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Vitality In Horses

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- - 8 Miiü üieii's Irive reeeutly been rnaile in Frunce, by persons (killed m lie vetoiinary art, wi'li a riew if asosrtaining how long borses Miiy live withou' fond in certain contingencias as for example, beinr shut up in böoieged lac;s. These resulta h ve b'en achieved : A luirse majj live f ir ttvnty five days .ithout solid f'ood ■nd only i i o muy live for neveitteca daya withojt eatiug or drinbing. il1 cm live only Hve ilivs, wlien consu in i 8ií) f'ood witbout drill Kliig. At' t Kui solid il.iinant lor tho spaoa of ■■ i lavo, bul u'itli au insuffijieiit quinli y f drink, the stoniacü is wom uut - I he il) n'ci ficta gliow tli iï iniportance of wi' r in tlid sust enanca of tlie imd t e il.jsire tiie miiinal mu-t foei to be -uoplie-l witli il. A borse vbicli had bi'tín MUpulied with water for thwspaoeof t irce days, dra. ik eleven g.illous in the f tb ree minutes We aarrel witii ihe uufortuaate to avuid pitying them Men are l;ke wagons ; they rattlo wlien ilitíre is notliing in them. A mm never goea straight to his object Uüless he s bent upon it. Suspension bridgog mny anwer a good purpose ; Bugponstoo bunks dou't. Whv are B 'ston bnrn peopio mostly unitarians? Uecause tho ge who re born in H-stoii do nat ueod to be burn aeain. Tho eaIet must have time. The boak tiiat in dueseason will cleave a skull, at ftrst ha uKTely power to chip tho egg. I' is botter to moet dangor than to wait for it. A -hip on a lee sbore stands out to sea in a storm to escape shipwreck. "How much doesheknow?" "Vel], almost nutliMig, iiot much more than you do. ' The witness was allowed to retire, without further questiou, amidst the must uprounous gcroams of laughter.


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