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A "forward Movement."

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A forward moveuient has taken place, not of the Army of the Potomac, but of the radical wing of the administration party, of the men who have cursed the Uiiion for twenty years, and who becarae even conditional Union men only aftcr the breaking out of the present war on the government, and then for the solo purpose of perverting the war to the perpetuating and carrying out of their peculiar views. We mean a forward movement of the radical abolitionists, who havo given support to the government in the attempt to put down this wicked rebollion, only on condition that the negro be booccupy the chief seat ; of the uien who brought the " pressure" to bear upon the President- see his "talk " with the Chicago clergymen and compelled hiin to issue the Pope's buil against the cornet- that is the emancipation pioclamation ; and then dej nouncod that proclamation as falling ' short of their demand. These Garrison-Pliillips-Checver-GreeI ley-Tilton Sumner-Lovejoy abolitionists , havo developed auother phase ; have I renched a higher plane ; have discardcd thcir old watchwords of " freedom to the slave," " justice to the negro," and so on through the various changes they have been wont to ring in the public ear ; and have emblazoned upon their banners the perfect equality of the negro, civil, political, social ; have demanded for him "the privilege of the ballot-box," "a place beside his white brother in the jury box," eligibilitj " to cvery publb office to which a white man is eligible," a seat by the sido of the white man " in the church, and in the cars," a place " in' the white man's parlor," and in the white man's bed, and that he be admitted to "entire fellowship" In short, the new motto is amalyamation - the absorptiou of the negro race with the white race, for the improvement of the latter. To convince our readers that we do not misrepresent ' this forward moveinent, we lefer then to the report of speeches made at the anniversary of the Anti s'.avery Society in New York, last week, by Theodoro Tiltou, of the New York Independent, a paper regarded as an oracle by a largo portion of the administration party, and which thrives and fattens on government pap, and Wendell Phillips, for which see the first page of this sheet. Now, these men have a right to their own notions upon this subject, and, as thoy are ardent supporters of the government whenever the government adopts their policy - a right to express theua. - We have only to indulge a hope that they will not suceeed as well in forcing their new policy upon the government as they have in compelling it to adopt their emanuipatiou sehemes. It is bad enough for those who dosired the prosecution of the war for the sole purpose of putting down tho rebel√ľou and saving the Union, to be compelled to fall down before the abolition Jugernaut, it will be worse to keep them waiting the fruition of their hopes until all tho people declare in favor of amalgamatioD. We may vonture to hope, then,- or wish rather- thit endorsement of the new forward movement will not be proclaimed a test of loyalty.


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