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printiYg-a; OF ALL KTïtpS Meatly Executed AT THE ARGUS OFFICE. WE ARK PREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OF PKINTING AT THE MOST REASONABLE EATES. We have recently purchased a RTTO-GLES ROTARY CARD PRESS, and have added the lat=st styles of Card Type, whieh enables us to print INVITATION CAEDS, WEDDING CAEDS, V1S1ÏING CAEDS, BUSINESS CAEDS, &c. in the neateat styles, and as cheap as any other house in the State. We are also prepared to print POSTEES, HANDBILLS, BLANKS, VALL I1EADS, CIECULAES, PAMPITLETS &c, BOOK BINDERY igin chargo of FIRST CLASS WORKMEN, LEDGEES, EECOEDS, JOUENALS, UOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Htinufactured in best sttle at New York Priees, Feriodicals of all kinds BOUND.INANY STYLE. Old 33ooks Ee-Bound. All Work warranted to give entire satisfactiou. E. B. POND, TPtop'r. Office and Bindeiy, cor. Main t Hurón Sla. All Losses promptly artjusfetl MERCHANTS'lÜSÜRANCE CO., OF HARTFOSD, CONM. Cash Capital, $200,000. Total Aiisets, Jan. lst,1862, Í237,.1S7O5 LiablUtieB, .... 16,884 uu MARK 110WARD, Prosideut . E. TliOS. LOBDELL, Pi rv . The undersignM has been appcinterl Agent tbe aoovo rcliablc Company, and will eíToot Insurance pgaioBf rossftB by lire at reftsonablerates . J, W. KKIGHT. Ann Arbor,June2,lS62. 85Stf Oval Picture Frames A ÜSIZESVSTYLES and l'KICES just receivod and .V furale cheapat OHOFF & MILLEE'S. 186O.Dc..:, 780tt ülaevuöd'i Marine a'n'd tui: Brítish Reviews. l' II l C E SOHK A P ASE VE R. i TOTHOS'S VTHOPAÏ PBO.ÍPTLT IN ADVAhCK. Xnt v.i ihs!;iu lio 5 tbe cosí o f Rdpjrintlng these Pdriodi k-il.s has more thaB doubled ín consequence of thé enormoui rise in the prico of Papcrasdof a ■..,.■ ■■ íitner p' ' ■ priee of.thoir publications, we ahall oontinnej for tlie year 1863, to funiísh oius complete, as huretot'ore, at th oíd rates, viz. :- . TÍIELOXDÜX (ftf ARTERIA (Conasrvative). o TJEIEEDlNIÏUKiJH RL.VJkV (Whig) S THENOKTH iïïUTISH RKVIF.W (Free Cburch). THJÍ V!vtt:j-;".' lü-v'lKV (Liberal), líLAí K'.vonn - ;..(.! v ■: iMUMAC v K (Torr). Ter anoj Fpranyoneof the Fout Reviews, - - - $3 00 For anytwo oí fchO four Reviews - - - 5 oí) Foram tkra i iviews, - - - 7 00 Fora II I'" o e the I !'- ■■■■-., 8 00 ForBlackwood s Magazine, Fot Blackvood&ad ne ReView, - - - 50!) ForBlackwoodaiid two i1 Hewa. - - - 7 00 ForBlckwoodand fchree Beviewa, - - - 9 00 For Blackwoocl and the fourReviews, - - 10 00 Tbese wlll be our nri.-jH to al! wlio jmy prior to il:e 1 1 otApril. Te those who defer paying lili aitdr tlial time, lUe pnces will be Increast d to euch axtent aa the Inereased oost of Reprint may demand - thorefere, SEND IN YOUK ORDERS AND SAVE YOUR MOXKY. LKOtí ■ EMi-bHakers, NV. 88 WMkéé Sírcot, New York, THE S EBÊLÏÏÖH ÜN HICII l'RÍCES FOB CL0TI1IXG, HAS COMMENCIÍD AT THE 0L0 & RELIABLE CLOTH3 NO EMPOEIUM ! Nu.3 PHCENÍX T5LOCK, MAIN St. S4 ■ y" _ ! ■ IAM now openimg a large and varied assortmentof Sprmgan4SumiüertjOíí(ls,and in vierw of the ion un IiÍltIi t 'rices t'onrT;iI!y, will offe r tUem to myfricndp aaitcustorai r., ai ti "■ . ery lo west figures Pur Cas!. - Ttoee ín want oí a superioi artlcle oí Clothsj Casslineres. or Beady-Mado Glothing, -will cali unWWI. WAGñliR, wlio has jutít rei'urnea from the Eaet, with a large urtmwi: o SPRING & SU MM ER GODOS - wliich 1ia.ebcen pur cha sed íit tliplate LOW raiCES! and can offer thera ?A ulower figuro than ever before, Amongmy Assurtraent be found BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMERES, , DOESKTNS, VESÏINGS nf alldescriptions, togethetr witli a superior assortuient ot Rcady-Made (ilotliin, m-K--jkTltüXKS, CAKPKT BAGS, jKi ÜMBRELLAS, and Gtíntlemeii's Fiírnísfaíng GrOOOS, with numexoaa otli(.TrticIes usually found Ín similar cstablishments. As an EMPORIUM OF FASHION, tbe subscriber flatters himsélf , tliíit bis long esperieoce and general uceóse, will onableliiin to L o tile greatest satisfnetion toall who may trust liim int lio way oí f Mauufaoturing Garments to order. YM. WAGNTER. AnnArbor, Aplil 9th 1802. 