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I il O ïi A C E W AT E K S , A G B N 7' 3 íí 3 15 r o a i', m ;i y , X ■ iv Y o r k Publislitr ofMiulc ftiKl IisI Boolcí M IMIAI.KI: U Piiinos, Melodoons, Alexandre Organs üi'gan AcoordeoriB, MartiVs celebrated uní] ntliur Guitars, VioliuB, Tenor Viola, Violincellóa, Accordeons, Plutinae, Piules, Fifes, Triangles, Olari inettí, Tuning Forks, Pipes BndHajnmers, Violiu Bcvws, boKtltalian Strings, Uass Instruments for JJaiiilr, Piano Stools, anrl cover, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. jSS lx O O 3MC XX S i o, roía íi 11 the pubimhera in tbe U. .. , Bert Hunün'H, ni] Modern achool, and all kinds of Inatrnction liooks or the above uwtrumeutsj Churcb Mugic Bonk; Muhíc i'huitly bound; Uusic paper, aad all kmds oi MerchaudiBe, Att iieliOwest Prices. New (Manos, At $175, $200, &226, $200, and up to ÍS00, Öecond Hand Pianoe froin -ñ up to $160; Xew Melodeóna, Ï46 ' $60, $76,1100, and up to $200; Becond HfUtd Melodei i i) to ; VlexandreOrgaua, wiih Ove stops, ÍH0, mneBtops, $186 and 1 I .. top , $250, $275 and $300; 6fteenBtojj8,$32Ganil $375: A liberal discou-nt to Clergyraen, ' hurches, Pnbbath School, Seminaries and Teachers. The lTade tmpplied at the usual tríale disco unts Testimoníala of il Hornee Vnter Pianos 'Mrl. ití((ii)í. Jolin Hewett, of Carthage, ew ITork, wlio has had one ol the Horac Watera Pianos, writeeas follofrs: - "A fiiend oJ mine wishes me to pu reliase a piano or her. tíhe likes the one you oíd me in luorn.iT(&n. Mj piano is becomiug popular ín Miís plaep, and ] tlBk I can introduce one or two more; thcy will be mure populr tttan an_v otbftr paaktí." lW Uave two of Waters' Pianos in ase in owrSeminary, one of vhich has been severclj tested Cor tliree venís, and we con twtii'v tx ttaeír good qnalitjr and dura - bilitj."- Woöd - Greorj-, Mouitt Carrol!, TIL "il, Waters, í'-.j. - ;.ví; S1 t: üaving asee! oneof jrour Pi i lm Fortei t;i i wo yearn past. 1 ba ve fonnd i( n ver superior Iiutrvmeht. Aloszo Rht, Principal fírooktyn tifie hts Seminary. "The Piano I recoived froro y o continúes to give -:itísfactioo. 1 reffard ;1 a[one of Ihe bpt ontraments in tbc place." J-AMi.-r„ Glakks, rharU$ton, Va. 'fhe Melodfeou tías aafely arried. 1 fee] obüged to you fory pur liberal dipoount." Rev. J. M. Mi CkRMick , YarqneJtvilUS C. "The piano waa duly roceived. Itcamp In excelleni condition, ajud is v-r much aiímíretl bvtny nunierouí famUji Accejil i Ii.-:iIk for your promptuees,' - Rojíeht Cooitcb, Wárrrnham, Bradjoed Co. Pa. 'Your piano pleasen us well. It ïa the bes1 míe in our coiuiiy."',- líi'iMas A. .ATiíAM. Camphetlton, Qa. "We ara ferjr much obliged to you fot having sent SHch a instrument for $260." - BranKjHeld & Co., l'.ir'uh) Di .oicrra'. "Thfl W&íts Pian &are known as araong fhf v.t best We are enabled to epeafc of tlift ínMruments witb confidence from p ronal knowlpdice nf '"■ ír excellent toni' aad ilurjtble qnality." - iv. y. EonngnJiM fWe can etpe:ik of the im-rii of the Horace Waters pianos í rom personal bnowtodffe, hh 1i-íi the very finf-t quality-"- ChrhtitH Intetligencer. "The Rorace Waters pianos a-re ouilt of the best ani rnuM thoróughly seasoned material, We no doubl tliat buytrs can do as well,perhaps better, at tbithan a1 iii.v otherboiise in the Union." - Advocate ai?