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The past has been an exciting week, and all are waiting with breathless anxiety the rcsult of the pending battles on the Rappahannock, waiting with hope, and jTct with fear and trembling. Wc give up all possible space to a record of the movcinents, beginning with the advanco of the army and the crossing the Rappahannock, omitting the prelimiuary skirmishes of the earliest days of last week, but including the severe battles of Saturday and Sunday. Monday the engagement was renewed, both at Chancellorville and Fredcricksburg, and our forcea were competted after a severe struggle to evacúate the heights and the city, and fali back aoross the Rappahannock. Hooker's hoad-quarters were at Chancollorville as late as Monday night, and Washington advices say that he had telegraphed the President that the loss of Fredericksburg was of no eonsequence, and that he could maintain his position. Heiutzelman was en route to reinforce Hookcr with 30,000 men, and the government is confident of a victory. Stoneman's position was not definitely known, but it was thought had succoe'ded in his niission - to out the rebel communication with Richmond. 8000 prisonors had arrived in Washington on Wedüfisday, and from G000 to 15,000 are reported taken, and losses amounting to 6000. Beauregard is reported arrived at Richmond with reiüforcements from Charleston, and is in command at the rebel capital. Longstreet is said to be between fuik and lliohmonJ. Wc havo seca no estímate of eithe the rebel or federal losses, but there ha been terrible slaughter on both sides. - The lists of killed and wounded will be gin to reach us,soon. The news from the southwest is mea ger and is entirely overlooked in the anxiety to hear from the Rappahannock A federal attaek on Haine's Bluff has failed. LATER. Gea. Stoneman is reported successful having cut the railroads at Culpepper, Gordonsville, Hanover Court House, and within five miles of Riehmond. Not a railroad is open to the rebels. The Riehmond papers report General Paxton killed, and Gens. Stonewall Jackson, A. P. Hill, and Heath badly woundcd. The prisoners captured by the federáis are variously estimated at from 10,000 to 19,000. Among the federal .offieers reported killed are iMaj.-Gen. Berry, Brig.-Gens. Sehellening, Geary, and Whipple. Col. Sherlock, oth Michigan killed; Col. Pierco, 3d, wounded ; Capt. Wilkins, of Gen. Williams' Staff prisoner. LATEST. The following private dispatch was received iu our city yesterday : Detroit, May 7, 1863. S. M. Webster : Hooker defeated. The rebels have driven our army across the river. Are ou thia side. J. F. KILLER. The above may be a canard, but telegraphic information from another souree compels us to believe it too true. X3F The News i.s " stili harping or: my granny," or in other worde siill winning about the City printiiig. But in view of tlfn follosving admissioD, whiuh we wish our readara to note with care, we are disposej to find üttle fault vvith its nivings. Hear it : We have no controversy with vou. Our business is with the city board we churged you with notbïng" wrong. Yon probably have t alean no more than tho k-gal leo for advertiaing, and have chargbd no iTinre than the üUHtoinary price for jfib work. AU this ynu are juslly entilled to. Ii' we charge no more than we " are jnstly entilled to" we think tbo Council will feel relieved trom the awful res po dsibility which the News has endeavorod to saddle uponthem. The people ask no more of ihem, and would as soon expeot thatn to rofuso to p;iy laborers on the streets bat half they earn as to accept the city printing at half tho printer i.s " justly entitled to." It is such competición among printers that so noarly pau perinés the craft in many places, and our mtizens will not find fault vvith the Counoil lor paying onhj ajust price for whatever must be done for the City. With th ia we have' done with the city printing, and would be with tho News but fur the followin paragrapb with which it winds up its whine : " As for " going tho whole bog, or the whole rat," we shunt do it neighbor. We never mean to copy tho iaults of our Deigl.boro. The Argus ia proverbial for cutting onder both in advertíaing and job woi k. No, no, neighbor, we shall do no such dirty thing." And of this, f we allowed our self to uso hard words we nhould sav that the editor of that paper lies ; as it is we will eonteot ourself with saying thnt ke kncws he dont teil a word of trutlt that1 bÏ!.


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