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The Hearth And Fender

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The heailh uil't feiClw loos böautllul to thegentle Ambilion, even when grmifiud, cunmH nnotha pain ir stil] the tlirobbintr teinpl. Wmtlth il. -ver s..tÍ-BiíS l 1 1 - luNII't. I? ;IK Í8 ÜKtJ Ült? crumhliiiK from nu t Ik Wie ouko - hard to 1 1 1 .- 1 k - ensily hrufcmi. If' ibere was n nky!ight in our fintit höuea o wt UOIlld nee II') lauuhed afwl Wept wl.en the intiohine like sexion njwt upon his bands, trra-ped lbo shovel and brow in rn ii" rixif the ftrsi sod cir miisf of frozen dut und ton# - r if the.iv Weit' Windows si w cm II rn who lilosod their stores mió who "I lowed af'i'i' wilh sad bearts, there wotUdbe ome satisfaotionindeath - bul lio. Wol'. Is are cheap - tbey ooueeil odb'ü thouiihta. Men cail u friendn - tor fan. Th. y use as as buntors do rjflen - when gme get noibar. Wo ï'ick iip much ruhhish a& we look lona thimigh lifo - we luarn much iiot w. rth koowing - wn cui the leaves to in my u bo ok lor uu benefit - wu earry ina'.iy a [ulo of slam thin sing it to be viltri il ore W'i: coll tor U.sl1 UKUiy il rope f mi nl. B it ibero is a lilit to lfe for all. - Timre i-i il c.iishioiii-il sea' it we but Dtf il 13 V TUK ümum AND FliXDKIt. - W1i"iw Clvi mil is over, there you i-an enfur. S'oim? oim beurt fro n ill of 1 Go J's ban raii into your own; side by' oii si' -111(1 il'eim of the goKleii fu lire. Ilmv like Hou Vén are the Ho nu tiowers liiiing Mr palh into the Toad beV'in I. Tlie world inity have all tba day be n cherlesn - iba care? of bilMii-ss Miay have b.'en liko tliorny orownx, if bey nftèn are - he friends of ii.oni ii av hiVe been liku the ilew - the keen word, iiiigratefu] act, or ni'irki-il netr'eot mav bave out lo the hi''l - herj i- fttill .mu ilaoe lelt - HoMB It i :i p'e isant piulara. The olank ing ga e opens the eyelids of Home onn within - th tooistcp on the walk faIN on tlie eai' like plea-ant irieniorius - the huid that, touchex iho door knol ütilln for a in ment the héari in wuiting; the wel! ktiown presente feit by love ligliterit the load f day - 'he ford - the kis - ■ he trun1 le ulasp - the lovelit glanea reveali'ig to-, e:iuTi other treasures thu rt'urld kfiowti n t of - the uren tle drawing to your brea' of the heart wliioh so loves yon - iht) nigh of relief us ihe Heaven in roaohed - more elo quent ifian word-), more iervent than he.-it. These imlieate ;i chapter in lite's gi-eat bo k, but (w ovr read tlicm. Ifoinu is the place. Not the sein bl.uice - but the reulily as Grod intended i . When the labor of a long day is over ho.v ble,-te'l t h t o have :i heal'th hik) fender. The blas's inay bowl with ut - ci.sements inay raltlo - va ponHinnv rufiible - bella niay jingle - dogs may bav at the c.old tnoon - thoe ynu líate mav plot for your ruin - the teinp-st iiiMV ritje in fury - a'Iki caros? The la'ior ol the day is over. Sotne one has kissed 'he last simde of sorrow hway Sume li;i.s have thaweil the frozen huurt - rtome ientle hand hiiHcleared from you tne ctopds of care which for hours have hung wi dark and som bre over the heart, soine one nearer than lifo to you has neslied by your sido or nh in your lap with one arm rronnd yoiir neek ; her soft rheek with eleotrio touoh settiair your faoe in a tremor - ey'Ks lookinz home into mystic depths - happy I Who cares for iho world ? Who cares t)r brttinblei linin the road ? Tlie pist pi'-.tures are one by one bro lylit np - 'he futuro is bravely lixlced ïj 1 1 -■ - i h present is in proved. N"ew I {■ foc itre rnorrow is given. New wrHhtfs nr ■ b m nn o you The huur nf i-v-üi;, rli.le oíi The heart all yoiir is (rlad'lened by your lovinu; presance The minuten drop off like stitohi fni ii k ni 1 1 i iir needlös - lives run till i L.ser in togethar, and you are bafpy. Am i y t, with all tb sc golden bles niriita o reward lite, there are those who warv ui exiHtenoe, plunare ofer the i "i-'i, ue n aad "f follnmng tlie rond t ■ ils end; tbere are tfiose who see in the beaiitiful border of the dailv road, nothinsf hut hate, envy, j ■; loniy, an.l muttruHt, Who would die bv the na '-sid , when it is po easy to reach TUK IIHUtTl! ANO FRNl'Eü! hc Iffidtipt JpsU


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