} Jo urn a f. WTater' pianos a.nd melodeons challenge compa riñon w!i] the finesl made anywhere n the country " - Hom Journal ''Horace Watera' Piano Fortffln re of i'uT. rich ? n1 eren tone,And powerful - -V. Y. Musical Rrrru'Our friends will ftnd at Mr. Waters' ptore the very beBi &Bortïnen1 of Mu-ic and of Pianox to he found in the ï'niifd States, ATid we urge out1 Southern iiml weytêrn friende ' ive him a cali irhentvw thej go to New York." - Graham'8 Magaüne Warehouse 333 "Broadway, N. Y. Sa b bat h Sxsh ooi Bell. 100,0'M Issced In ten Mouths. The unpreeedented .-Hle of tois book haa Indueed tn publinhi i to a ld ome '■" aew tunesand tita present size, itbut extra charge, except on the chea] eil'ition- themany beautiful tuiwn and bymn addd may be found:-"] oughi to love mj üirtther;'1 "O Ï'U be 'a roo1 child, indeed I will." These and eighi othn from the Bell, were nungiii t'.e School Aaniver ary of the M. K. Church ■■ i ' ;' Aca leni of Musio, wltb graal applaue The Bell oortains neariy 200 tu bymn, and is one of the bekt coltectiona evei ('i ,i ■ 13c; $10 ner hnndred, postage c i iegantly bound. embosEied gilt, 25c $20 per 100 Lt has been íatroduoed into many of the Public Sc' -ls. The è is publï8hed in . mail numbers entítled Anniversary and Sunday School Musie Books, Nos. 1,2, 8, 4, in order to aoeomtaodate the milUon; f. rice f & $3pefi liundied No. 5 will loonbe ifisüed - comnwueement oi another book. AUo, Etevival Síuúc Books, x-'i. 1 I ', priee íl A: Í- P 100. pofitage lc. More tha.i 300,000 eopicB of the above boate have been isauad tbe pas( eighteen montos, ami the demand israpWly increa-sing Published b? H0RACE WATERS, Agent, 839 Bridway( N. V. Publised by Hcraco Water So. 333 Broadway, New York. Vosal "Kind Wordacan neverdie;'1 (Tl;e AngeUtold mo ;" "Wllds of the Wrst;" "Thoughts oi Ood;" "GiTBraeback mj Mountain fióme;" "í'mv Preiiins;" 'I' CiH-k lïobin;" 'Tm wit, thee itill; Petnamys;" HTberV( no darilnm like mine;" "Siftah J-ího Lee;' ■■Kv of thee:' ul m leaving tbe in Sirrow;J "Bird of Bwutj;"i(Home ( .mr birth;" "Grave f Rosabel,' and 'Wak, lady, wak,.' pric 26c tob. 1 ÏN8TRCMBNTAL, - ' 'Palace (iardfln, or inirinp Rir! Polka, it'o; "Swinging 8chottitich;'J "Mirabel fchottiacli;'? ri'homas Baker's Schottiftch:" t4Pic!olomioi Polka, 36 i-srii. fhe nbovepiecwjiavebftuutiful Vlrncttfw " Wbner Polka ;" "Arabian WT,i ury Murch," the i v Ust; "VaMaovíaPOfl i!niflls Maxurtü ; ltRea I; iiu' Polka;" "Crinoline Walti %' and "Laneeiti1 Qua drill,1 26c eacfe.. "VI"1 Empireof Reich'fi Quadrille;' a new dance, and 'The Hibernian Quadrille," Sficeach. Miniy of theee piece-t are played bj B bers Bl#brated trebesi ra with greal applruse.j(fif' Mailed f ree. A lai-gelotof Foreign Musical half prieft. planos, üfeïodpoHi H1 Oraus. The Horace Waters Pianos and Melodeoa, for depth, purity of tone and durability, are nnsurpassed. Prices very iow Second flanJ Pianos and Slelodeotfs from $2ö to tl 50. Ma sic aud Musical fnntruction of iU kinda, at the lawest prii-efl. HORACE W iTERfl, Aent, No. 833 Broadway, N. Y, THSTiMomAÍs; - "Tho rtorace Waters Pianos ;ir Itnown na araong tjto pery btt.' - Vramrehki.. "Wecan npeak of theirnerlts froi personal knowledge." - ChrifiHen fntelitjrwictr. "Nothingat the Fair displarsd gra&tftr eiceüenoe -''- C h ar r ft taan. Waters' Pja.nos and Melo u-ons cbftlIengecompariHon witb tii.'jnt made anywiiere in the country." - Home Jourutl. 