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Supplies From England

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Mr. Laird, the Euglish sliip-builder, in a recent speech in the House of Oom mons, claiia,ed the rigiit of the British people to furnish supplies for both the bclligerents in America. He said an amount far greater in value had been furnished to the United States thau to the Confederates, and that from May, 1861, to Deo. 1862, there wero exported from the British kingdom to the Northern States 3 il, 000 rifles, 46,500 rauskets, 2(5,500 gunflints, 49,982,000 percussion caps, and 2,250 swords. This was not anything liko a completo list, hc said, and these exporta were still going on. Mr. Laird also said that the' Federal goverutnent had applied to liirn to build vessels for them and ho declined because time euough was not allowed him for the work. He had received a reply regretI ting bis decisiĆ³n, and trusting that he might still be induced to undertake one or moro of the gunboats.


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