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PuMished every Friday morning, in tliethird story of e brietv block, coriior of Jïaïii and Hurón Sts.. AN'N iRUOB, Mich. Entrance on Hurun Street, opposite tlio frankün. ELIHÜ B. PONDj Editor and Publisher. Tcrms, $l,5O a Year tu Ail vanee. idfDrtlsl"S- O"11 square (12 Unes or less), one e'ek üOcents; and 25 cents for every insertion thereïfterss than turee montlis. ' Oué square 3 mos $3.08 I Quarter col. 1 yeai $20 un. siiuari' 6 mos 6.00 Halt' column fi mos 18 ,,.„. puliré 1 year 8 00 Hall'column 1 year 35 Tivosq'res C 'mos 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 -f,,,, Mires 1 year 12.00 One column 1 year 60 .p Advertisements unacootopanied by wiitten or mtLi directioni will be published unül ordered out, ,nd charged accordinglv. Legal advertisements, llrst insertion, 50 cents per folio 25 cents per folio for each subsequent irsertion. nú postpenement i.s addud to an advertisement the íUoIe ivill be charged thesame as for ftr&tinsertion. Job Prilltlllg- ramphk-tR. Hand Billa, Circuláis, r,r,ls, Ball Tickets, Ibels, Blnnks. Bill He.ds, and „llur'í.uietiesof l'lain andFancy Job I'rinting, executeJ wilh promplness, and in tho best style Cards- We have a Ruggles Rotary Card Press, and ijrgevani'ty of thelatest styles of Card type which tnables us to print Cards of all kinds in the neatest nossible style and cheaper than anv other house in the :tv Business parda for mui of all avocationa and professioas, Ball, Wedding and Visiling Cards, printed on s]jort ootice . Cali and see samples. SOOK BINDIYG-Connectedu-itli the Office isa ]3ooi Bimlery in charge of two competent workmen. - fiuntv Records, Leigers, Journals, and all Biank Books L Ie border, and of. the best stock. Famphlet and ivriciclicals bonnd in a ntal and durable manner, at DemitpricM. Eathmoe to Bitdery ihrough the Argus Offce. j_


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