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SfftM potte ííchígaF central raílroad, Passengertrains now leave Detroii , Chicago, and the se vera 1 Stations in this Uuunt 3 ,as followi : GOING WEST. Leavo Mail. " Day Ex. Jack. Ac. NightEx. Detroit. 5.30 A.M. 7.50 t.M. 5.00 p. M 7.40 r. M. Vpsilanti, 6 55 " 0.10 " 6.30 " 8.65 '.' AnnArbor, 7.15 " 9.28 " 6 55 " 9 15 " Ilcxter, 7.40 " P M. 7.25 " ■' Chelsua, 8-00 " " 7-45 " - - " Ar. Chicago, (i. 30 " 7.30 a. m. The mail train goes only to Michigan City. GOING BAST. Loave. Nigbt Ex. Jack. Ac. Mail. Pay Ex, Chicago, 7.15 P.M. - 5.C0J. M 7.30a. M. Chulsea. 5.35a. M. 3.05P.M. - Doxtor, 8.56 " 3.25 " AnnArbor, 4.45a. M. 6.30 " 3.50 p. M. 4.43 P. M, Ypsilantl, 5.05 " 6-55 " 4.15 " 5.00 " Ar. Detroit, 6.05 " 8.15 " 5.40 " 6,0 " Traine do not stop atstatious where liguresareomitrödinthe table. Traius connect at Detroit with tbe Great Western and Grand Trunk Kailways of Canada, and the Detroit and Toledo, and Detroit and Milwaukoe Kailroads, and Cleveland Rteamers. At the Company's Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chioago, Julietjand Iiiayette, through tickets can bc purchased oall the principal cities and towns ia the United ttates and Cañadas. LUXUKIUUS SLEEP1NG CARS upon all niglit train. liuttan's celebrated Ventilating Apnaratus upon all day trains - tho best dunt preveutative lo use. B X. RICE,Generl Superintendent. M C. R. R. Office, April 1"T IS. 3. ÍT-1860-X. DSAKE'S PLANTATION BITTEKS. Tbey purify, strengt hen and invigorute. They créate a healtby appetite. They arean antidote to change of water and diet. They overeóme eüocts of dissipation and late hours. The ƒ strengthen the system au 1 enliveu the mind. They prevent miasinatic and intermittent levers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cue dy.spepsia and OonatipatloD, They cure Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbuá. They cure Ijver Complaint and NervousHcadache. They are the bet bitters in tiio worlc . They makt the wcak man strong, aud are exhausted nature's great re.storer. They are made of pure St. Croix Itum, the oelebrated Calisaya Bark, roots and heibs, and are taken with the pleasureof a beverage. without regard to age or time of day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons requiring a gentle stiinulant. Sold by all Grocers, Druggiï-ts, Hotels and Saloons. P. H. Drake& Co. 202 Brnadway. New York. fin984 LYON'S KATHAIR0N. Kathairou ís Trom the (ireek word, "Kathro," or 'Kathairo,'" bignifying to olíanse, rojuvinato and restore. Thiw article ís what its n imeignitius, Kop preserving;, restoring and beautifyipg the human har it is the most remarkable preparation in the worjd, It ís again owned and put up by the original proprietor, and [a npff made with the sanie care, skül and atteiition which gave it asalcof ovür oue million bottlesper annum It is amostdelightful Hair Dressing. It eraeïcates scurf and dandruil'. It keeps the head cool and clean. It inakes the hair rich, soft aud glosny It prevenís the hair from falling oif aud turuing gray It restoi-eshair upou bald heads. Auy lady or gentleman wlio values a beautiíul head of hair should use Lyon's Katharion. It is knuwn and used throughoiit the civilized world. Sold by all roápectable dealers. 6ra894 DEMÁS S. 3AKNB8 & CO., Prop'rs, N. Y. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Huir Restorative. IT IS NOT A OYE, Iïut restores gray hair to its original color, by supplyiug the capillary tubes wïth natural sustenance, impaired by age or disease. All instanianeous dyes are composed of lanar caustic, destroying the vitality and beauty of the hair, and afford of themselves no dressing. Hi'imstreet:K Inimitable Coloring not only restores hair to its natural color by au easy proces, but gives the iia.iL a linxuriant Beauty, proraotes its growth, prevenís its falling off, eradicates Jamlrutf, :uid" imparta healtli and pleasantness to the nead. It hasetood the testof time, being the original Ilatr Coloïiug, and is constantly inciensing in favor.' Used bi both gentleman anu ladies. It is sold by all respectóle dealers, or can be procured by them of t-i commercial agents, D. S. Barnes & Co. 0 Broadway N'ew-York. Two sizes, 50 ceuts and $1. 