848íf f-.-': '"■ ; -■ '' 'I'' rr- '■"'■'' ■ ■-' : - WíhiM talío this method ofjaformíog hifl oíd friends and p&trons andall otnera who tnay Favor him with their patronage, tb ai lie h&a greatly enlarged hla Stocïi and Assortiiiciit ! aud having attopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTII INBÜYING &SELLIXG la prepared to salí Ooods at Roasiona■cXi3 jrTioes, o's elock oaoBlsts ia part oí che following: L A.'ili:UICAX AND OTIIER &yá@t#5 SETHTHOMAS CLOCKS! Fine Jewclry Setts GOLD CHAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CUÏLËJIY ! Pazors, Phoars, Bciwprsand Brusbea, ROUEK3 l'LATJ'l) WAKE, tlio best fnmarket Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER anj ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, Siringa Sf Boofes for Instruments, of Quid, Sitver, Sleel, and Platal, milh PERISCOPIO GLASS, a supurior aviiele. Persons liavirvr difflcult watchea to fit with glasses can be ftcconiodated, as coy strofe íh lurge'and complete, P. S. Farueiilar attention to tho of al] kínflá of fine Watches, such as Makhig and Setting uew Jewels, Piniona, ,9faJJ's, and Cijlindcrs. Aíso clocks, sc r:Ewr:EiJ:Rr5r iifatly repaired and Varanted, at. hia oíd .standeani aideof Main Sta'et, C, BLISS. ibor,Xi!V. C5, 18C2 BS6ti no wlost, no w resto red Jud l'uhU'h i ' Üñvelope. Trice Six cfmís. A Loe ture on lae Natui-fl, Tri'atment ;m'i Üailicil Cure af Spermatorrh(jea or Seminal W"oakness, Sutual De tiUty , 1 ■ .-i , ; i ■ . ;Md lovoluníary Emissions, imlupoteqcy, Cunumption uud ílentalaud Physical Dübtlitj . BY ROB'T J. COLVKRVmi, M. I). The important fací that t Uo awful oonaequenoea ul" Self-Abuse raay be EfTeotóáKy iemoved withou intea . vries or the ' kppUoaj in "i i ImtïunientS] medical i Ö i" u t'ieatand otHer ompiricál dettees', Is here clca?ly dpmbnstrated, and tha eutirt'ly xutv and Uighlj iicíie ful tieatment as áJopted by the fibiebvated author. iully ejaplaiped., hy mVaus di' wliích éveryone isenablcd to oure himself pórfectlv ;i nrl 1 tet possíble eost, tnereTSy avoTding lj t'.H1 advertitied uostniíüf oí tlie day. Tiie lecture n 111 prevfe a boon tptho.u and and thouaandg. Sent uuder scyiljio a plain eivvdop?, to any üfrifireB i, post poiiïuu er eipt of two pos'tagp stamp.s,by addrêgainythüpublihlicr-s. CHAS. J.C. & CO., 900lf 127 Bovrsry, New Vork, FustOfficc Box,4íí8q " ANT!) MiinniücUirc-i'x, ; Xew uud Cúmplelo stock of LAW & MEDICAL BüüKS, School Books, Misccllaneous Books, Blank Books, dan Wallaud Viftdow Paper, Lematicallnstrumentf, Music.Juvenile Libran-, Knvelupui, Iaiu umi ('aids. ' -'■ '- ■..-,; 'riTu . - GOLD And all other kinds of , Pens and Pencih : ('oi'üie;'. SU brture, POCKET CÜTLEBY! indeTerythJngpertainíiig to fcjae treule, :nul more t,o whichthey rqulrt inrito the attention of tPTG fcfodni r.y. Inconductingonx bi . . ■■ nh&Hdo all tha1 oaii bc tlone,s(i that uo ï'casoniible niao, wobulb or clnld .sliall ! tfliUlir. iifO ties vhicU will emiblcuato upply on r al om - - at the Lowest Possible Figures. Weproj . ■!