71tf SCHOFF & MIL LER RESÏILLONUAND at tbeirold Stand, No. 2, Franklin Block, with the most einpleU' assoriroent of Books and Stationery, PERFÜMEEIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SIIADES, ROLLETIS, CORDS, TASSELS, , GIJr CORNÏCKS, CURTÁINS, IIOOKS AND PINS, STEEEOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. ( Ever offered in tliis Marfeet ! mil tl.ey vould suggfst tothoee m pursuit i faoythlngln SA NT A O LA ÏÏS' LIN E thai they eau secure a Doublé Christnias Present ! by purobaring froi tliwafock, as eJih purclmser i-t in additiona! preeeni of Jewelry , &c. , Ranging Lnvalue trom 50 ets. to &50. . irg Thpytrust that thoirlong experience InwlBctins oodsforthismarket and utrict attention to tbe wantc sl'Ouetomera, may entitle tbtm ti) a liberal share Oj , [a1 renajfp. Aun Arbor,Dí. 6. 1SC0 Ï7ïtf ■VETE! X7tT VT.v T Demand Treasury Notes For wbicb we pay a aAmn ipmiaiii'iiwsE. M. GUITEIiMAN A Co, Aun ArtoT Cktohpt 3, l'.--'. greaï.gïteater geeatest barg&ik8 ever offebed 1859. M,qI859 ■ (íS ' % '■'■ Iu tliisCity, are now being offered at th CHEAI'.CLOCK.WAÏCH, & 7HEStibicrïber wnukl sHy to thr citizflnpot Ann Ar bor.i i particular, anH the rftpt ni Wns}iifnnw Cimnti ineenerfll. tSnt hehnsjust ÏMPOUI'K-D PI RKC'ILY Irnrn K0ROPK.8 Tremendoua Stock of Wat ches! Ah of whiih hf binil himself te wTl fHEAPEB thun can he boiiííht wrst of Np York dry. Open Ffioe Cyltfidor Wntcfees trom SS to H dn do I-eTer d do H to Iluntiiig Ca0p do do do 14 to 3.) do do Cylinder do do 9 to SI Gold Watehe trom 20 to ISf I 1 ave alao tne CKLERlt ATEfl AMEÏt'CAN MATCHES, whirh I will sen tir Kvf;ry Vv htch warratiU-d t perforrn wll, or Uu; inuney ï-f-hmdt-d. CJocke, Jpwplry. Tiated Vfir.1, Ffincy fioti'ls GoW Pena. MusiííHHnstrumfíntB and Lrin-e Outlpry, &c, and in (act varirty ofevry hinu UeUftHj Upt jy ,]PW el-irs can bp hooghtfor he next niuety dys at V 'U r O V N P'BIOESl PpreoïiB buyintr rtitvtbine ut (nis wcll known oatab físbme ut c;in ■ )y upon setting cüor] pxact'y a vep tpbptíV ï, ofthpmnnfy rnfunficd. ralliirly nd te curp thf beat bartzalus ever offered in 'ity One word in regard ro Rppairinp; : IVe nre prnarpd to rnakfï nny ren aire onfinp or rom mon vv'fltfhcM, rvin i m kin r( er the entlrp watch j if iif-t ftsary. Rppnirme nf Cloekfl and Jewelry f 1 nauw] AJfio the matiufactuiine n RINGS BROOCHS I or auyh{nif desred, from California Gold onshortno tfrp. EnflTsrlne in 11 its ranches psoented witbneat iifös and dispiktoh. J C MTT? Anu Arbor, Jan, 2Pth'P59. 7J4w Important Tiational Wcrks, Publiahed by í. APPLKTON Ik '"(.,' 346 AND 348 BRÓADW&YKEW YORK The following irorks are seni to SubscriberaTíi anv pari of th.'couutiy, (upon receipt oi retail prico,) by raxi "ïHK PfKU AM! RIW 1Y-T.OPJEDI A; A Popular [tictinntiry ol Uenerr I Knowiedge. Editcá bv (Jko. Riplev and Charlks a. IUsa, aided by a numero ut iorpa of u rii.Ts in ;il branchem of Scieuces, Ari ami Literature. Tliis woï-k i.-= beinsr publinhpdin aboul ■ . . l i: ii ,f:ir'; containinji röOtwo-coiu-mn p ■ - VoU. i-. ü.. in., iv. v. 'i . vu. vin . v ix ure now ready, éacb containing nehT 2.50(oríRína] arti . n B !'