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I PRINT ING OF ALL KINDS Neatly Executed AT THE ARGUS OFFICE. WK ARE 1'REPaRED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OF P Ji I N T I N G AT THE MOST REASONABLE RATES. Ve have reoently purchased a RuaaLEs ROTARY CARD FHESS, and liave addpd tlie lat. 'et stylos of Cnrd Type, wliich ennbles ub to print LNVITATION OAEDS, WEDDING CARDS, VIS1TING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. n tlie nefitest tylps. and as cheap as any otlier house in the State. Wc are lso prepared to print POSTERS, HAÑDBILLS, ÜLANKS, J;JLL UEADS, CIRCULARS, PAMriILETS ft, THE .ÏO-XJS BOOK BINDERY is ia charge of FIRST CL1SS WORKMEN, LEDGEItS, RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLAfiK BOOICS OF ALL KINDS, aULED TO ANY PATTERN And Msnufnotored in beststïle at New York Prices, Feriadle als of all kinds BOUND IN ANY 5TYLE. Old Books Re-Bound. All Work warranted to give entire satiefuction. E. B. POND, Propr. Oflice and Bindery, cor. Main & Hurón Sis. er. v. icisria-iïT, Aent tlie Phcenix Insurance Company OF HARTFORD CT., AND THE CONWAY INS. COMPANYj OF BOSTON MASS. Lonfn s Honoval'ly adjusted and pri mptly paid at tiiis Agency. Office Comer Main and Hurón Street, over the Wlore of Bach & Pibkson, Ann Arbor. Ano Arbor, Sepl . l'i, 18G2. FOR E I rilVO Of tho most destraille buildlntrioia in the f'itv of 1 Aun Arbor, containinj; cach oneacretfnd i quartar of t?rminil. Thoyaro rtltuatedon si a te Strrct, near tHe South west oomer of the University Square. For term, &e.,nrimroat the AÍíGüd OI'FICK Mvv, H 18Mt U. .i,n .. . u. . j i f w , i ( il,[.'i!KR i ANi) Manufacturera, a S'ew and Complete stock of LAVV &i aiüüJCAJL liUOKW, School Beoht, MtscrUar.eous Booka, Blank ttoois, au STATIONE 1 "V ! Vfallaiid VYIndow Paper, Drawiug aml MatliematlcalTnstruments. tfuffic, iavaftileJJbrarieBjEnvelopes, Inks and Caidn. I ■-! ■iiiiwtmn! i "'y j rjV-r - ■r-iWirn.nÉhri r -" - - -- - - _-" GOLD 4míZ a fl7r kinds of Pens and Pencifs Wmdow Cornice, 8hades andFixtura, POCKET CUTLERY! Andererytbingpertalning t tiii brade, and more to wliich.tb.ej u'oiili! irrite theattention oi the country. Incontiluctingoar bisiness, wa shalldo all thatcan, that no reasonabte man, wonmn orehild shali fiud any fanlt. We possesi facïlities whtcli will enalIe us to süpply ourdtoiners at the Lowent Possibie Figures. We propose toseil for RKADY PAY,ataamalladvance. Wc expf'ct a proBt on our goods, but Cash Sales will Admit of Lov FIGURES. The "EmpiheBook Store," is manned by a goot 'crew,' n.l Uhv will ftlwaya be fnuntl oa thfl "quartof deck," rcn.h ;i ti'i willing It ftttend to all witli pleasuré, wko win farur them with :i cali. liemernber the "Empire Book Storo." JAMES R, WÈH8TER & Co Ann Arbor, May, 1860. 7Jr Great Reduction intho Price of SING-KR & CO.'S Standard " Machines . Well known tn be tJie Best jor Mmufacturing l'urpose. No. I, Standard Shuttle Machino, formèrly sold at $90, rednéed to $70. No. 2, of sarno kind of Machine, for moiiy sold :ii S100, reduced to 875. SINGER'S LET TER A MACHINE Is the best M:ichine in the world for Family Sewing and Light Manul'iictmintr Purposea': iic' iitinmtr,) aod beautifQll; Ornameni 160 The Nos. 1 and Ü Macbioea are of great capacity and app[lcfttion for manafacturing pnrpobea. OurNo. 'ó Macliiiu's are eapociftily adapted to all kinds of liglit aml beaTj Leal lier Vork, in Carriaie liimming, Bont aml Shoe Making HarneHa M;iK,ii. , etc, etc. They are of extra aize, and with n arm iaog eiioufrh to cake ander il and stitcb the largpsi siee daahee. ïhere is scarcoly au y part of aTi immerii' stitcbing t'iat ca tin ut be better done wiíb them than by haod ; so, too, the naving of time and labor ík ve-y great. The ta ble of these macbiut'K is 24 inche long, and the shuttle will huid stx timestlie usual quantitylof thread. Thalarge machine Worke ;i B u-tas sinall mie.