6m894 A CARD T0 THE LADIES. DR. DUPOlWS GOLDEN PILLS FOK FEMALES. Infallible in currectlng, regulating and removing all obstructions, fróm whatever cause, and alwaya succesáful as a preventivo. The combination of ingredients in Dr. Duponco's Golden Pilis for Kciaalcs are perfectly harmlfss. They have beeo used in the private practice of Dr, Duponoo over G0ye;irs,and thou&ands of ladies can testify to their great and never failin success in almost eve ry iucorreetiug Irrftgularitiea, relievnjg pafoful und dtstrwniog menstruaiion, partieularly at the change of lile. From five to ten pills will cure that coramoo yet dreidful complaint, thé Whites Xearly every femaie in tiic land sulTers fr m tliis complaint. The above PiUhAB pcraianenlly eured thnusands, and they willcurejou ïfyou use them. They can not hann you; on the contrary. they remove all obstrutitionw, W store nature to its proper channel, and ins'igorate tho hok svstern. Ladies wliose heatth wiil not pormit an increase of family, will find thew pilla a successfu] pvfventive. lidies peculiarly situated, or those supposlng themselveh po, should not ue l'ills during the first thrte months, as they are certaín to produce miscarriagt , "after vfalcb admonition" the proprietor asHumes no responsibillty, althoagh their mildbobb will prevent an injury to healtu. Tlie iogreihents composiiiii tlif iijñvc i'iÜs are iiiaile lnown to evpry Ag.'nt, and they will teil you they ai-e sale and will pti fpnn all claimed Jor them. Price SI per fcox old in ANX ABBORt by STEBUINS.V WIUÏON. Bruggistfi, W. A. HUNT, Dcuaiiist. Ladies living at a distance by senling them $1,00 through the Ann Arbor PoRtoflico, can have the Pilis sent (confidejitlajïy) by matttttiny part of the country free of p?tage. N.B. - Beware of a base counterfeit of these Pille. - Vmi e& tuy thö cumterii-it rtícle at any price from 25 to 78 cents a box (daar at that). LáDIH your livcs and beáltb are of too much ralue to bc trifled with , besidea Üeing imposed upon with a worthlc.--; art'cle. Therefope, any OD offeringyou these Plllsfor less than SI a box, avoid tljcm as you would poiaon. They arebogus. None aregeuuine unless the name of S. D. 1IOWE La on every box whicli has reccntly been added,on account of the Pilis Jwanircoutarieited. Sold aluo, by K1NNE .v 3MTTH, Ypsilanti. t BLI3 & UEttBEJaokttea, andby one druggiat in every viliago and city in the United States, audby KABBAND,aaKELE3T& OO. .General State Agents, Detroit. L. D HOWE, Sole Proprietor, 8R7yrs2 Nkw Yokk. AGOOÜ TREE Ití KNüWN SY ITS FRUIT. tío is B gnml l' Vty lus uccesKtul Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYOKS, THE GREAT AND CELBBRATED PHY8ICIAN OT TIIK ÏIIKÜAÏ, LUKOB AND CHKST, Know.i all over the oonntr as tbe Celebratt-d INDI A N UEKIi DOCÏOH! From fc'outh America, wil! be at hU rooms, RUaSELL HOUSE, DETROIT, OiitlitlSth and 19lb tost. , on the same dale of and every subsequent month ihirirg 180 . aud 1863, A NEAT l'AMI'Hl.ET Of the life,fiturly and eiU-D.sivo truveis of Or. I.yons uan be procured by alf whodesireone. free of cir.r :■. Dr. L will viait Auu Arbor, Juok.son,au.d A'i.iau. Mtcli. j ai l'ollows : Ann Arbor, Monitor Ilouae. 20LU. Jackson, Jlibbard House, 21st Adrián, Brackett ijí use, 2Jd and 23d. Modkok IÍXAM1MTI0N.