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How To Enrich Poor Ground

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Wherc the vegetable stratum is thin nnd reposing on a poor subsoil, a spcedy change may be effeoted iu the following mannor, although from the great ooit oi labor in this country, it may not be advisable to adop it oxoept on a limited scal'e : Along the margin of the pieoe to be improved, bo it more or less, throw the soil, subsoi!, sods and all, into a win row on ono side, to the depth which is aesired, say twelve or twenty four inehes. Theo commence on the sido in the directio:i the improvement is to proceed, and doposit all the mould and sods taken from tho top in the bottom of the first trench, throwing that taken from the bottom of the seoond ti-cnch over on the top of the first, and in this marmer proceed till the work is done. Then cartón mnnure, and work it thoroughly into tho yellow earih until the virgin soil is approaclied. A liberal allowance of manure is recjuisite in order to basten the dccompositiou of the soluble silicates contained in the fresh earth, as well as to ensure the more ready absorption of the fertilizing gases from the atmosphore which are necessary to impart vigor and activity to its latent powers. Lands treated in tuis marnier stand the drought much more suoeessfully than uutrenchcd groutids, and are always fouiid to be more productivo, with the same amount of manure, than the deepest soils iu their natural and unimproved state. On gardens it operates well It is well known that the sand and course gravel exeavated from vrells and cellars, wil!, when exposed to atmospheric influonces imbibo principies of fertility rapidly, wliere no mauure is used, and become in. a short time covered with verrluro. Phister and charcoal each have a powerful tendency to absorb onriching principies from the air, and in all experiments like the one we have suggesled, they can be profitably employedT The secood year after digging, a very decided improvement will be apparent, and a pii:glo operation will have a decided iufiuence for many years. &3T Haynau, thd Austrian womf.nwhippor, whose name is vvedded to eternal intamy, for hia atrooities during the . Hungarian revolution, recently commited suicide by shooting himself at Cassel, III - UT T'-W The bridge over the Hudson nt Albany ia to bo built at once. Tt is to be owend, ono half by the New York Central Railroad, and one-quarter each by the Hudson River and Western (Mass.) roads. frgT A gentleman of Boston has made n donation of two thousand dollar to Harvard College, to bo expended in prizea, and olher wiae to promote improvoment in the important art of roading among the students. iy D. R. Goodloe, late Emancipation Corninissionor hare,, hua been appolhted Military Gtovernor oí North Carolina, vice Ötanloy. (?) "" 4- ■ ■ ,M CF A government agent residingat Hoboken was robhed by burglara on Snnday night, of $30,000 belonging to. the government. IIIBjl li KZJET The pilotof tho iron-clad Keokuk, is ander arrest, charged with runnmg herashore on Morris' Island. tbat the robels might capture her. S"3T" ?inco tho commeuoeinent of therobelüon, 29,000,000 pounds of ootton havo been irnportod frorn foreign coijntries to New York. Vahío, SC ■ 012 320. Of this arnount, 10,000.000 pouids havo como from Eügland.


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