKuisUed Cbemists and l'hv -inaiw for years have been devoted to the prodöKion öf a remedy for th;se reasing maladios Neuraigia ana Rhecmat sm. Ifter lont study and i nt, a spr.ctfic preparativa lias been diseoTored. WaisijM'S N'euralgls King, an Inurnal Rmcdy, Ie curing thousandt of case where all otb er remedies have ntterly failed. We aro aaauredthatJtisiio nu-ro " AWDY.SK," rclieving foi öt while tt cause remains, 'out ix perfec SPKClHi: an.l CURE for tboae painful íiseaséa. Tb rast ot Liniments, Fmbrocum ana l.xtorm Medicinea, whieh actas stimulnnta of the Buvface i nlj are merely temporaiy in their effecta an 1 ■ f 1 mbtfii virtn Xhe KIXG rcacliea the ur all (rouble, and effectuall; banisUca Ihe 11 ease fi i i Lie systi m. Price- l ne Dollai per Dotll. Propare.1 by C. I!, WAI.KKU, 'ljSST üulT.ilo, N ! iFdrt Erie, O, W. 1 sm bousid for ihe O S3C 33 Xi iS 33 A g:;:oe:;. ■;;:..? pi J. C.SUüTIIER&H. A. JOIKsSON, ]5Iao!;suiil!is. Wíl] do Horne Shnemgand all kinls of Jobbiog m tliolr line aH. tbfl nhorteiït pitssible nulice, Also C an I Wagon Wotx done to order, and atisfactiuo giren pt no ji i v. CH3LSEA, WasMenaw Co. ( Mic'i., Fcb. 2. 'Í3, Sm890 Tobacco l Tobacco! I AM SELL1NÍ! 3O0DFINE CUÏ CHEWING TOBACCO At f rom Fif ij cents to. $1 per pouncl SMOSINGTOBACCÖ, From 1 l cents !u 20 cents per jound at retad. M. DEVANY. Ano árbur, Slicli., Do ,17, 13 2. 883tf Ulackwood's Magazine AND THE Briüsh Reviews. PRIORS OH E AP AS KVER. TO TÜO-'i ','-I! l'AV PRO il'TtY IN .:VAVT. NtitwithptPBdinjythe ' [nting tlwsi Period eau has more than döubletl u conerpence of the vnormons riso in the priee of r&par anti il ;i g neral in all other andnotwithni iilu'r publi -li rs are relitc}vs tin' Bie r increaning the price of tbeiapublications ffp sliall continue, fVtr t-io 18fl3, t furniahouñs complete, ae Ueret fore, ;ir the oíd ratea, viz. :- 1 Til:: L9NDON' QUARTERLY (ConmtTatira), TUK EDINBDItr.H BEVIÉ' (WWg) EHB NORTH lüüTlsn Ki.ViK'.V (Fiee f'.-.urcli). THE WESTMINSTER REVIKW (Lihpral) BLACKMTOOD'S EDfXBURGH MAGÁ2INI (Tory). ' TE II MS. i'i'V r. )n, l'ov :i p v . :: of tliO Tour R;".'i-vs, - - - .'■ i:0 For Hiiy two of the Cour Reviews, - - S 00 Vof- n i !n !■(■ i ! tUo fiur KeviewR, ■ - - 7 CO Forall four ol tlielieviews, S 00 For Blackwood'fi IVI-gaz ne, - - S 0 Vpt Blapkwoodwudone R&vicw, - - - 5 00 Por Black wooa and two Fpviews. - - - 7 00 For Bil) ' ■' ' ívietrs, - - - D 00 For Blackwoodand the fjurReviews, - - 3000 ■ ■ il] be our priceH to all wbo pj prior tn the Ist of April. ïo hboaa whn defr pnyin lil! aftt'r timp, thp r: i wii! o" iYirfl pwI t nuch extnt :is t lic iacreftaed cosí of Rejii'int nnv dtoand - therei'i re, SEN'J) IX YTl'H ORDEK8 AND PAVE TOUR KANEY. LEOKARB PCOTT .v CO., Publldifrft, o. 88 VTalkfet Street, Npw York. Ico, Xce3 Ice! TBHALL eoramnce delivei ing lir.; on oy about 1lir h-sL ol Mny i.( tit h ■■ Iq lurniKb H , wrabing Ice Ktid pn!eivo-r tu _'í sat ■■ to a!I wlio may favov me witli tbeir order a. F ■ in l e fuwitalied 30 Iba p ■ dity up to Juïy lt at SI , o [mt in oplh. Aft er Jq'y ] , . Kxtra 'i mfititips 20 cents 10(1 Ibtt IJutöls, Butchtrwinfí tíiilnom Huppiie'lah herfl "i1 ro. !'.: in m" re ei ■!■'■■( al ' bi ps pir 1 1 un ol ■ Perwzn nol píi y ing thoir buis vithïn a riisonablotiire uTter uresoniatíon, the Rupply f Ice A'itl bu BtoppH. ( LÈMIJil R THOMPi-ON. Ai:n í rbor, Mnr'íli "i' IS Dissolntton JVotlce. ryHBCO.PARTNERHPhfrew reexRtingundprílP i íu-ni l !.", mis Jij.' ;. lii dajf diasulvtid by mutual conneót. WM I, f.OOVfIS, ( 3AS.TRIRP. An:i Arb'rtr: Féí. 2, l1, Umfi


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