■'■.,- i:1 ■ : ■ lY,atasmanadraneé. We expecta profil on our goods, but Casli Sales will Admit of Low FÏGUSES. The '(Eufibe6ook Stohe'ís tnanned by a jood 'crew,' nd they wül always befounJ on Ihe "quarter deekj' reaily atKi wttlíirg tu attiiuütö Hïï VWD piSaSure, t Fa vor ilu'ii) witii a cali. lïemcmber the "Empire lonk Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & Co All , t '■ ■ 7Jr SCííOFF & MIL L ER V RKSTII.I. OM HAND at tbeiroW Stand, . . No. 2, Franklin Block, with the most complete1 asaortmezit of Hoeks and St&ticnery ,, fancy goods, wall and window papers, SHADES, IÍOLLEES, COEDS, TASSELS, GILT COENICES, CURTAINS, HOOKS AND PINS, STSEEOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in this Market ! and they woulcl suggest totliose in purauit cf anyihingin SARTA CL A TJS' LINE that they cao secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purcnasïng from this 8look,aa oach purchaser getL an additiona! present uf' Jewelry, &c. , Eauging invahie from 50 ets. to $50. JSSS Theytrust that theirlong experierice ín selectïng goods forthismarket, and atrict attention to the wants of Custcwuevs, niiiy en: :■ '.,■ t4)êaj fco a libcral shi; 10 ol Ann &rïor,Deo. 5. 1860 VTVtf Rifle Facíory! ■ Beufler 8í Traver, [Sucoessara tö i.. 1 Sut&erlanO,] llaimfiioturcrs of and Déniers in Guns, Pistóle, Ammxinition Flashs, Poslies Game Bags, and Everj other artiele in that Line. AUkinde of II SS I uSL XH X ÏKT Gr done at tho shortest notice, anJ'in the best raauner a full asso?fnieht always Went uniiand and made order. '"V Shupon Hurón sWetxi Ann Arbor.Oct. 8, ISOJ. 8T3tf JL.ET THE PEOPJLE -íbr Providence as again Crowntd our Anns with S ucees s I -ANDA. O. LOEB, OF THE CLEVELAND CLOTUIKG UOLSE, ofltering i1 the citizoiis of Washtenaif cuutity, and the 8la1 ■■■■', i rá ily, A LAEGER AND EETTEE SELECTED STOCK OF JPRING & SÜMMËR GOODS, tli-in was ever boforo brougbt t o thia city, wbich ive will sell Cheaper titan ani) House west of New Yurh ! üuu stuck consista of Ready-Made öiothiag, HATS, TltUNKS, VALISE8, Gents' Furnishing (Joods, &c,, anilino ay-to aM whetwanifi tobuy (:)O)) QtHBlB AT l.OU' lJilli:K-i, to c.ill at the Cleveland, Chithtng House, ftve doors west of Cook'a Hétel, and pou will ave moner by j o ' A. - G. [.01 B. I N.B. - Don't fötffet t,( c:ll bfífore púrchAsing el.seArm Al-bot , May 1.1 , 18S3. Smr02 POR SAX.E I TWO of Ihci u! ' in the City rif Aiiu Ajrbor, catttaining oacíi one acre and a cuarto! bfground, They are situiited onstate Street; near the South wêat cornr !1' the L'nivcr.sit.v Sauare. I'or ■ terms, Sl4-,iiiquire t the AKUL'S OBFICE ' Nor. 14 ISS. L am Bound for M. GUITERMAN COS 1 O Dispute the fact it' yon can, It íakes the Ï AILOR after all to give íippcaiauce to the outer man. If yon wisli to apppar well Yon must accordlngly Dres3 Well. Go to Sí. Giñterman & Co's,, Tliere yon will find things exactly SO. S OND HE III iihvays reatly to takt yoiir uiuasuro, GÚITEEMAN wiH sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures LOWER than you will find in he State, Tuke heod - üall early, else vou are too LATE. The indúcemenos are now greater than eyer, Our Ci.erks you will find obliging find clever. We will show you good CLOTHING of our own gettingup, Filling our Stoi e frorn Bottom to roí' STUDENTS especially will find it to TUEIR ADVANTAiil'., For it takes hut LITTLE MONEY to rcplenish. 1500 07ERC5ATS of Cloth, Beaver, and Bear, Warrauted for ahnost ever to wear. COATS nf Cloth and Cassimero of our OVVtl 1.MPOUTAT1ON, ]?