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For Sale. Two D welling Houses ! 1TWO STORY FRAME DWEIXING HOUSE and Lqt 4 x 8, now occupieil by J. il Burlöson. Possession givonOct. 1, 1663. IK STORY FRAME DWEI.I.ING HOUSE, BARN and LOT, 4x8, now occupied by D. R. Kelley, possession given April let, 1014, gnod cellars, cisterna and out buildings about the premises. Property adjoiuing tbc house of L. C. Risdon on W illiam street, Ann Arbor, For íurther particular intuiré of ANDREWBFJ.L. Ann Arbor, May 11, 1863. 9O4tf IVotice. OWINO to the war and feat of the coming draft I have soldout all my Rea. bátate and personal property, and all those indebted to me, to save expense, wil] pk-;ise l-hI and settle before the first of Juue, as afler that they will be lelt in the hands of a Justice of the Peace. JOHN ROSE. Ann Arbor, May 7, 163. 903 NÖ7487 AN ORDINANCE for the protection, management, and government of Cemeteries and Burial grounds. Be il ordained by the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the City of Ann Arbor: Sec. 1. That if any perüon or persons shall wrougfully and maliciously destroy, remove, delace or injure auy feuce, gate, or otlier strnctare to, or around, or incloshi", or forming any part of tho inclosure of any burial ground or cemetery in this city ; or shall wilftilly and improperly destroy, remove, mutílate, out, break, mar, deface, or injure auy tomb, monument, gravestone, or otlier structure or thing of auy kind placed or designed for a monument for or memorial of the dead, or auy fence, railing, hedge, curb, seat, or otlier structure, tree, slirub, plant, flower, or thing, that shall have been atended placed or left for the protection or ornament of any block, lot, grounds, tomb grave, monument, grave-stone, or otlier structure herein-before mentioned, in any inclosed cemetery or burial ground in this city ; or shall wilfully injure or trample, or go upon any grave, or any block or lot, inclosure, plot, or parcel of ground in any cemetery or burial ground vvithin this city that shall at the time have been laid out, graded and turfed, or otherwise worked and improved by or for any person, family, persons, or association, as and for a place for burying the dead, or as a memorial of any deceased person or persons ; (exeept by preniission of the owner of such improvements; or in or along an alley, walk, or passage way. or j)lace laid out and intended for a walk or passage way. in or through such improved ground ) the person or persons so ofi'ending shall or may upon conviction thereof befoie any Justice of the Peace, residing in this city, or before any court having jurisdiction of the offence, be punished by a tine not exceeding twenty-flve dollars, or by imprisonment in tue countyjail not exceeding tliirty days, or by both in the discretion of the oourt or justice before vvhoin tho ofrender shall bo tried. Sec. 2. That a Sextou foreach public burial ground in said city, may be appointed by the Cominera Council, who shall hold his office for one year, and until removed by the Common Oouncil, or until his successor shall be appointed. Sec. 3. ïhat the following rules and reguIations for the protection, management and government of Forest Hill Cemetery only, In said city, bu and the same are hereby made and preserilied, to-wit : No peraon shall rjde or drive in any of the zrounda within the inclosure of said cemetery, 'jt being that part of the west half of tlie' south-east quarter of section number twentyeight, in township number two sonth in range mmber six east, in the State of Michigan, ving north of tlie fcrpddes Roail,) exce]?t il! ' and along the avenues, and n and along such aths as may be graded and graveled fbr that purpose and designated by a guide board or sign' pointing them out as " carriage paths," nor along any avenue or carriage jatlis faster than a walk. ■. No feorse or team .'-liall be fastened or ïitched in said eemotery, exce))t at a post ïrovidml for that purpose"; or leit unhitched herein without n. keeper. No person or persons visiting said cemetary, shall take any dog, or fire-arms, [or refresh-' ments into said cemetery, or discharge any fire-arms thereiu, or in any manner attenipt to destroy, frighten, or injure any bird or. other animal therein. No person hall take into the cemetery any. flowers, except for the purpose of leaving, thcrn therein, and no person shall pick ov. gather any cultivated flower in said cemetery,' or remove, break, cut or mark any tree'' shrub or plant, or any branch or part thereof', or any thing growing or being tliereon. nor shall any person take any flowers from the said cemetery. No person shall throw or pnt any thing in any pond, basin or reservoir of water in said cemetery, or in any manner disturb. rile or render unclean or 'impura the water in any such pond, basin or reservoir. If any person or persons shall viólate any of the rules or regulations prescribed in this section, the person or persons so oflending shall or may upon conviction thereof, before any Justice of the Peace residing in this city, or before any court having jurisdiction of the offenee, be punished by a fine not exceedirig. flve dollars, or by imprisonment in tho county jail not exceeding ten days, or by both in the discretion of the court or justice bofore whom the offender shall be tried. These rules and regulations shall not apply to the Superintendent whilc in the performance of his duties in the cemetery, nor to any tct done by any person or laborer in the cemetery ander the direetion of the Superintendent or oí the Board of Officers of the Cemetery Company, or of any committee thereof, nor to any act properly done by a lot holder, or any one under his 'directions, on the lot of such lot holder. Sec. 4. Persons visiting the cemetery shall in all respects observe the proprieties of a place consecrated to the tender assoeiations bctween the living and the dead they have loved and mourn ; and if any person or persons shall ci.mmit any trespass in the cemetery, or viólate any of these rules or regulations, or conduct or converse in a rude, hoisterous, unseemly or improper manner, the Snperintendant, or any person employed by the Cemetery Board or any committes thereof, and having charge of the grounds at the tima, may remove and keep any and every such offender from the cemetery grounds. Made and passedin Common the city of Aan Arbor, this llth day of May A D..1S68, ' E. WELLS, Mayor. N. B. Cole, Recorder. NO. 49. AN ORDINANCE, relative to repairing and renewing sidewaíks. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Reeorder, and Alderrmn of the City of Ann Arbor: Sec. 1. That it shall be tlie diity of every ovvner and occupant of any lot or premises in s.iid city, in front of whicli tliere is or liereafter shall be a sidewalk made, planVed or paved, to keep the same clear and in good repair, and wlien necessary to renew the same, and wbenever any sueh owner or occupant shall feil to keep such sidewalk clear and freo from all obstructions or imj)ediments, or shall suffer the same to be out of repair, and the same shall so continue for the space of twenty-four hours after notice thereof, as hereinafter provided, or such other time as shall be determined by the Common Council, or the person or persons giving such notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of the lot or premises in front of which such sidewalk shall be, shall be Iiable to pay a fine not exceeding twenty-n've dollars and costs of prosecution which shall be recovered before any Justice of thePeace, of said city; and the notice hereby required may be given by the Street Commissioner, or any other person or persons designated by the Common Council, and may be given to the owner or occupant, either verbally orin writing, or by posting written notice on the lot or premises when there shall be no person residing on the same. Seo. '2. Whenever in the opinión of the Common Council of said city, any of the ■idewalks which now are or may hereafter be made, planked or paved witbin said city, shall be so dilapidated, ínjured or impaired as to make it necessary to renew such sidewalk by re-buiklng the same, said Comnion Councíl shall define and declare the marnier in whicli the same shall be renewed and shall desígnate one or more of their own number or of the other offlcers oí' said city to snperintend the same, and the persons or officers so" desinated shall forthwith notify the several owners or occupants oí' the lots or premises in front of and adjoining to which such sidewalk or any portion thereof shall be ; and said notice may be given personally to such owners or occupants, or by leaving written notice at his, her or their place of residence, or, if therebe no occupant, and the owner thereof does not reside in said city, then by posting up such written notice in some conspicuous place, on such lot or premises, and upon such notice being given such several owners or occupants shall within thirty days thereafter renew the portion of suchidewalk which is in front of and adjoining his, her or their lots or premises, in the manner so declared and deinedby said Common Council, and to the acceptance of the persons or officers designated o superintend the same; and in case any ueh owner or occupant shall refuse, or shall neglect for the space of thirty days after tha living of such notice to renew bis, her, or heiv portion of such sidewalk in manner aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the person or oflicer appointed to superintend the same orthwith to cause the same to be so renewed, ndhe shall make and return to the Common Council a written report, describing the Iota nd premisos in front of which he shall have aused such sidewalk to be renewed, specifyng the width of the same on the Street, and he uotice given as aforesaid, and the name or ames of the owners or occupants thereof, nd he shall set down opposite to each tho ost of renewing the sidewalk in front of and djoining the same. Seo. 3. When any such report shall be íade and shall be approved by the Common ouncil, the same shall have "the forcé and effect of an assessment roll, and it shall be the duty of the Recorder to make out from and aocording to such report a tax roll including all the property described as above required iu said report, the owners or occupants of which have so refueed or neglected to renew such sidewalks, with the aniount of eest therein speciíiedas aforesaid, and he shall subinit the same to the Common Council, and the Common Ceuneil shall cause a warrant to be attached to such tax-roll, directed to the Collector and authorizing and commanding him to collect from the several persons named in such tax-roll, the several sums of money therein set opposite their respective ñames, which warrant shall be signed, renewed, returned and executed In the same nianner, and shall be of the same tenor and effect-, and give like powers and impoae the same dutios in all respecta as is provided in in An Ordinance of said city, entitled " An Ordinance relative to improving sidewalks." made and passed in Common Counoil, March 22d, A. D., 1853, for the tax-roll and warrant tlierein provided for. Sec. 4. If any of sueh suins in such taxroll mentioned, shall remaiu unpaid, and the Collector shall not be able to collect the same within the time limited by such warrant or ftny renewal thereof, it is Iwreby made the duty of the Collector, and e is liereby authoriced and empowered to' proceed to the collection of the same by sale of such lots or premisea for the shortest term at which any one will offer [o take the same, for the con6ideration of advancing the sum or sums set opposite the same in such tax-roll, together with interest thereon teclnding cost of notices and one dollar for expenses of such sale and of making the return and record thereof and the certifícate to the purchaser ; and the proceedings shall be in all respecta the same as are required in making sale oí' the premises lor delinquent and u(!ü(l assessments upon the tax-i'Qll and warrant, ander the aforesaid " Ordinance relative to iniproving sidewalks," and like notices shall be aiven, the same right of redpmpticm enjoyed, like papers Jjp eseiuted, and with the same legal effect as is'providad in said Ordinanoe. Made and passed in Common Council, this 11 th day of May, A. D., 18fi3. E. WELLS, Mayor. N. B. Cole, Recorder.


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