- Doctor djacerns dhoaiw bytlicoyea. He, therefure, asts no qontions nor re q' il res patlenta to explain flymptom. Afllictcd, como and liane your symptmn and the lucUiou ur your diieutje axplaiaed frou of charge. O" TOBACCO- You can buy the beet grades of FINE CHEWING TOBACCO at from 50 cenïg to One Dollar. SMOKING frora ftmrteen to twenty cents at M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND CIGAR STORE Sign - Ked Indian. ÍJouth side Hurón street, a few doors from Cook's Hotel. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec.ll, 1862. 883tf The Great French Remedy ! MADAM BOIVIN'S CEl.EBRATED SH.VER-COATED FEMALE I'ILLS. The only ccrtain aml Safo Remedy for all Uterine Obstructions, Monthly Ilifficulties, Irregularities, and all i the otlier diseases to which the Womau, Wife and Mother is peculiarly Hable. These Pilis contain no deleteriouR ingrediënt, but aro safe and certain in their action. They will befoundto exert thehappiest effect in all cases of Prolapsus Uterl, in Leucorrhea, or the Whites ; they will bo found the easiest and certain Cure that can be found. It is on account of tlüs cortrinty thoy should not be taken by Pregnant Females (during the jirst tkree montks, as miñcarriage is certain,) to be brought on, but at other perious their use is perfectly sale.. N.B. - One Dollar enclosed to any auttorized Agent, ' will ensure package of Pilld by return of mail. C. CROSBY, General Agent, Fort Eiie, C. W., Búllalo, N. Y. Cautio.v. - Tíeware of CounterfeitB, the jrenuine have the signatura of. C. CROSBY, on tho outside wrapper. For sale by all rcspectable Drugcjists. Iyaow887 1863. May. 1863. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, AT TUK "Oíd Corner!" I aui now receiving a well SELECTED STOCK OF NEW GOODS, FOR THK Spring and Summer Trade, CON81STINO OF STAPLE DRY GOODS, DE133S aOODS, TRIMMINGS, SHAWLS, HOOP SKIRTS, BOOTS AND SHOES, NOÏIONS, &c, &c. Also a. ful] assortment of Family Groceries! ull of wbich were bought low and are to be SOLD CHEAP FOR CASE. The highest Market price paid for VW O O 3L, 2 C. B. THOMPSON. At tho Farmers' Now Cash Store, Córner of Main aad Washington sts. (OO-ttf) Aan Arbor. A GREA.T BOOK FOR AGENTS. To le Sold cnly by Subscription. D1ARY OF THE ümerican Hevolution. FROM & TORY NEWSPAPEKS. A iul Original Documenta. Editor of the Rebellion Record, etc. One thick 8vo. Volume of 1100 pages. Illusf.rated th Twelve SupprbStet'l Engravinc: by Kitchie. $3 50. Tiiifi important and valuable book will be found of great interest toevery intellis"it American - affordin the only living and truthful iudication of the spirit, the fiery freshness, th daring Ismguage, and gigantie sefumes, of the Po.vs of ■LirncitTV, id thpir inauguratiou mil fitruggle for Indi'penüeuci; ; wliile at the iftmfl lime it exhibit.s tlie various phases of the Tory oppoi4jon, their crufly in.sinu:iliojs, their cautioug doubts, tiraid couiisels, and open eumity, Herfl men, mms already known, mauylong sinco iorgotíen, but all activo parlisans or eilher side, give uiiroscrved vent to their patri'-tisin 'ir passion, tlieir temporary fears or lofty aspir&tiolUí their íudiviluítl suífering.s and private misiortunes. The materials of Lhifl vork are taken from Wjiig and Tory NüWfipAVEU , publishcd duiinp the American RttvolatUn. Private Diarios, undcthercontemi-nraneons writingK. They present to the (student of this ilay the aine view the readers of the Kevolutionary )eriol njoyed - the manners aüdoustoma of the pyople, and the moral aad religieus, as well as political featuresof the tini'1. The wnrk containa not only thecurront accounts, by both WllHi -nd TOBY writkrs, of the different -.Minches and Vi:il ttes by sea and land, but, at the same timoRvps a, clear idea of ihe efluct of those oucurreuces upon the pcop.e and ilnir homen. It also embraces accounts of Ihe ball-ï, partios, nmrriages and tieaths. criticisms upon men and boaks, Ayed ding parties, Blefgli-rirfeo, the Wnign Urred and feathered by the Turlos, and viceversa; fox-liunt. y tlie f tticer-í of the Biltisli army ; surpi ises, birlhday