Órwarded through our New York relations. f rom Englaud, Belgium, Germany anc France, Such as you cnn stand up ín, or vyeai: at the dance. Pánfs ! Pantí. ! ! Palíts ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMEEES and DOESKIN oí every grade, We sell them {rom ONE DOLLAR up tO EIGUT. VEf-TS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fiction, Furnishing apparels Prora SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all to say now, Therefore we make our bow. Yours truly, ev-er so, If, GÜITEKMAN. &, Co., RISDOÑ&HEÑDERSOW I2C,-ü-O tilo DE6 TJ O I3L El 2T EJ GRAIN DRÍLL, and Grass Socd Sower, Manufactured at Springfie'.d, Ohio. X all uíhors; adaptííd to BOflráp }S licat, Iíe, Oats, Barley anl G raes Seed . lst. It has a Motar y Feeder. 'id. Will sow all kinds of Gi'cvin and Grasa Seed. Sd. Never hunches the Grain 4:t7i. Never hreaks tlie Graiti. 5t7t. Sotos Grass Seed hroadcast oehindthe Drill. QfJi. Has Mgli wieels and long Hoes. 7 tli. lias long and wide steel points. 8t7i. It has a land measure or Surmyor. 9t7. It lias doublé and single rank Iritis. lQth. It has a self adjusting sJiut off dide. It is neatly and substantially made, Tliore is hardlya Drill offeredin tlie market but can boast of more or less "F1RST PREMIUMSP Tliey are about us iudiscrimiDately bostowed aá tlie title of " Profesor," wliich ie sometiuiea apued to the ílfiddlcr" or ' bootblack." They cease to convoy tlie idea ofmertt, The Buckeye Drill das beeaon K.tliibition at quite a number oJ Stat and County Fairs, and without seeking favor at the hands of any Commitlee, has received Lts f uil .share nf PremianiB. TESÏIMOKIALS : We give tho followmg oames of a few Farmers in this vicinity wao have bought andused the BucUeye Drill ; Güdfrey Miller, Scio. Jacob Polhemvus " Jacob T romper, " Thomas Wbile, Northfieïd. John Br(iiaw( " Ohi islïMii Kapp, " i iv.inl Boy den. Webster. James Troatlwell, Ann Arbor, Daniel O'Hara, " " John ö. Cook. Ludi. O. A. MaafealJ, " L'. l(.(inions, Saline. (Jeorge Cropsey, Green Oait; Liv. Co. We arealso Agent.s for the Ohio Heapea & Mwer, wïknowledgecl te be tlie very bost in use. We are just in receipt of j ' 100 Grain Oradles Wliitli we wiii .ell clicap. Aïso alargt-assortinent o Grrass [, Aud Ü . ..,,;; of r ■' m CARRrAGESever before offered in this market. c We also keep a lai Je and' ('uil wm& oí? Moma! i y, Í.UI.?, GI.ASS, I'UTir, PAlNT.and LINgEED OIL. A complete asaui-tmcnt of E STOYES, TINWAEE, üil) EAVE Tr.OUCnSalwajï on hand and put up atthc bortost nutice. HISDON & aENDKRSO.N; Anr. Arbor, June 2!'tlil?í;2. 859tf 1868. 1868. 3Z&&2SKF SPRENG COODS! AT Keduced Prices! Just roceiving at O. H. MILLE? BTS wsx? mm &imL MAIN STREET, Ajfftf ARBOR. April 17, 1863. 4w900. 1063. SPElNö. 1863, We are now opening Jk Large and Beautiful aesortment of STAPLE AHD FANGY Dry Cl o o ds ! IADIES' DRESS GOODS in great variety, si_:._.7fx_:5í, H I B B O N SI , Also a large stock of C ocds for Mens7 We ar, Cassimeres, Clolhs. &c. and a f uil assortmcnt of Ladies and Ghiidicn's HATS. CAPS, GÍIOCEK1ES, CliOCKEItY, All of whicli we will sell at the LOWEST TOSSIBLE CASH PRICE! MACK & SCHM1D. Aon Arbor. March 19, '63. 896tf CITY COOPER SHOP. Tholesale and Retaü, O C. SPA F FORD Would respec'fully iuinonnee to the eitizetis of Arm Arbur nul vïeinity, that he is uow iranufactui-iug andkceps constantly on hnd a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! such as Pork and Clder iïavrels, Kcs, Firkins, Chnrns, Wel! Buckets, &c.