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The Conscription

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Washington, May 19. Blank ara being forwarded to all Pruvost Marshals, and eorollmunt of'both classes will be proceeded with iramediately, to be fullowed by a draft. The quota for eacli State is now buing iixed, aud bears a relative proportion to the uumber of troops already furnished. ín sotue States there is a discrepaney betvseen local authority and the d-epartment as to tho number prcviously furuishod. Massachusetts claims that all her uotas have been completely filled, yet the lrovost Marshal General decides that she is 11,000 short of the full quota.- The same is the case with other States. No credit, it is said, will be given for tlirco monihg aen, or State militia in jservice for a brief period. Senator Wilson, who is now hcrc, and who drew up ths eonscription bill, is unxlerstood to tliffer eutirely frora tlie .de cision of the War Department, ignoring the SoOO exemption clause The section relating to it is nearly a copy from the French law, whero it was executed as tho present 1-iiy vr;is iuteudaJ tu be by its fcmer,


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