celebra tions, practical joke by inen vhoiu we have been taught to beüeve were of the most Parlona natural clinpwitlon ; patiiitlic BOUgl und ballads ; gsmeA, taasqueradês, reviews ; anee lotes of tlie most celebrattd men and wouien, popular mr-mments and asages, and he ceUbrations of national fc.stivities . The work caí ries tlie reader back iuto the hoines, upon Ibe verv htiiirthwtoues, thehihways and battiefields of the 'lievolution, and Iets him hear the Whlgs and Topím lampoonand abuse eauK other, and see the armtw ftgbt in tlit-ir niro way. 11 Raaderc who wluhto know rxannj how the poople oí the American Revolution thoupht and tiilked about GENERAL WASHINGTON AND KING GEORGï; TfE TfflRD, mast have this bnok. lt is the U&GÜAOKOf the AmericHn Revolutloo." KXI'KKIKXCKD OANVAPSEES are wanicd to Mnma for the wolk, tr whom liberal coinm.íiaions will be eiren. Applyby 'lptt-ir to the Pnblisber. CHARLEST,KVNS, ZvOi 418 Ilroadwny. Ayer's Sarsaparilla. P. BACH i lê now reoeiving i i i i A. LAEGE STOCK -ori : ] New Spring Goods, i i i BOUÖHT FOB CASH i Since the Late rail, AND WILL BE SOLD VERY LOW FOR CASH. ! Cali and See ! 2STEW" BOOT SHOE LJ v -Jtg JST. B. COLE, (Successor to Moore & Ijoomis.) has opencd a store in 6 FRANKLIN BUILDINGS, Main street, Anu Arbor, and has on hand a large ' Bortmont of BOOÏS, SHOES & RUBBERS, nianufactured from the best material and warranted to give satisfaction, consiflting 6f MLN'S KIP, CALF AND THICK BOOTS, DOUBLÉ SOLED. MEN1 8 BUI FALO OFJEESITOJES, of all descnptions. LADIES G-AITERS, Morocco Bootees, Balmorals, Feit Onerthoes, and Rubbers, 'Also, Boy's Kip, Calf & Thïck Boots, together wiih a varieiy of CHILDHEN & YOUTH'S SHOES. I am also nianufacturiiig WAEEANTED BOOTS & SHOES. Men's Fine Frencli Calf Boois Pegged and Sewed. Give me auall before purcbasing elsewhere. I will seli ray yoods cheap l'or caah. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE AND ON 8HOET NOTICE. N.B.COI.E. Aun Arbor, Jan. J3th, 1803. 887lf NEW COODS ! NEW GOODSÜ DRESS GOODS, SILTI GOODS, PLAID SHAWLS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, SKIRTS, PARASOLS, CLOTHS, OASSIMERES, Domestics & Groceries ! These gooswere purchased at rouch reduced rates, and will be sold far below the prices tkey have been held at. HENION & GOTT. "OAHPETS, OILCLOTHS, CANTÓN MATTINGS, Largest & Best áallí3C?aO03EiL in the city, Just Received at HENION & GOTT'S. Ann Arljor, April 23, 18G3. 901tf. 3sr:Erw goods, FOR Spring Trade I ara aOW receivinfi an eatire Now Stoelt of STAl'LE AND FANCY DRY GOODS STRAW GOODS CHOICE GROCERIES fec, BUYERS WITH CASH IN HAND are particularly invited to examine my Síock of PRINTS, SHEETIN6S, DEXI.VH. PTRIl'KRHIRTINGP, TICKINtiS Md all DOMJÍSTIC GÜODS All bought for NET ÜASH siuce the 3ZooliiiO Ixx CSrDla. AND RUMORED FALL OF CHARLESTON. JO1IN HL MAYNAJ'a Aim Arbor, April 2'nl 1863. blSSOLUTlOÑ THE COPARTNER8J1IP hertofore existing botween the ati'lersigned, uhder llie name of Bach Pierson ia disi-olved by ' mutual consent. The business of the late íírm willije settled by l'hilip Bach. l'HII.IP BAOH, I. S. PIKRSOM.' Ann .rbor, April Í9, 1865. OOftvü Notice AI.T. T'KRSONS in;;htcd to thp late (irm of Bach k Pierson, eitliPr by note or .book account, are requegted to cali and settle without delay. i'HIIJP BACH; Ann Arbor, Ajiril CS, ISÜ3. 