} Which wili be sold cheap for cash, CUSTOM "WO E. IS: Made ti) brder cm short notice. Repairing done with and diaiiatch, I would cali particular attention to Merclmnts in want uf Bntter PirJkins lammanufacturing the New York State Firkiti, wliich sa better Firkiii Hi;m l;.-i over befo re been of. fered in tlii.s market. T would invite all who want Fifkini to Cali and exanine for themselves ewlire, and I will convince you that jou have culled at the riglit place. L wüuld also cali the attention of Diewers in want of BEER KEGS, I am now prepared to manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Bbls. in liirfro .-mail Iota, and of a Bet ter Quality than can be liad ia or elauwliere. I-'ÜAll work warranted to give entire satisfaction. Thankful for pistfavors anti by a strict jitteution to business, I hope to merii a coutinucd liberal supplj of the public patronage. y$. Du pot furget tü cali at the City Cooper Shop. O. C. SPAFFORD. Detroit St. Ann Arbor, Mioh, 8S8yl GREAï.GHEArEE GREATEST BAIiGAINS EVER OFFERED 1859. 1x1859 In tln3 0ity, aro now being offered at the OHEAP.CLOCK.WATOH, & T OT7sr elry StoreTHESnbacriborwouldsay to thi citizonsul Ann particular, and the rest nf Wahtenaw Oountv in general, that he has just HlPORl'ED DJRECTLY from EUROPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All of which he binas himself to seil CHKAPER than can he bought west of New York Oity. Open Face Cylirulfr Wnlchee trom 86 to 8ïO dn do Lever do do 8 to 21 Ilunting Case do do do 14 to 35 do rlo Cylimler do do 9 to 28 Gold Watehea from 20 to 130 1 have also the CELEBRATED AM El!' CAN WATCHES, whieh I wlll séii ttr (33. EveryWatch warrantt-d to perfurm we 11, or the'y -eiuudeu. Civclis, Jewclry, Piatcd Worp, Fnncy Gooda. Gold Pena, Misten] lustruments nd St rings, Cutlery, &c, aud In ('art n variety of avaryt-hing uauaJJy keptby Jewelers can be boughtforthe next ninety dsys t your O W N F II I 0 E S ! "■íM'sono baylng ndything at tuis wnll known establiwfimo ut can relyupongetting good? exactly as representftd, ortbénïOïiey refunded. f'allaarly and se cure tho best Itgvfaius ever oñered in thif City One word in regard to Repairing : We are prt'parficï to raake nny repairs onfinn or com[ mon Watches, even tomaklngo er the entire watch, If necesanry. Kepaïrfng ot' Clocks and Jewelry rs usual. Also the oí IÏINCïS. lïROOCïig, , or atiythinp dnsired, fromCailfornlft Gold onshortno tice, rlnfiruvii".' la uliiis i-runchesexeented wthneaN , netís and dispatch. J C WATTS. Adu Arbor, Jan. 23thl859. 7L4w , 1 Ayêr's Agüe Cur. i Ohancery Notice. hA, STATE OF JllClfl&AN. ilr Circuit Couft for tl, Couuty of Wasliteuitw. ij, Clmnceiy. At Chainbera before Hun. K. Lmtum, Circuit Juilge, at tlie Coirt House, in Ann Arbor-, r,n tke tiventy-seventli day ot Haixli Í863 Alo.vzo Olatïk, i Í Latían -v . BAHGBANTjandotllers.Ji It appéárfBg by afïidavit to the satisfaotion of tW ( court tlint fUil'V-Mia a.w rogpootTÜemhun 1:h itven ;nu,.; in thiscaso, directed to 1li e defendanti herein.and th&t the sanio Cflüjd not De .-ervod upon tin; siiitl izaban A , Sargeant, by rra.Min oL his contiruied absence f rom tliej State of Mfchfgan, or cnicoalment therein, and tin I eourt )i'-inr sa t is f cd tliat.-aid t.;ihan A, gargeant íg uot ; now aresideni of the State, and that his present u-si. I dence is unknown: On motion of E.B, Wood, Solicito?for complainaotitif;orderéd hal. the said LabanA. ■ ; cause hisí ajipearánce to be euterec in itiis ánd öetïoe í íkm ■ r j f to be Re-rted on cinplainart' ■■ BOÜcitor, witlnn uk.