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Were there no temples reared by mortal hands, No altar-stone, no consecrated shriue, No ediliee for purposes divino, To congrégate the people of the lnr.ds, Still would the flanie of adovation's fire Survive in human souls, and heavenward aspire. What need of graceful arch and srtóried pane To a poor suflering sinner on his knees 1 Tlie universe has greater things than these Wlirrewiih to decórate God's boundless fane, And inany voices of sublimer powers fours. To send unto the sky a grander psalm tlinn With neverfailinglampstheheavensare hung. Tlie mighty suu by fiery robes embraced; The changeful moon, so pensivo and so chaste ; The crowded stars in countloss systems bang ; And mptcors speeding with a íearful flight Througli all the roalms of space, and clothed with raarvelous light. Nay, there are sounds of worship that arise From birds and trees, in many a sigh and song ; From winds and waters lmrrying along ; From restless seas, uplieaving loward tlie skies, From flowers, fruitá, spices, incensé streams ascend Up to the floating clouds, and there in sweetness blend. ' And vet 'tis fit that men should congrégate To raad. expound, and venérate the page Whioh sha.ll extend from brightening age to age ; The hopeful promise of a holier state ; 'Tis well to meet, with souls that look abovc, To form and propágate . the brothcrhood of love. 0, for one simple creed that all would sliare, The mildest, poorest,, best, That we might follow God's divine behest, And worsh) him in gladness pvervivlicre; Mingle without intolerance and pride, And niake his lioly word our counselor and pride !


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