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Secret Societies Denounced

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-In a "statement " presented to the Circuit Court of Ihe United Staten for the Southern District of Ohio, by Maj. Gen Burnside, assigning bis reasons for the issue of " Order No. 38," and for the arrest uuder it of Hon. C. L. Vat.LANDIOIIAM, WO fiud tllO followillg sentence : " The press and public men in a great emergency like the present should avoid the use of party epithets and bitter invectives, and discourage the organization of secret political societies, which are alwats undignified and disgraceful to a f ree people, bui now they are absolutely wrong and injurious; they ercate dissensions and dis cord, whieh just now atnount to treason." This is a severo out at the " Union Leagues " which are being organizcd as secret political societies all over the country, and if this denunciaron foreshadows the action of Gen. Burxsidk, we may expect(?) that he w'ill take measure to squelch these " injurious " organizations. We understand that snoh a secret political society is in full blant ia our city, and as it is composed of men who just now swear by Gen. B├╝knsidb, can they do less than disband, or at least open their doors to the public without a pass word or test oath ? They certainly nnist do 80, unless they havo secret adviees that they will be protected in tb a t which is " always ur.dignified and disgraeeful to a free people," and now "absolufejy wrong and injurious," while the penaltics are inflictod upon ouly tjboge who inay not cudorse their radicalisms, nnd even may huve as dangeroua radicalisms of their own, but havo at least the manlincss uot to cover theni with the gaib of secrwcy.


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