üiIis from date he( - 1 and that in case ol apjiea ranee tiiat ho ca answer to eomplaiúaat's bill t be filet! and a coj Uk -rcof tv bc n:on complainanVa s&lfcitor wjtüiD 1wnt rt;iys afttT ifi-i'icf i.' fl .(.iv 61 Sftid bTïp Am - ■ ■■....). , ■ mit nm bc taken as confessed b? liiiu. t is rmfier oröerea, Ibat within tweaty daj ènfbjiTfiiiiiihi 'nis order to be iiUfi.-liei] in the Michigan Argns.u publii Dewspapèr-published at Ano Aíbor, in ■ .: i i '-.liiiiy, and that a.uob pjubUcation be i'l 'i ] 'er at l"'1 %-t on co in each week for1 eight succesRiye weejrpj, ■■ tfaat lie nu-o a copy thereuf to bc persuually &exxfid on the said Laban A. Sargeant, at least, twenty Saya before the expiration of the timé abuve presci'ibed i'or his api ca i ;tt.e. 10. LAWKhNTF,, Circuit JudKe. E. B. Woon, Coinpiainant's Solieitor. . 8wS98 Adminietrator's Sale. DTATEOF MICHIGAN, Cpunty pxJacksoa, ssL 0 In the muiter 6f the Estafe of joha W. Fisher.i'ece&èed : Xnticc ís hcri-by giveö, that ly virtue of to megranted b) Josepb & Beebe, Judge of the ProbaHe Couri for the Catitttv nf Jackéon in the State ■ isgaü) I fibull espose fcfrale on Saturday. the sixth (0) day of June ten u'clock in the fore noon, on the pre mi se 8 n ihe Cfmnty of Wartóenaw, fojlöwiog Iti.scribed parcel of land to wit : ïlie Easthalf if the Norh west uarter of the Ñorthwt (raictiöfl ■! ijuartcr il sectinn four} Tcwn three Sontli rane i containing twenty seven acres of rand more or lé'ss. ALOXZiJ FARGO, Administra tor, Dateo, Grass Lake, Apnl 181b, IS-:;. llüiïl E&tate for Sale. SKAN Cuniv of Waslitenaw, S8.- e matter oi tli-I-Ntaii; öf Laura Ida Tmld,of the t ï tv "l ïtéfc Voik n the Sïiilé 6f Netf Vm-k, Minor Notie ■■ ■ - ■■!! , '1 ir! t i ij pu -n a net; nf an order grarited tbfhe i ,TbotriásM Cooley,GTiardiai of the ]■: . : niiii'i], hy Jlon. Juág cif Probate fpr Hie County u! Washteoaw, on the íisth daj of April, A D 1663, therd wilí bé sóM at pobíio vengue, to il'" Uighst bidder, at the south 6x)ox of the Coiyt House in the l iiy of Ana 4rb'oi in thé County of Washteuaw. in eaic State nUMichiiin, on Saturday the twen ty thupddajof Muy A. D. 1863, at one o'clocli iu tLe atteroooA af tbát day, (Mibjoet t all ncumbrsnoeii bj mortgagi1 or otlKTwiwe existjng at the time of tb o sale) Ehetollowing decríbed Real Estáte to wit: All those .■■■i ,,ii pieces or parcela QÍ and in lh City of Ann Atbor, in County of War-htenaw ind PJtftte. of lüchiiriin known and designafeed ;t lcfs auimber fiftipn au öixuen in blotk noinhet five south of Hu ron trtctf Range Eight Eást . according to the recorded plat thereTHOMAti M. COQÏAY, Guardian. Datedat Ann Arl.-or, April Oth, 1(3 S. Mortgrige Sale. DEFAULT ha ving been made in the endition of a eertain lUörtga i I by Nfcholád Doody and Hridgtt loody , liis ivite, ot pextr, MihiLn1 toJoim llftbbit, of thcbamu place, üated the thïrtiètb &ay ,f June, a . l! e trteCT hutded and öxtyj mul r-.-corded I in tlj'-oOif.'ol' the liegister of )iceiis oftlie County of Vv'ashti'iiaw, Mate of .Micliigao, in Líber S3 of i6aHg&gt&, an Prtge M3, at (wo . .n the aföBiooD3 which said Mortgage was du ly asignéd by Öaid John Rabbit { Riefeard W,ii-ii, bj deed ot a.s.-ííyujfcjit, baring date tlio 22d day of pi.iiri'l recórded in the eaw office "f ■ for s;iiil County of VTMÏhteiWT, oa tb. 4 iüii. :i Qf .Miirch A-D 163, at two and a half in the afternoon , in Líber 27 of Moitgaj : S : upon wiiïch mortgage thexeis cluimeü tobe due, at the date of (bis notice, the Bum of oue hunüml y 'f o tlir cents ($118.7-1), Bnd no suit or proceedinc al iaw haring been jn.siituted torecotei ;tn pasri mëreoi : Not ice, ia therefore, berêby given, that on aturday, the 18th day July neit, at IJ n'clock, ii' on, 1 shall s?H at pubhc au et ion, lo thé highe.