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ot. Louis, May 4. Advicc'8 from Cape Girardoau, say the rebels undur Marmaduke, aftei haviog thoir rear assiiilüd twice and sufferiog severe loss, finally escaped acrnss the White Water River, burning all the bridgaa behind thern, and disuppearing by various routes in tho direotiön oi'Ohalk Bluffs on tbe Arkansaa ine. The result of thü raid is repeated ïumiliatioDB, disasters, and a oowardly etreat before vastly inferior numbers. The dispatches last night announcinor tho arrivul of Van Duver's an McNeil's forcea at Cape Girurdeau were a mistake. Gen. Ourtiss today received advices from Van Dever, stating that the purpuit of Marmaduke termin ited at (Jlialk Bluff, near the Arkansas line, on Saturday. Skinnishing waa carriod on during tho pursuit and at the final crossing of St. Francis River the enemy was badly punUhed. Our total loas was twenty-fivo. That of the rebels miiuh greater. McNeil's horse was shot undur him, Onr troops have inarohed 240 miles and driven tho enemy out of this department.


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