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SnBtíy 11 ook, May 4. The steamer.Etna, Liverpool 22d, Quoenstown 23d, lias arrivec!. The British government urdered the gunboat Alexandria, built for Coníederatea, to be detained al Liverpool. AdmiraJ Wilkes' proceedings were CQusing increased irritation iu Jingland. It is alan reported that Napoleon becarne offended at tho cutirse of the Federal goverurnent, and would recall Mercier. The report is doubiful. London, 23. - The News saya it it mispected that the govermnont at Washington has given secret instiuctions to its oÉcers and thinks at the iustanct! of Adame, giving a permit to one vessel, supports ihat sugpicion. It saya aid given to the rebels by Jiritish merchante by furnishing supplies gives no good groundsfor excluding British vesíels fi-oin comrnerce, and any such attoinpts rtiadd by Admiral Wilkes iho Brilish government vill put down. Inquii es had been made in Parliament as to the xmrae the goveriiniont intended to pursue on American affoirs Palmerston poatponed answering. 'i hereis a rumor that the government would give up the steamer Alexandria for lack of uiEcient evidence. ït is reported the govurntneiit vviil prevent further shipmentg frem In-land of organized gangs of men ostensïblv lor raüi'oad purposes, but beüeved té be for the Northern armies. Ttie government dedined to Bend a tnai! agent by üteamers for Matamoras, and recommended them not to carry mails. The Trfnes denounceá this as pusilanimous and truckling lo the designs of Federal crnisers. It calla ülond for a stand to be made ngainst lurther encroachtnent on tbe rights of neutrals. Tho, Mirning Post says "Adams committed a fatal mistake iu granting certificates of exemption. It forbeurs to apeafc of his extraordinary assuniption in strong ternis, feering confident the Cabinet at Washington will hasteu to disown the act." iedyard eaid in the House of Comrnona the matter was being considerad by the governmeiit, but no communication has yet been made to Adams. The Tunes denounces the seiztiïe of the Dolphio as woise than the Peterhofl, and says America relies on the reluctanco oí England to engage in bes fililíes. It is reported that Napoleon ia groatly ofleuded at ihe facilities given by Adama for ihe conveyanca of arms,&c., to Moxieaps. ïhe Paris correspondent oí the Times f-ays that it s thought the timo is not far distunt vvhen Franco and England will be compelled to assurrw anotber attitude towards America. Increasing appwheDsiona are feit ir Paris on the Polish question. It is beifeved that ii the reply from Ivussia to the Dotes of the tí i ree Powers bu unfavoratile Napoleon will not hesitaie to draw the sword The Polish insurrection continue active. Franca makes activa navat "Teparations. Ti:iir LATEST Via QUEEN'STOTra. Two serious engagemants occurred in Sunday, between the insurgeiUs and ElussiaDfl, ofie in the forest of Camptnos, six miles from Warsaw, and at Ju!tvesk. Thelatter placu vvais burned )y the Russians. Copeshage.v, April 22d. - Prince William bus aooepted the crown of Greece


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