9u2iv6 FOR SALE. Q( ACRE3 of excellent tiinbered land-the. X of O' ' S. W. M of Beo. 2, Towii 6 N. Rap 3 W.,('linttmOouBty. It is in a good nciKhljpflmod, abottt fout mi os from DeWiti and Ivu lium LÁüSÍn. For terins nqutrentor addrt'bH. j iltGUS OFFICE. Jan. 10111,16138. ÍS5M" THE American Collecting Agency, No. 240 Broadwaj, New York. Claim of all kinds against the General Government, State Government, the City, or private parties, prosecuted and collected atmy expenge and risk. Against private parties I possess BUpprior facilities for collecting claims everywhere in th Cjijtcl Stuie.s and Cañadas, relieviug merchants, asaigneen, tjankertij andothers, (I the caie and all responsibility. Special attentiongiven to oíd debts, hard cases, di( vor;aa, wills,estates, etc. Being familiar with all the details of the ' Int mal Revemie Law," I willattend promptly to the collection of drawbacks, and taxes overpaid through ignorauco of the law. Soldiers' pensions, pay, and bounty secured for them r their heirs. For that purpose, aud for prosecutiug claims against the Government, I have a branch oflice at Washington. No charge inadeuuless claims are col lected. Allaoldiers discharged by reason of wounds - however shori the time they have gerved - are entitled to One Hundred Dollars Bounty. All noldiers bavingserved twoyearfi,are entitled to the samo.' Í3U The highest market price will be paid for soldiars' claims, and other demands against the General Government. Information and opinions gïven, and investigation made without charge, upon claims proposed to be placed in my hands. For particulars, addrps H. HtTNTINGTON LEE, 300tf No, 2-W Broadway, N. Y THE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES WILL be for the Uealii.g of the Nations. Bible. x-of. 3E=t._ LYOKTS, THE GHEAT AND CELKBRATED PHYSICiAN of the THROATjLUNGS, HEART, LIVKR AND THE BLOOD, Known all over tb e country as the CELEBKATEI I3TIDIA.DSr HERB DOOTOB I Of 282 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Will visit tlie following places, viz APPOINTMENTS FOR 1862, 1863 and 1864. Prof R. J. Lyons can ba consulted at the f'uUowinir places every month, viz: Detroit, Russel House, each montli, 18th and 19th. Ann Arbor, Monitor House, each month, 20th. Jackson, Hibbard, each month, 21. Adrián, Brackct House, each month 2M and 33d. Toledo, Ohio, Collms House, each month 24th 25th and 26th . ' ' Hillsdale, Mich. , Hillsdale House, each month, 27th Coldwater, Mich., Southern Michigan House ea"h mouth, 28th. ' Elkhart, Elkhart House, each month, 29th South Bend, Ind., St. Jo. Hotel, each month, 30 Laporte, Ind., ïee Garden House, each month 31st Wooster, Ohio, Craudell Exchangc, eacli montli, 7th and8th. Mansfïeld, Ohio, Wilcr House, each montli, 9th and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Konyon House, each month, llth and Newark, Ohio, Holton House, each mtntk, 13th and 14th, fainesviUe,Ohin, CowlesHouse,each montb 4th CLEVELAND, OHIO, KESIMNCE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STEEET. East of the public square, ouposite the Postoffice OBicedavs each mouth, lst, 3d, 4th,5th, 6th 15th - Office hours from 9 A. M. to 12 M, and from 2 I' M 'to 41'. II. OnSundayfroraO tolüA.M.,and 1 toSp'lI j9S"Maximsstrictly adhered to I give such balm as have no strife, With nature or the laws of üfe, With blood my hands I nover stjtin, Norpoison men toease theifpaia. He is a physician indeed, who Cures. The Indian Hero Poe tor, R. J. 1.V0NS, cures the fol lowing compiaints in the most obstinate stages of their existence, viz: Diseasesof theThroat, Lungs, Heart, I.iver, Stornach.Dropsy intheChest, Kheumatism, Neuralgia, Kits, or FallingSickness, and all other nervous i'era ïgements. Also all diseasesof the blood, such as Serotula. Erysipelas, Cancers, Fever Sores, Leprosy, and all other complicated chronic compiaints. All forms of female difüculties attended to with the happiest results. It is hoped that no one will despair of a cure until they have given the Indian Herb Doctor's Medicines a fairandfaithful trial. tf=-luring tn(i Doctor'f travels in Europe, West Indies, South America, and the United States, he has been the instrument in God's hand, to rewtore 1o health and vigor thousands who weregivenup aml pronounced incurable by die most eminent old school physicians; nay, more, thoui-ands whowerconthe verge of the grave, are now living moi.umsnts