-;. We would aak for our IiíUt A Machines, the apecial attent ion of Vest Makers and Dre$a UakerQ.aná all those wlio want Machines for ligHmanufaetairhtgpur. poses. Thfy embody tbe prideiplee of the standard inacliines, making like them tbeinterloefeed sitoh, and are destined to be aeoelebrated for Fahiu bwiko cd light man ufaot uring pnrposes as .our standard machines are for manuhieun ■imr purpoee in genei a] Wa.have alway s on hand, BEMMiBtci cahks,siik twist UNEN NI) 0OTTOÜ TÍÍKÜAD, () BPOOLS, BKiH MaCüINK O1L in bottlen, etc., etc. We manufacture our nn Needlf, a id wonld warn all persons using ous maohii es uoí tu buy an others. e know that thre are aeedles sold of tf-è nogt inferior qnality at higlier prices timn we chfcrg ; for tlie best. The nedlee nold by ua ;uc tnaaufectured tttpectally for our uiH i Inftft. A badnccdltmuy rendtr tht eit machine almoet uêflefjh Our cutomerH raay rest a.-sured that al. "jr lí ranch Office are furnislied with ttm il geuuineaetijid " In oaae of Bmallpurcbaaes, the monej raay betnt ín pontH(?e stttmps, or bank note. Correspondíate will plewK write their name-; ditUaotIy. It is al! inpoytant tha-t we sbould, i.ueacii ca.nt', know üie l'ost Office, County, and State, iRTif A.l persons requlriag inforroation about Sewmg Machines t aizö, prices, working eapacities, and th'1 best methodö of purchasing, canubtain it by sending to us, any of oui Bajich Ofïice for a oopy of I. M. Singer Sc Co .V Gazette, Which i-i a beautiful Victoria! Pa per efltiiely devotedio the subject- It wil! betent#rotts. 3-We have madetheabovê REDUCTION IH PRlTiErf wit ii the two-fold view of benefltinjf the publicaadour mh es. The public have been BWin4led bj spuriojis machines made in ïmitatkm of aura. Tue metal in them , f rom the iron casting to the. smallest peioe, isoi poor (iialiïy. Ttifir makers have nat the meanu to do the ir worK weïl. Thty un hid away In seoret plaoea, where it would be imposible to have -it their comma&d the proper mechanical appliances. Il ib on} j by doinig ■ tusiness,nn(i bavfng extensive cnanufactui tog estsbliahmonts, Üiat crood tnachiuetí can be made at hioi] ra t ■ prioes, The best deaigned macbines, BAOLY MADE, are ilwaya hable to get out of order, and aretture tocont considerable trouble and monv t( keep them in repaire The qmtlities to be lonked for in a tíachia&an : ■■ :■ táinty of correct action at all ratea d speed, simpli city of construction, great durability, aadrapidity oi operatJon, witli the ipast labor. Machines to combine these ïDsential qualitïes, musí be made of thebestme iü una fioisln d te perft-ctjon. We have the fl aj aud meanston i grand scale, to do this. The purchasers of machines, wliose laiïy bread ítmay 'ouci-iü, Vi'ü] find (huí tb ose bAvingthe abovequalitiee not only work .wil M rapM as vn 11 na nlow vates A peed, but last longer n thfl Hoest poseible working order. Our machines, as made by us will earn mre money with leus labor than any others whetber in imltation of oui-s or nt. In fact, they are cbea uer Hum a-ny other machines aa a gift. I. M. iÍNGER & 00., 4ñ8 Bmadway New York. Pelroit Office, 58 Woodwnnl Avenue, (MttTriU Block.) Slltf ■ M. IL GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor. NEW FALL GOODS ! BACH ti PÍERSON Have jast oponed a Claoico Stock ,, of W00L, C0TT0ÏÏ & S1LK L3rE O X for Ladies' and Gentlemens Wear, also a stock of Best Fasnily Grocericv, which will bu rld CIÍEAP FOR CASH. Gold, received at 1G per cent. prem. Silver, n ii 14 ii ' . Canuda, " " 14 " " Oltl demaod Treasury notes, at 10 per cent. preiïi. BACH fc riERSON. Ann Al-W, Sopt. 33, IS62.


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