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The Forward Movement

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Bklow Frephiioksbuiu:, ) Thur..d.iy .Moruiug, April 80, 1863. ) Tucsilay morning ibc ibrward movement comuieueed, the poition of the aruij designed fur tliis point eo camping u the woods above the river, without fire and with as little noiso as pussrble. Gfu. l'ralt wilh his "flying división,'' 'together with Col. Slialer'a brigade, of Gen. Howe's división reported tu Gen. Benham, and wore assigntd t lic duty of carrying ihe pontoons donn to (lic river for the first three bridges below the city, getting thcm down to the bank. between : 3 and 4 o'clock, Wednt'sday moruing. - The bridges wdglitd over 2,000 pounds ertcb, and tlu: men tuggcd iway lustily, getting the portoons to the river without th-s enemy beeoming aware of their preseoce, until the buats wero launched. Two Conipanics of the Regular Kngiïieers and Companies I, B, E and A, cf the Fitteenth New Vork Engineers, uuder command of Mnj. GassOn, were asüigned to the duty of laying those t'aro' bridges. They first moved over General KuEselI's brigade of Howe's división, who rame upon the rebel pickets lying bt-hiud their cartliworlis so suddeuly tJiat they had time to deüver but one vo'.ley. Tluy iramediutelj" skedaddled over the fiel'is and into some ncighbonng houses, %vhere the officer of the picket - a Major - was found iu bed asleep. Some halll dozen prisonera were taken. Thepe bridges were laid exactly at tbe point they wei e throwu last year for the left wing to cross. A bout a mile and a Barr below two o: her bridges were thrown by compauies 13, C, D, H and K, of the f Fiftietli êtigineers. 'J hey bogan the' labor of layir.g them about tive o'clock in the morning, but bad hardly reached the river bpfove the encmy opened a furieus volley upon them. Portions of Wadsworth's división, First Corps, opened a return fire upon them, which was kept up for some time, until severa] boats were finaijy launched and a large body wére rowed over. ïhe Twenty fourth Michigan, Col. Morrow, and Sixth Wiscousin, Col. Bragg, of Meredith's brigade, were the first to reaeh the opposite bank. Gallantly the whole fürce cturged up tho pteep bank, capturing one Lieutenaut Colonel, two Lieirieuants, and 84 ' vates, beïöogiug to the 6th Louiáiana and 14th Georgia. Our artillery, which had assisted matenally in driving the rebels out of their rifle pits, threw eeveral shells in to the houses to wliioh several of them had fled. Four divisions have crossed tlio river; th remainder of tbe forcea aro still on thitt side.


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