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Brilliant Exploit Of The Twenty-fifth Michigan

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Capt. Hare's company of mounted infantry, attaobed to the Twenty fifth Michigan, were seut to Meade couuty on Sunday last for tlie purposo of breaking up a nest of rebel recniitiug officcrs, and a band of guerrillas wlio were cominitting outrages on Union men in that vioinity. √ún Wedaesday, a party of forty rebels were disoovered in ambush, noar the town of Meadville, arTd Captain Hare immediately attacked tbena, routing the band and ktlling sevon notorioua rebel desperadoes, aiuongst whom wero the two leaders, Capt. Jas. G. Gorsuch, of this city, Captain W. Shacklett, of Meade. eounty, John Wymp, of Meado county, John Garret, of Bullitt oounty, together with three others. Captain II. also captured Dan. Morgan Shacklett, who was with the band, and brought him to this city. The expedition was well conduuted, and reflects great credit upon this gallant corapan'y. It will be reinembered that G. Gorsuch was convicted of stealing tlio arma of the State Guards for the rebels, and left these parts shortly after the brenking out of the rebellion. lic has a wife and several small children living in New Albany, Indiana.


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