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Twelve Ways Of Committing Suicide

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1. Weariug thin shoes of damp nigbta and in cold rainy weather. Wcaring insufficieut clothing, and especially apon the liinbsand extremities. '2. Leading a lifo of enfeebling, tupid laziuess, und keopiug the miud in an uunatural state of excitemeut by reading romances. Going to theatres, partita and balls in all sorts of weather ia tho thiunest dress. Dancing till in a complete perspiration, and then going homo without sufficient overgarments througb. the cold, damp air. 3. Sleeping on feather beds in seven by uinc bedrooms, without ventilation at the top of the wiudovvs, and especially with two or more persons in the Btuall, unventilated bedroom. 4. Surf'eiting on hot and very stimulating dinners. Eating in a hurry, without balf masticating your food, and eating beartily before going to bed every night, 'whcu tho miud aud body are exhausted by the toils of the day and excitement of the eveuing. 5. Beginniog in childhood on tea and cofl'uo, and going froin one step to anothef, through chewing aud smoking tobáceo, and drinking intoxicating liquors, by personal abuse and pbysical and mental excesses of every descriptron. 6. Marryiug in hasto and getting an uneongenial coiupauiou, and liviug th remaiuder of life in mental áÍ3satisfaction. Cultivating jealousies aud domestic broils, and beiug always in a mental ferment. 7. Keepiug children quiet by giving paregorie and cordials, by teaching thein to suck caudy, and by supplying them with raisins, nuts and rich cake. Whon thcy are siek, by giviug them ïïfercury, tartar emetic and arseuie, under the mistaken notion that they are medicines and not irritant poisons. S.'íAllowing the love of gain to absorb onr minds, so as to leave uo time to atteud to our health. Following an unhealthy oecupation because moucy can be made at it. 9. Temptiug the appetiie: with bitters and niceties, when the fffomach saya "No," and by forcing food when nature does not demand aud even rejects it. Gormandizing betweeu meals. 10. Contriving to keep in a continual worry about something or nothing. -Giving away to fits of anger. 11. Bcing irregular in all onr habits of sleepiug and eating, going to bed at midnight aud getting up at noon. Eating too inuch, too uiany kinds of food, aud that which is too highly seasoned. 12. Neglecting to take proper care of oursolves and uot applyiug early for medical advice wheu disease first appoars. - Taking celebrated quack medicines toa degree of making a drug shop of the body.


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