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Steady Purposes

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- Often as welaugh over the quaint epitaph found on an old gravestotio. 'I was well, I wanted to bd better, I took medicine, and I am bere," we overlook its geuoral applicability to tliG affairs of life. As witli wealth, so with business; nine persons out of tea ignoro the golden secret of oontent : they are constantly striving after soniething different froui that they enjoy. - We do not deprécate enterprise, but it is the habit of change that we protest against- the habit of shifting from ono pursuit to auother. Tliere aro thousands of ttluiOüt pcuuüess and disappointed old men, picking up a precarious living at the extremity of life, beeauso they have; iu the course of their existence, tried a liundred different things, an-d abandoned all in turn simply becauso' uccess wa3 uot instantaneous ; to feW men is it given to do more than one or two thinga well. The Will Honeycombs, and Master Sitiions and Admirable Crichtons, are apt to bo ssd charlatans, deciving thomselves as well .as others. Thore is scareoly any pursuit that, if followed out with singlencws of purpose, will not yield a rich return.


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