-t bidder, at the front öoÓr of the t'ourt House, in the City of Aun Arbor, County of n;hteaaw, the premÍBea contained in i;id moftgage, or ko much tbereof as shall be necopary to aatisfy the;iraount due on said raoiigage uiih tt;n per. ct-nt interest and legal eósts, tcgcilier with all reasomtble chsrlü asan AttorLity IVe cuveiitiited íor tñerein, "that :i tosay, allthose certain trae's or parcols of land, situ?.t '1 in tlm villano i C Di-xtir, Onuiiy and State afores.iid, known, houuüed, and desciibed as follows, to wit: One parcel beginnfng ar the north-west cornerof land Sttid pj John V al du, in biuck 16 OÍ niiff vil) age, b a contract Irom Samuel W Pexter to the said John W;.M.anl beariug date the 28th day of July, A. It. . ; henee south-eastcrly on Ihe Ann Arbor roal -8 reet; tlu-ncc south 39 degreeri west 81 feet to an Hej 10 fet wide ; tlience westerly on the north line of said alley to thñ w5t line of said Waldo's laud ; thence nortb-orly on saiá W, Edb'B west lino to the place of begining ; being the same lot cuiitracttd by the said Samuel W. Dexter to Johq Vau Fiet-t, hy contract btaring date the -lsi day ofMajj A.IX, 1844, Also thal other parcel of land, commencing at a stabe od the Ann Arbor road, 28 fcet &outh-eateHy from the northwest corner of the tra et öf laml, nu block 18, wbich the K&tdDextêr enttracted iu John Waldo, on the ?8tji day of July lL48, and runniug thence outh 64 degrees eaat 23 Peet aml 7 inehos on ihe south. line of said Ann Arbor road ; thence south 39 degrees west Spleet to an alley 10 feet wide ; theuce aluug íd alley nrtb 64 degrees west 25 feet and 7 haches ; thence north 39 degress east 81 fcet to tin' place of beginning." fíateü, Aun Arbor, Apnl 23d 18t3; RICHAïiD WAlH. GEO. Ut lUNFÜUTII, AS8igiie of Mortgagee. Attovnoy. ' 901M Ghancery Notice. STATROF MICHIGAN, the I'uurth Judicial Circuit, ia Chancery.' - a ruh M. Éno, Complatnant. " Orvilli' C. Eno, Pefemlant. J Suït pending in the CircuitCourt, for the County of Washteuaw . iu Chancery, at Ann Arbor, o ir the yth-Hj 01 Apvi, a.D. 1863 Jt eatie factorly appearing to the undersignei' Circuit Court Ccmmissioner for sajd county. by affidavit tliat the above oamed elefendant is nota resident of ífiií State, bat that he isa resident of the State of Sb York. On motion of John N. (iott. Solicitor for cmplainant, ït is ordereffthatthe gáld dfendant, Ürvüle C. Eno canse his nppf arunce in this cante to bc entend wit) tin 1 wo month. 'rem the date oí this order and tliat in case of h: apera.Dce h.e cause hts answer to com plainaötiibil! t befiJed ;ml acbpy therénf to bo sent-d oir'cnniithurant's solicitor within twtnty fistys aftei the service of a copy of eaid bill and notice oí this prder, aml in default thèrcof tl. at the síiid bilí beteken: cöbessedbi tliesírW íeféñdáni ÖrVflle C. F-no Hindit is furthej prdered ]ut within tueniy days aft ex the mnking of this ordef, the said copijMaiUant cause a copy i)f 1hirf order i,o lii pnblis)iP(i Ín f the Michigan Argv&iZ. ocwspi ' ■'. n sai3 cumy , and ihnt said public 1 1 : ii l;i C(Jiftnicd in saul paper, iit loasl once in ecJl w.vk , l'ur mx u reks in .sucecssion, or Ihat she cause a copy orchis order to be personally aeived :: ii"! deiVndant at least twenty days before the time above prescribid for his appcarajiV9. Atrueeopy. GEO. lUNFUlViït, Cir. Ct. Coifl. John N. Gott,; Wash. Co. ■C'omplainant'á Solicitor. 