to the Indisn Herb'd Doctor's skill and successful treatiiK-nt.audare daily exclaimiug: "BVssed be theday when first we saw and partook of the Indian Her b Doe tor 'á medicine." Satisfactory references of cures will be gladly and cheerfullv given wheuever required. The Doctor pledges his word and honor, that he will in no wise, directly or indirectly, induce or cause any mvalid to take his medicine without Ihestrongest probability of a cure. )%&■ Mode of examination, which is entirely different from thefaculty. Dr. Lyon professes to discern diseases by the eye. He therefore asks noquestions, nor doeshe require patientsto explain Bymptoms. Cali one and all, ind have thesymptoms and locatiou of your disease explained free of charge. CFThe poor shall be liberally considered. í@-PostolHce address, box 2663. R. J. LYONS.M. . Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 86, 1802. lyS80 WONDERFUL SUCCESS. J&L The attention and research of the most d'stinguished Cheimsts and I'bysiciaus for years _have been devoted to the production of a most distressing maladies Neuralgia and RiiErMATiPM . After long study and many experiments, a speafic preparation has been discovered. WaTiSON'S Neuralgia King, an Internal Reuitdy, is curing thousatids of cases whereall other remedies have utterly failed. We are assured tUat it ia no mere " ANODYNE," yeheving Ut the moment wlai Ie the cause rernains, but is a perfect SPECIFÍC and CURE for those painful dieeases. The vast number of Liniments, Embrocations and External Medicipes, which act as stimulants of the surface only, are merely temporal y n their effects and of doubtl'ul virtue The NEURALGIA KING reaohea the source of alltrouble, aijd effectually bauishes the disease from thesystem. Price - Olie Dollar per Bottle. Prepared by C. R. WALKER, 1vRS7 TïnfTalo. N Y., nri Fort Erie, C. W. g-. FAIRBANKS' 1 i Standard CÁSCALES! AHpB OF ALL KINDS. e(BiSígS3 llso, Wartliouse Trucks, Letter Pressa, lic. Faii'foanks, Greenleaf & Co., J72 Lake Street, Chicago. Sold in Detroit by FARRtüD &SHELGV. J8É4fBe careful to buy only the genuiue.1 885yl Tobacco! Tobacco! I AM SEI.L1NG GOOD FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO At from, Fifty cents to % per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, From 14 cents to 20 cents per pound at tctail. SI. DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 17, 1862. 883tf . Q I offer for sale my farm mtuated in the Township o) Scio, in Washteriiiw Couuty, ou the maiu road from Aun Arbor to Jackaon, abojit Five miles West of Ann Arbor, and three and a half miles from Duxter. The Farm couONE HUNDRED & NjNETY ACRES OF LAND compostd genyrally of a gravt-lly loain, Misceptible o being worked in wet or liy wcather, is well waterei by a living stit-am, it is inostiy uiuler imptovoment woijd land suHicïtnt for the Farm. tmUdlnga R&d fence: tolerably good. orclmrlof fine fruit. All of whioh wil b$ sold uhap, que half of the purohaso mouey lay on oondaud niorlgago for a ttrm of yoar. J. H. M. ANI'ERSON. Saio, ftlarch 30, 1863. 3ui808 Auctioneers Notice. BKON (RF.EN, haviuíí applicd for n license, now holds htmsell in rei'lineB." to attend to all calis - Havincchadexpeiience, heis positivo he enn give good .satisfiietion. All calis promptly ntteuded to. Chaige ie.asonable. Apply at the Franklm Hnnite. BYROV GREEN. Ann Arbor, Oct. 24, 1862. 