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The Cotton Market

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The N. Y. World in reviewing the condition of the colton market, says : " On tho hypothesis that the military status is to ba maintained for somo months, balancing the different influences against cacli other, there is but little reasou to anticípate any highor prices for cotton goods tban have been p;iid at the great auction sales this spriug, but that raw eoltüu must decline to meet the viaws of spinners." L " Jemraie," eaid one Irishman to another, the first tirao Ik; huw a locomotive, " Wliat is that nnortinp lj:istö?" "Siiuro, I doii't kuow," was the reply, " unlesa it'a a staineboat épiurgm' to get to wather." 53F Porty thousund invalida, widowH and navy pensions have been asked for simio the passage of tho act graiithïg pensions for the present war. The widows' applications atnount to uiaetocü thouaand. jLgr" It is stated that negotiations have been begun f'or marrying Ihe Princesa of Helena, who is only ubout seventeen ytmrs of age, to a oousin of the Pruwn Crown Prince - the son of the Prussian King'a youngest brother by the Princesa Marhinne of Fl'll;iiit3, frorn whotn he was divorced 1859. - ïheyoung man is tweoty-five and wil! be very riel). EST 'i1'10 GomniÍMÍoner of Internal llovenue has düeided all promissory notes, whether ovor or under twenty dollars, aio subject to a stamp. I3E Tbe public kinds to bo sold uext sum.'iier eqibrace iu Washington Territoty nearly 3,000,000 acres; in Kansas, 145,000, and in Michigan, 3S, 000 acres. R3ËT I1 'B reported that the ohosen King of Greece,,o William of Denmark, isdestined to be the husb:utd of Prinee.-s Louisa of Ei'gland. S'-ÍST T'1C tlnrd und last volume of the War Report, ineluding the principal history of opera tions in the Western J)ei partmeot and Butler' evidenee on his I administraron in New Urleans, is just ' out, ïitiikiiig nearly sevou-lumdroil printed pages.


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