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Power Of Gentleness

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No bad man is over brougbt to repeutance by angry words; by bitter, scornful reproaches. He fortines himself against a reproof, and hurls back fon! charges in the face of his accuser. Yet guilty and hardened as he seems, he has a heart in his hosom, and may be melted to tears by a gentle voice. Whoso, therefore, can restrain his disposition to blame and find fault, can bring himself down to a fallen brother will soon find a way to better feelings within. PiLy and patience are the two keys which unlook the human heart. They who have been most suecesaful borers among the poor and viscious have been the most forbearing. Said the celebrated St. Vincent do Paul, "If it has pleased heavento employ the most miserable of men for the converhion of some souls, they have themselves conlessed that it was by the patience and sympathy which he has lor them Even the convicta, among whotn I ├╝ved, can be gained in no other way. When I have kissed their chains, and show compassion for their distress


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