875tf Trussses ! RUPTURE CAN BE CVRED 1ÏY A TUUSS of th nght kind, if properly fitted and duiy attündod to Thli luis boen abumlantly tlemüiistratcd in iunninoia ble ínstiincos by llic use of the Multlpt'ilnl Trus of Dr. Hlggs, duriniï the last few yènrs. Tliïs Trus being covcit'd with Hard Uubber, is perfoctlv water proef, may be utied iu bathin, and is alwavs clennly a wt'll as in'lestructiblt' by orjinary uage. lf not satis factnry after a fair tfiiil of'sixty day?, it may be rt turiH-i. It challengts comjiarison with any trus knnn. Dr. RWGS' uffice, No. 2 BARCLAY Stroet.New York. HSñtf Ayer's Cherry Pectoral DR. RADWAY'S PILLS. NEWLY DISCOVERED PRINCIPLES IN PURGATION_ DR. RADWAY'S PILL9 ARE THE BEST PURGATIYÏ Pilía in the World, aud the only Vegetablo Substituto for Calomel or Mercury evor discovered. Composcd oí" Vegetable Kxlracts ofGunu, Plant, Heibs, Roois nul Klovrcr. They Purge - Cle&nse-rPurify- Hoal- Soothe - Galm- Strengthcu- luvigorateand Rogulato tho Systom. INFLAMMAT10N OF THE BOWELS, BILIOUS GHOLIC, BILIOUS FEVER, ERYSIPEIjAS, CONGESÏIVB FEVER, SMALL POX, MEASLES, SCAR? LET FEVEIi, SIX TO EIGBI P1LLS Wiü purgo tho disease from the system lu SIX HOUKS. If seized with either of tho above-namod diseaiea, let x or uight of Dr. Radway's PILLS bo taken at onco. 'hia single dose will carry tho patiënt out of dangor. heir coatinued use, in smaller doses, will vrork a ouxo. COATED WITH GUM, rhey are pluasant to tako. They operatO pleasantly, naïrally, and thoroughly Erery doso that is taken imtarts strengtk to tho enfeebled systora. Being pertot ntrgatives they do not leavo thu boivels costivt, er tho patent weafc. ONE OR TWO OF DR. BADWAY'S PIU Vill secure a good appetite and healthy digestouf TO THOSE WHO TAKEJ I'l LLSf R. RADWAY'S PILLS will befoundan improvementon 11 purgativa or cathartic pills in use. One or two plll vill bo found suifluient to keep the bowola regular ; and n cases whero a brisk oporation ia deslred, SIX to ÖGiff ■ill in ría hours thoroughty purgt. ONE TO SIX BOXES WILL CURE. COSTIVENESS, DYSFEPSIA, CONSTIFAT10N, MEASLES, CONGESTIÓN, - MELANCHOLY, HEART DISEASE3, HYSTERICS, DISEASES OF KIDNEY AMENORRHCEA, ANP BLADDER, FAINTLNG, DISEASES OF LIVER, PIZZINESS, BIIOUSNESS, R?S OF BLOOD Wf TYPHUS FEVEB, THE HEAD, HIP FEVER, OBÍTK.UCTION9, MALIGNANT FEVER, EETENTION OF URIN LOSS OF APPETITE, DROPSY, NDIGESTION, ACUTE ERYSIPHLAS, NFLAMMATION, HEADACHE, PALPITATION8, BAD BREATH, SCAELET FEVER, INFLAMMATION O B1LIOUS FEVER, THE INTESTINE3, JAO.MDICE, APOPLEXY, CONGESTIVE FEVER, ENLARQEMENT Of SLEEPLE5SNESS, THB SPEEK, GENERAL DEBILITY, SCURVT, DIMNE5S OF SIGHT, WHOOPINQ C0U9B, FITS, WORMS, LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, BAD DREAMS, QÜINSEY, PLEÜRISY, As also all Complalnts of Women, snch M Hysterla, I.encorrhtea or Whltes, Wenfcem Ing Discharges, Chlorosls, Irrrgularltle, Siipprcsslon of tin; Menseg, InflammaUon of tho VVouib or Bladder, DllllccfU Menstruatlon,and all other Diseases or Complamts produced by excossive discharges or suppression oihe Mese3. Ladies who ilesire to avoid tba suCferiog? and incoa. vmiieiicoa of these irregularities, or organlc obstruoüuub, should uut omit to regúlate their eyrteu)j bjf rnSns ofoneor two of RADWAY'S PILLS, once or ffk n wook, anti thu bj froe from the muijy and great lucoiiveuieucea to whicli ladied are generalij subject. WEIGH FACTS. DOCIOK RADWAY invites the attention of tha IntelUfeiit reader to the facts hero presoüted, Bhovring tba superioriiy of his PILI 5, as purgativos, ovor all othw pills or purgative raodiciuea in use. THEIR GREAT COMBINATIONS, They aro Aperient, Tonic, Lax ive. Alterativo, Stlnw ant( Counter Irritant, Sudorific. AS EVACUANTS, rhey are more certain and thorough than the Drartia 'illa of Aloe, or Grpton and Harletn Oil, or Kïaterinm j and more soothing and hcaling than Sonua, or Bbub&rb, or Tamarinds, or Cantor OU. AS 4LTEÏUTIVES, They exerciae a more powerful iniluence over tho llrer aai its secretions than calomel, mercury, bluepiU.hoDop their importance in caseá of Liver Complaints and Spleó DifficuUitíá, Jaundice, Oyspepaia, Bilious Attopks. Headache,&c. In the treatmeht of Kevers, either Biliou", Yellow, Typboid,and othor reducng gevers, they aro superior to quiuiae. Thoir ItifiueoOü este.nd.s pyor b. entire system, control litig, streiigthening, and üracinV up tho