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Eetato of Jane Pixley. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County nf Washtenaw, ss.- O At asef-siunof the Probate Court lor the County of Washtfnaw, holden ;it tb 3 Probate Office in the City of Anu Arbor ou Thursday , the scvcnth day of May, in the year oue thousand eight hundred aod fcixty-three. - Present, Thomas Ninde, Judge of ï'robate. In the matter of the Éstate of Jane Pixley, lata of aaid County, deceased. On readiug and flling the petitlon, duly verified. of John H. Pixley, praying for the probate of an instrument now on file ia this Court, purporting to be the Ust wiU and testament of said deceased. Thereupon it ia ordered that Fridny, the twenty-nioth day of M:ty iostant, atten ü'clock iij the forennon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition, apd tbat the devisees, leiatees and heirsat Jaw of said deceased, nd all other persons interesfed in ?aid estáte, are required to apppar at a im{b of i3 Court, then to be holden at the Prob:ite Oflice, in the City of Ann Arbor in said County, and how tauso, ifany 1here be, why the praycr of the petiüoner should not be granted Aad it is further ordered, that said petitionpr f.ive notice to the persons interested in wld estáte, of the pendency oí said petition, and the hearing thereof, bv ca'ifimga copy of this Order to be published ia tho Michigan ArgitA, a urwspaper printed and ciroulatinp in sai-1 County of Wa-ihtenaw, thxee 6ucce-sive weeks, LreviouR to a;d day oi hearing. ( tra Crpr.) THOMAS KINDE. Ji 1% Froïtat. S-T-1860-X. DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTEKS, Tboy purify, strenjthen and invigorate. They créate a hcaltby appfitite. Thoy arean antidote to cbange ofwr.ter and diet. Tht'y overeóme eílects of dissipation aud late houra. The strengthen tho syslem an 1 enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers. They p-iify the breath ana acidity of the stotnach. Tliey cure dyspepsia and Couslipation. Tbey cure Diarrhea, Cholera aml Cholera Morbus. Thoy culoLivcrComplaiui auü NTei vouslleadache. They are the best bitters n tho worlr . They malie the weak man .strong, aud aro exhausted nature's great restorer. Thfy ave mode of pure St. Croix Rum, the celebrated Calisaya Bark, roots and herbs, and are taken with the pleasureof a beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Particulariy recommen led to delicate persons requiring; a gentie stimulant. Sold by allüvocers, Druggits, Hotels and Saloons. I'. H. Drake&Co. 202 Broadway. New York. Cra-9t LYON'S KATHAIROH. Kathairon is from the Ciréek WorJ, '-Kataro," or "Kathairo," nignlfying to cleunse, rejuvinate and restore. This article ís wh:it ita n ime signiiies. Forpreserving, restoring and be-iutifying the huroan hair it is the must rttuarkable projuiration in the world. It is again owned and put up by the original proprietor, and is now madewith the samo care, skill and attoution wliich gave t asaleof over oue millioa bottles per annura It saniostdclightfulHair Dressing. It eracioat&a $ourf and daudruFf, It keeps the head cool and clean. It makea the huir rich, soft and glossy It prevents the hair from ruiling offand turuing gray It restüi-es hair upou bald hoads. Any lady or gentleman vbo values a beautiful head of hair should use Lyon's Kalharion. It is known and usedthroughout the civilized world. Sold by all rospectab(e dealers. 6mS94 DEJIAS S. SARXES & CO.Prop'rs, N. Y. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Huir Restorative. IT IS NOT A DYE, But restores gray hair to itfl original colur, by supplying the capillary tubes with natural sustenance, iinpaired by age or disease AU instantaneous dyes are cnmposed of lunar caustic, destroying the vitality and beauty of the hair, and afïord of themselves no dressing. Heimstreet:s Inimitable Coloriug not ouly restores hair to its natural color by au easy procesa, but gives the hair a Iiuxurlant Beaniy prtimotes its growtli, prevents its fallïng off, eradicates JaudruiT, and iuiparts health and pleasantucss to the nea4. It hasstood the tostof time, being tho original Hair Coloring, and is constautly iucreasing in favor. Uaed bï both gentleman ana ladies. It is Rold by all respectable dealern, or can be proeured by them of commercial ageuts, Ü.H, Barnes J: Co. L02 Hroadway New-Yorlc. Two sizes, 50 cents and SI. 6ro894 The Great French Remedy ! MADAM BOIVIN'S CELEIÏRATED ÊILVER-COATED FEMALE PILL3. The onlycertain and Safe Remefly for all Uterine Obstructions, Monthly Difíiculties, ïrrcguïaritieB, and all tho other diseafes to whicb. the Wuman, Wifq and Mother is peculiarly liable. Tbese PiUs contain no deleterious ingredionts, but are safö and certain in their action. They wij bo found to exert thebappiest effect in all cases of Prolapsus Cteri} in Leucorrhea, or the Whites ; they wiil be found the easiest and most certain Cure that can be found. It is on account üf this certrinty they ehould not be talien by Pregnant Females (during tke Jrst three montha, as mi&carriage is certain,) to be brouglit on,' but at other periods their use is peifectly saie. , ■ N . B.- One Dollar enclosed to any auttorized Agent, will ensure package of Pilis by return of mail. C. CROBY", General Agent, Fort Et ie, C. W., BufTalo, N. Y. Caütton',- Beware of C-5unterfeits, the pennine havo ihe üignature of C. CROSBY, on the outside wrappcr. For sale by all respectable Druggiats. Iyeow887 A CARD TO THE LADIES. OR. UÜPOiWS GOLDEN riLLS FOR FEMALES. Iniallible in eorrectlng. regulating and removing all obsíruction?, frora whatever cause, and alnays successful aB a preventive. The cornbination of iugredients in Dr. Duponco's Golden Pills for Females are perfectly harmltss. They have been used in the private praetice of Dr. Duponco over SOyears.and thousarjds of ladies can teatify to thc:r great and failirj success in almost every case in correctiug irreularities, relievmg painful and lüstressing raonstruation, particularly at the chango of life. From flvo to ten p:lls will cure that common yet dreadfulcomplaint, the Whites Nearly every femalo in the land suffers frí ni tuis complaint. Tho above Pili has permanently cured thousantls, ana they will cure j ou if you uso thera. They cannot harin you; on the contrary. they remove all obstructious, re store nature to its proper channel, aud nvigurate the hole sy1ero. Ladies whose health will not permit an increase of family, will íind these pills a successful preventivo. Ladies péculiarly situated. or those supposing themaelves po, fihí)uld not use these Pills during the ftrst three months, as they are certain to produce mi8carrage, "after which admonition" the proprietur assumes no responsibility, although their inildnoss will prevent an injury to health. The ingrc-dients composing the above Pilis are inade known to every igi'nt, and thoy will teil yon they are safa and wül perfora all claimed ior thero. Price $1 per box Sold in ANN Al'.BOR, by STEBBJNS J; WILSON, Druggists, W. A. HUNT, nruggist. Ladios living at a distance by sending them $1,00 thrnugh the Aun Arbor Postoffice, can huve the Pills sent (confidcntially) luj molí, to any part of the ouuntry fre of postage. . B.- Bacare of a bate couMfftil of these. Pilh.- You can buy the countsrfeit article at any prico from 25 to TOcents i box (dear at that). Ladius your Uve und henltli ave cf too much valué to be triUed with, beaidea being imposed upomvitha wortliless artxle. Thercf'ire, any one offerini; you thrse l'illsfor loss than SI a box, avoid them as yóuwo'ukl (icison. They ai-ebogus. None are genuino unless naine oT S. D. HOWE is on eiery bux'-h!ch h:i3 recently been added.on account of the Pills being couterfeited. íold also, by K'NNE Jc'MTTII, Ypsiianti. BLC3 h BEEBEJaekBon, Riidhv one drutriist n every village and city in the United Stao, andby KARRAND,8HEE1EY5 CO..ÖTOecal State Agents, Uetroit. S. D HOWE, SoleProprietor. 8S7yr82 S' Yomt. O TOBACCO - Tou can buy the best grades of FINE CHEW1NG TOBACCO at friim 50 oen; to One Dollar ÖMOKISGfroni fourteen to twenty cents at M DEVA3STT'S TOBACCO AND CIGAR STORE Sign - Red Indian. South siJe Hurón atreet, a few doors frora Cook's Hotel. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec. 11, 1862. 883tf AGÖÖL) TREE IS KNOWN SY ITS FRUIT. So is a good Physician by hi.s buccessful Worlis. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, TIIE GREAT AND CEI.EliRATED PHYSICIAÑ OF TUE THUOAT, LU.NGS AND CHEST, Known all over tho countr; as the Celebrated INDIAN HERB DOCTOR! From South America, wiü be at bis rooms, RUiSELL HÜUSE, DETROIT, Onthel8lh and 19lh inst.,on the same dale of aud every subsequent month during 1862 und 18ü3, A XEAT PAMPHLET Of the lifo,study and extensive travelaof Dr. Lyons can be procured by all whodesire one, free of charle. Dr. L will visit Ann Arbor, Jackson.and Adrián, Mtch. ,asfollo-s : Ann Arbor, Monitor House. CO'li. Jackson. Ilibbard House, 21st Adrián , Brackett H' use, 22d and 23d. Mode ok Lxamination. - The Doctor discerus disoases bythoeyes. He, therefore, asl.s no quetions nor re q tires paticuts to exnlain syrnptoms. AÜlicted, come and havo your symptums and tho location uf your diseafio eiplained free of charge. DISSOLUTIOÏÏ. THE COPABTXERSniP hertoforo cxisting betwcen theanrlersigaed, under the DaioQ of Tïjich & Piernón ík disKolvnl bj mutual consent. The buhinesa of ihü late ürm will'be settled by Philip Bach. rnn.yp bach, 1. B. l'IERSOV. AnnArbcr, Aptil :9, 1S63. 902n8 Notice AIXPF.RSON'S ijideMerl to th latedrra of Eachi: Pierfirm, eilher by n-tft or .book a-jcount, are re(utêiedto cali &nd settle 7itheut deliv. PHDIPSAC Ann Arbor, AfrüIS, 151S, V.ii.t P. B AC H Is uow rcceivitig A. LARGE STOCK -OFNew Spring Goods, BOUöHT FOB CASU Since the Late rail, AND WILL BE SOLD YERY LOW FOK CASH. Cali and See ! JLET THE PEOPLE n. es joïoe, For Providence has again Crowned our Arms with Success I -ANDA. C. LOEB, OF THE CLEVELAND CLÖTWKG UOLSE, are now offering to the citizens of Waslitenaw county, aud the State of Jlioliigan geucrally, A LARGER AND BETTER SELECTED STOOK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS, than was ever beforo bruught to this city, wbicli we will sell Cheaper tha?i any House west of New York l Our stock coüsists of Ready-Made OIothing, HATS, TRUNKS, VALI3Ë9, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c, and in conclusión would say to all who want to buy GOOD GÜODS AT LOW PRICES, to cali at the Cleveland Clothing House, fivednorswest of Cook's IIutol, andyou willsave money bydoingso. A. &C.LOEB. X.B. Don't forget to cali before purcliasing elsoAnn Arbor, May lst , 18S3. im902 1868. 1863. SPRING COODS! AT Reduced Prices! Just receiving at C. H. MXUÉN'S MAIN STREET, ANN ARBOR. April 17, 1863. 4w900. C&BFETS, OILCLOTHS, CANTÓN MATT1NGS, Largest & Best in the city, Just Received at HENION & GOTT'S. Ann Arbor, April 23, 1868. 901 tf. ISTE'W GOODS, FOll Spring Trade f I ara non' receinnj? nn cntiro N"ow StocU of STAFLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS STRAW GOODS CHOICE GROCERIES Ac, BUYERS "WITH CASH INT HAND are particularly invited lo examine my Sock of PRIXTS, SHEETINGS, DÏNIMS, STKII'K SHIRTIXGS, TICKI.VGS anti all DÖMKSTIC (JOODS AU bought for NET CASH sinoe tbo 31Oolirxo Iix Grolcfl ANPRUMOUED F ALL OF CHARLESTON. JOUN H. MAYXARD. Ann Arbor. April 2'nl 1P63. FABMFÖR SALËÏ r I offer for sale my farol sitaatod in the Township of, Id Washtenaw Cfunty, on the matii road l'rora Ann Arbor to Jackson, about Mve ralles West of A un Arbor, and Lhrco ana a half miles f rom Doxter. The Farm conUNE HüNDRED & NINETY ACRES OF LAND conapostd gonerally of a gravelly loam, Busceptiblü of being woi ked in wet or di y weather, la ell watftretl by a liviuir ftrnxn. it i& uoctlj UQd&rimpiOTecafíit, nood land sufiicíent for the Farm, building: nnú í'enee tolorably good, nrcbr.ri oí Gne fruit, 11 of which wlll be Síld cbeao, ouehalf oí lbo purchaso monpy lay on bcndand juortg.igefoi' a tcim cf jears. J. H. M. A.VDF.RSOV. Wb, MAMh 8&, 1838. Efflt63


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