901 td. Chancery Kale. IN Pl'HSUANE aria 6y virhie of a doeree of the Gif cuit Court íor the C.unty of Wasluenaw ín Ciiancery, made i n the Peconp day of February, A. P. lSGSj in a cause thcrein ]icndin!r, wlurein Alfred Iï. Wond is complainant,ani Johc W. Uaynarct, Mary J. M;iyn:ir'l, William S. Máyaard, Luthcr Dana; Abijaïi W Farrar, George H.yde, Alonzo Farrar. Henry W. Chandlerv Washington Warren, Sdward Lambert, William H. Major, HewyiPeone, William W. Wrifïht, Dwight M. CabciC-k. .hdiii Nickolson, James J, Perry, Andrew Ketclr ara, John R, Jaffny, Artlmr W: Jaffray, F.dwaru S Jaf fray, and Kicbard W. JailVay are (U-iendantn. bFbtf ' is hereby givea, tbatl shall eell at public nuciion, ta tlie hlgiresi l'id'cr, at twelve o'elock, noon, on Paturdayj the20th day of June next, A. 1). 1803, at tliu oor oï the Washtenaw Counly Court House in tlf city (.{ Ann -rbnr, Mk-liiiran, fthjose cert-iin parce' (f land UiMwn and rt Hows, to-wit: SitUt6 in tlio fiitj nf Ann Arbor, County of Waa tenaw, com' menoing ene liuinireii stxtqen and a half feet nortfe tv tq thiBouth-east cornei pf blpck nuinber no.rth in range three east; thence one hundred and two feet; thence nurth iiítien una a half feet to tije south line of lot number eighteen in sajd block; theuce we.-t thiity feet to 1bp véti line o!' ft&d lot; thence wrtl and a half (Vet; thenco cast ajojag ihe south lina of Gharïes Tna'yerelan3 and alöh'g' the. south Une oí Charles Th j er a stoce, cóa MumlyV Bine!;, to Sfatn st.; thence south to the place of' befrinnirg; xcepting WH in:ich ef -;:'.i' land .is coverefl by James T. Allen' store, beqog a strip aboat two leet Cour inches widi1, the length of païc! AUen'a store: tne premíses bereio intended to be d ' ' ,-ame conveyed by R. Paronaand wife to H, V. H;.:'f. ly aaid Hyatt la John LocSwoOd, and by sald ÍJock u6d lo John w. May-. nard. GEORCK DAXFOKTH, ■ Cir.Cmir; r.nn. Wafeh. Co., Micb. O. ir.'.v-'Mvs, Conïifiant'a Solicito. Datea, Ann Arbor. May 7, 186a, 903td EstíitG.of Jane Pixlcy. STATEOF HïèHlGrAN, County oí VVasbtenaw, ss.- Al :i se-Voii ol' the l'i-nbate Oourt (or the County ol Washti naw, fiollen at t!i.' Pjtoba,te Office in the. City of Ann Arbcir on Thursd;: y the seventh öay of May, In'ihe 't .'M1 iH.i' thwisattd fililí luiiilrrd aad sixty-thtee. - ■ Present, Thomas Ñinde.Júd?e of Probate. Li . mi; ter ol the Evlaie of Jane l'ixley,lateof said County, decon v . Ou reading and filing the petitïon, duly rorified, of John II. l'ixley, prayincr for the probate of an instrumo;tt now on lile i;i tbia Geurt, imrporting to be lliehi.-i wíll and testament of aaid deceaséd. TJiereupon t is ordered that Friday.tbe twenty-uioth la oi'.!.y instant, at ten p'oIOQtf Ín te forenoon, be ítssigncid f ar the bcarinjrof í ;iid petilion, nnd that the devisees, légateos and beir&ai law of said deeeaeed, nnrt all other persons interested in aaid estáte, aro required r at a aassion of ?aid Court , then tobe holden at the Trobato Ofhce,in the Ciiy of Ann Arbor in said County, and show eause, jfanj there "be, why Uie prayer of thepétitiöaer sbóold nol bögvatrtedj And it is f uit her ordeicd , that said petitioner -ive üolice to the peraonfl intciesterl in bjiw estáte, of t'u.' pendencv ql said petition, and t]n hearing tbftróof, In i iiviiiLTi "]y of tliis Order lo be published in tlie I ,ííí,-,,í oewspaper printed and circulatinfl tenaw, thrèe successive wookf, preyious to s,aiñ d;ty oí hfiaijng, (A irue Copy,) ÏHÖMAS NrNIïF. Judy of rjobate.


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