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The Conscription Act

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The instruotions issued to the Provost Marshals by the War Depai tment require that enrolling offioei'8, undorthe consoriptioa luw, are to enroll all persons subject to military duty, whether white oi1 black, and to note thüir agea, residenoea, color and oceopalion. - They must indude, first, all able-bodied males between thü ages of twenty and' forty-five, and exempt by law ; and, seeond, all persons offpreign birtli who shall have doclared their intention to become citizens. The enrollment of the two classes (first between twenty and thirty-tive, with uOtnai'ried persons, and, secoi:d, al! others) must bo kept on separate sheets, made but at the same time. Students in colleges or schools, teachers, nppren'.ices, sailors, travelers, traveling rnerchanls, and the üke are to be enrollcd at thtir legal resdence, thwir tempornry absence from wbich forms no cause of exemption. Enrolling Ofocara aie to judge of age by the best evidunco they can obtain ; but appeals lor exemption on account of tige inay always ba made to the board, Whenever any part of the forcos tb ns enrollod are Ie be called out, tho Provost Marshal General ihall notify each District Prwvoet Manshal of his proportion, with specilic instrucüons as :o sub divisions. Tlie board shall then make the apportionment to the subdistriute, and shall add fifty pur cect, thereto. What follows is embraced in the following regulalions : " To. The board shall make r.n exact and complete roll of tho names of the persons drufted, and of the order in which they were drawn, so that tho first drawn mav stand first on Uio said roll, and the seeond may stand seeond, and so on. The drafl shall take place - at the headqunrters of the district. It shall be public, und under the directinn of the Board of E'iroliment. The name of eoch person enrolled sh;ill te placed in a box to be provided for the purpose, and the Provnkt Marshal or some person to be designatod by him (the drawer to be blindfolded), sball draw therefrom one name at a tiine uutil the required number is obtained. " 74. The exact and complete roll of the names of persons drawn in the draft shall be entered by the board in a book to be kept for that purpose, ruled and headed to correspond with the descriptive roll of drafted men. " 75. The number required to fill the cal! will be taken from this roll, by commencing at the first name, and taking in order, until the rcqnired number is obtained, all who are not, by the board, decided to be ncceptcd and exempt ender the provisions of the enrollment act. " 76. The names of the men thus called into service will bo entered on ' descriptive rolk (in triplícate), signed by tlie board. One copy of this roll be sent to the Provost Marshal General direct, one copy to the Acting Assistant Provost Marshal Gereral of the State, and one will be retained by the Provost Marshal. " 77. Oerlitied extracts from this descriptive roll shall be made in duplícate by the Provost, Marshal for every party of drafted men sent off, and sent with the party to the officer to whom the party is to be delivered. Une copy is to be retiiinfid by this officer, and the other is to be returned, with a receipt for the party as delivered to him on the back. The returned copy will aooorcpany the Provost Marshal' monthly report to the Provost Marshal General. " 78. The board shall note on the roll book of drafted men, in the column of remarks opposite eaoh man's name, the disposition made of him - whether called into service and sent to the rendezvous, exempted by the board, replaced by a substituto, commuted forr de8erted or discharged, as not being required. " 79. The substitute whom any drafted person is authorized, by seetion 13 of the enrollinent act to furnish, must be presented to the Board of Enrollment; and it shall be the duty of the board to examine him, and, if accopted, to place bis name on the book of persons drafted, with explanatory remarks. His name will then be cribed on the descriptiva rolla of men ' eallod into service. "80. Certïfioates of exemption frorn the drüft by reason oí h&vtng providwf a subslitute, ar hiiving paid eoininutation money, símil he furnished by tho Board of TEnrollroent aotorditlH to forro 31. A disehargo from one draft furnishes do exernption frorn any subsequent draft, exoept that, when the per son drufted has furuished in acceptable subslitute, and bas received i certificate of discharge from a preoedinef draft, lic sball be liiild exompt fiom military duty during; the lime tor vvhich he had been drafted, arjd for whiuh sujh substituio was furuished. "81. Tiie board shall f.iniish aclischarge irorn fnrther lisibilities under the particular dn, ft to anv dridted purson whn present :i Iwn n JIJ e receipt for the sum nnnounoed in orders for proouring substiniti's from the perwtn auihoriztid by U:e Sucretuiy ui War to receivc it." Lip" Same inusic-teaelier oneo wrnto tliat the " art of playing n violin rehuiré the nicest percoption, and tbc most sensibility of any art in tho kunwn world.'' Upon which au editor oomments in the following manner : " ïhe art of publishing a uewspapcr, and making it pay, and at the same time have it please overybody, beats íiddliu' higher tluvu a kite." .


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