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Married And Given In Marriage

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The Phiíadelphia Press geves the following corious iteras coneerning matrimonial affairs : Marriagesare queer things, after all. So are the meu and woinen who consummate them. The statistics of courtship and wedloek, of marriage and its i esults, are interesting in their way. The union of fire and ice, of sunlight and of snow is not more diverse than matrimonial unions sometimes are. Fact and fancy have a corrclative relation in this respect. Men and womeu tako a fancy to eiich otber, and the facts certainly testify how very uncertaiuly the results of such prejudiees prove The statistics of the past year are probably not more than ordinarily in teres tiug, but they are suffi ciently so to engage the notice of wives and widows, bachelors and maidi : " The uutnber of men married undor twenty was nineteen, of whom fifteen married women under twenty, and four married women between twenty and twenty-five ; while fhat of the womeu under twenty was eight hundred and sixteen, of whom fifteen married men under twenty, and five huudred and sixtyfive married meu between twenty and twenty-five ; one hundred and sixty-six married men between twenty five and thirty ; sixty-two married men betweeo thirty and forty ; and two married men between forty and fifty, and sis married men whose. age was not given. The uumber of men over the age of thirty, married, was ono thousand two hundred and eighty-tliree, an iucrease over the previous year of one hundred and fortysix, while that of the women was five hundred and eighty-oue, being an inerease of forty-six. There were nine men tnarried between seventy and cighty, two of whom married women between sixty and seventy, three between fifty and sixty, three betwoen forly and Sfty, and oue , between thirty and forty; and four women married between sixty and seventy ; two married men between soventy and eiglity, one between sixty and seventy, and one between fifty and sixty. - The Methodist ceremouy seemed to have been the favorite ceren.ony employed - there being 907 marriages reported ; then follows the Catholie 898 ; Episcopal, 658; Presbyteriaij, 529 ; Lutherau, 45:] ; and Baptist, -'3:26. Soven marriiiires were reported, with the ceremony rcuuitcd. These slight statistics are full of eticouragement to all. They prove to all interested that while there is life thore is hope, and that while there are men and women, there will be at least as many marriages as there are divorcea. jL2L Tho Ctark oí the U. S. Prize Court is suid to havo absconded with $90.000 in güvcrnment fundí.


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