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The Care Of Furs

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-We ave pretty welbsatisficd, from long experioneo, that tbere is no efficacy in camphor, tobáceo, drugs, oi' even cedai' closuts and chests, in protectieg furs aud wolen Btuffa against the moth. They only 1 ui I us info a fancied security, to bc worked up to find our most vnlued furs and cloths ruinud by this lüiscbievuus little insect: To preservo these urticles with entiro safety shake tliem tborougly, in order that any moth already in tbem may be dislodged, (hen place tbera in close cotton or lincn bags and tio the bags as tightly as possible to exeluile the mil Ier, and tbere will be no dangcr of damage froiu the moth. There necd be no special plaoe to bang the bags in. Wardrobe, closet, garret, or wborever you please, is all the same. Oíd newspapers, entirely without fractures, will answer just as well in which to wrap up furs and woulens, but tbey must be so pastcd togetber ag to leave no place fca thu eutranoo of the luiller. a quantity of lithargo as a. drior, to be well levigated witli lhisocd oil, and wlien used to be thinned with good boiled liusced oil. The abovc forros a good black paint, and by adding ycllow ochre, au excclleut groen is prooueod' wbich is preI ferable to the briglit groen irequeutly used on out-oi' door vvoik, as it does not i fado with Üie suu.-


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