ÜI i'iiiiii vuluiiif jll Ijc publisheil (jiicp n about threp months. Prtoe,in Clófh, 3; Shèep, Í3.5Ü; Huli' Russia, $4 S0 The New American ■ i popular without be■nt; s'ijK'i'iici;! i. IimiiuV, wiHioul béiu ; pe1antic, compre hensiv) 5u1 sufficienlïi ■■ rrona perenal pique and part,! pfjudice, freah and-ye] accurate, it U a completp sth icm(n' ol í11 thft-1 - knftwn apon f very im portani topic wilhin the seope of human intelligence. - Ëvery importani article in ít has bei a ?ipeciaUj wntteo for it pages by men who ar? aahoritieB npou the topic on v.iiich they peali 'Tii-y are requïreafö bnnjj (Iip nubjöct up tn the preseni rnomint; toatatejust how t tande nm. AU 11; f statisticalinfottnatlon is from the í7i. reporte] the geogvaphfoal acwuntH iLeep pac witb tlié latesi exptoratifms; historica] matters inclade tbe fres)ftst ns1 views; the bioraphical noticett -i ak ni1 onlr ol thedead but aluoof the living. Ii ia a hbrarv ui 'Uélt A R.ÏIHJEWJS.'VT OP TïlK DEBATES OF IONGRESS Being a Politica! HUtory of the United . froni the nrgaaizatioo of the Brt Federal CongrenBin 178 to-1856. Mitedánd comptled by Hon. Thö ELari Bentos, from the OfBciá] Records oi Congrí ■. The irork will he compitted ia i ó royal octavo víiiumcol 760 pages each, 11 uf which art riow ready. An additiona] volume wil] be p ';i hd once n threemonths Cloth, $ü; Uw Sheep, Half Mor.. $4; Hall Calf, f.o eaoh. A WÁt 0 Pfi(K ÜBTjfü THICYCI.Di'.KPlA 0RDEBATL Form a olub of four, umi cemii tlte price i' fourbooks, alt-I ttve oopiee will be sent al i he ri-matcr's expenwfor aari'iage; or for u-n öubscrilMtrri, elveu copi& wiil bp sent at oor expense for carriage. 1 To A n U. No oiher work will so liLn-i-uiy reward the exertions of ygents. A. Auk.vt vantbd i.v tius Oocmty Terina niítilc kDowD on application to the Publïshera. Aun Arbor, &Larch, I8fi9. 6902amt ' Bev Tinis. WiuiaiT, agent at Kiune ít ñmfthj Book Store, Ypailanti. I aro Bourd ícr M GUITERMAN 5 CO'S! o Dispute tbe tact ii' vcm c:m. It fakes the TA IL' K after all to give uppeai anee to thu onter man. If 50 Mi to apppr pil Vou must aeciH dhiglv Uresi M'ell. G'o to BI. Gu ternnn & Co's , Thepe you ill fiud thing exaotly Sü. ftONDHEIMalwbye ready to take ! inii' nii'iiMii'e, GUITEÈMAN will sell you Goods ' v itli great plesisure. At figures L0WER itian you wil] find in liu S;ate, rJ'üle IhhtI - call eari.y, else you are too LATE. The INDUCE.UENT3 aro now greater tban Our Clerks you will fiud obliging and i clt'vor. t Wo will show you srrwid CLOTIIINQ ol our uien oettihg cp, Filliug our Store from Bottomto top, - STÜDENT8 eapecially will find it to TIlKll! ADVANTAOH, For it tukes but LITTLE MOÑEY tu J replenieh. i 1500 OVERGiATS f Oloth, Beuver, uid hnürt - Warratrted for al most ever to wear. CÖATS nf Cloth and Cassimere of our ï o I] [MPORTAT10N. Forwurded tbrough our New York relations, ' From Kngland, Belgiutn, Germany and F'aiife, SlU'h 18 VOU Cütl STAND UP IN. Or WEA11, at the dauoe. fj Pants! Piint.-! ! Paiïtslü Fancy CVSSIMERES and - SKIN yf every grade, We nell them tioin ONE DOLLAR up to K1G11T. I ySTS, &C, of overv desoription, You will fina it bo without tiction, Furnirthingf apparei.s Fn.m SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Tbis is all we eav now, Therefore v?e make our bow. a Vouro trply, ever so, a; M. GlilïKRMAN. O.,


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