relaxod and wasting eaeigies , and % UI the secretions to the natural performance of their dutiat, cleansing and purifying tho blood.and purgiug from tb systein all ditjeaáed deposite aud impuro huuurs. THE CAUSE OP PILES. A large dose of the Drastic Pills will, by irritatlng lh mucous meinbrane, produce a vinlent expulsión of iho contenta in the beweid, but in so doing otlior secretlons are surfpeuded. lu suca casca, tho slools will be foaiiil to be light-colored and watery ,and attemied with craraps , griping pains, nausea, sickness. By tdia iucreased la natural action of tho 1 wels, tho foQrqfiuns of Jhs kid■eys and pancreas areiiminiahed,followed by affertion-f of the idneys, bladiec, urethra, piles, tcnea'muát géral prostration, costiveness, and iudigesioaWhy Radway's Pills Cure Small Pox, In Small I'ox. Scurlk Fever, foyaipelw1, Yellow, Typhoi'l and other róducnj Fews, vvwjatiox is hiykly cssential. But to a'dmiuUtur'a awe'ol Drasiic Pilis th irritation they woald produce, aml tho lel.ixation aud depletion that wculd tbliow, would be likoly tt prora fatal. ïf physicians, in 'thoííe oases,' would g've KAÍ)WAV'ü PIIJS, they wuld alwiys euro thoir patiënt. Iñ these dfrfeasai a mild, soothing, healing iind gently stimurating laxiifvo is ruqu.rca, Wiiich is securod by ..ADWAY'á PILLS. Wby Imperfect Pilis Gripe. The cause of gnpiiig, nausea, sickneSff tenesmus nn deb lity, that i.s [uduned by a duse "f tir;iatic pills, is ow: Ing t thoir imporfbet operaiion Jf wtli the faeees, thi diseased humors, leftcircuiating In the sysmwere expeileü by these pills, there vouM be bnt'littlo pain $r griping. It k the ahgenoQ of ihe bilo aud otlmr hiimorè which the imperfect pills fail l jnirge out of the pyte that occasions the pafii. By eiamliiíñg iho fctools fiwuated after üevcre frlplng they wU be íuiiud tliiu aud watery. THB TRUE BIKiS ÏO TAKB The ou'y safe pills to tako are Dr. Uadway'.s, hjtvva-t they are the ouly pills that securu purgatlnn without dopietion, and txpel Uisoasod huuiors from tho systera. CASE O'S DY3PEP3IA CUKED. For many years I Eare'bwa alIHcted wUh our nationa.1 oumplaiutj called Dyspepáii - my suffiüinKi havo bi'On a constant suceession ut horrors. I havo aponi tbousandá of iio.krs with te hope of rcalizing a httlo comfortand tr-inquiUity. 'All tuedtoatlon tiiloil lu reliev.a me, uutil I commenoed to act upon tho jrttücious ariviéá you gavo me on tbe Clh of April, 1858. Anti now, aftr nsiug your Puls, I feel like a new man. ftoÜ hless yoa, and may ibis letter induce other sutluring yiotiiu-s iqüiÖ accursed malady, to try the saino nie.iu.s. Vóura fervi'Ltl'y, W CAUPKNTEIC Carpsnteuviixk, í. J., April lfíth, 1853. Messrs. lt$dm& & Co. , !V. K i iflj. Letter fron Dr. SalIo Skinner. Nkw Yoüii, Jiuuaiy, 1860. Dr. Radway &. ; I hara, diinng the pa( four ycars, iwd your remedies, and have reco:tiin'eniel thum lo otbon f# Biuotw CoMlLAIXTS, IstïKSll )N, DvyFKP IA, ètO. I OOBItUW th Keady Heüof and Roulating Pilla úoequaled. The Ki(íulating I'ills ure mild in their opuratioiio aud thnrougbl eíTectivo. Tho first doso ehauUl be large enoiifih y pure, ay four or fiv, and "ach suocessivö doso lie diraini-sheJ on pi 1, until roduuod to one, aud tbeu rqpe.uel pyory rtny for a week or lou d.iys. A pornunout cu.o wül iure. follow. Yours. &c, DR. S. SKIXN'ER. JJr. Kadwny'fl Pills nrc afld by Dnnp glsl-i umi Si. c-ï i-rcrs In general. Eaolt Box cuntnliiH 30 I'ills. Prlco 35 ets. pr Hoi For Sale by STEBBINS & WILSON IJ Kï.i.I - FOK 1I.K ! TF YOU vish to feay a goofUwo-story brick ilwcllinp , J_ convonirnt t' the business part of the City, w.lhi Kroundf and yard wril atncked witheboice Fruit offtLj kinds, pi1or" Penfft, 1'oHclie.' l'luins, Uaspbirriri", f)r: nameotal troe, Öhrubber, í--c.,í:c.. inquirf at tb Nov. 14, 1R63ARGl'S OFPirF. Ayeres Cathartic Pilis,


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