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A Female Spy

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One of tho officcrs of tlio Maokarel Brigade rcoently arrested a female spy. He soarched her bago-age and improvised bimself in soine difficulty with her hoop skirt. Orplieus G. Kerr continúes tlio dosoription: When the poor tooi of tyranny was released from this terrific skeleton, my boy, he looked bewildered as ono who had just rcturncd from the outskirts of civilization ; but still his fioudish taste for trunk inspeotion was not conquered. He returned to the edge of the wardrobe abyss, drew forth an immense white articlo. and, says ho - " l)o my spectacles reflect a fietion, or is this indeed a Sibley tent for the use of the Confederaey ? " At that raomeib the excellent young woman hastily snatched the article away from him, and snys she - ■ " You vulgar thing - that's my - " here she blushed. At times, my bey, woman 's blush is tho imperial banner of virgin modesty, throwu out to catch the breeze that wafts the sounds of coming reseuo, and uieaua - " God is my deienee." At other times it is the eloquent protest of a fine intellin-ence whieh deprecates the test that would turn all its hidden beauty to the publio eye, and meaus " humility is boiu of Genius." But in this ease, my boy, it was a lurid flash of anger, and meant - a petticoat.


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