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Clirqago, June 3, Shortly after midhight Judge Drum mond issurd a writ directing and enjoining the military auMioritica to take no teps or measures to carry into effect the order ot' Gen. Burnside for suppression. of the Time, until applicttitoo tor a permanent writ of injunctiop eould be hcard in open eourt to day. At half past S o'clock thia morning, fier ncarly the whole odition had been worked off, a filo of sol diera broke iuto the office, took posession, and remained some time. They left after giving notice that if any attempt was made to publisl; another paper the military would take posession oí' the office. The Mlowing handbill is being ci-reulated tlirough the city : " All good and loyal citiaensof Cliicago who favor free speech, and the freedom of the prees, as guaranteed to us by the coustitutioü wo love and uphold, are invited to assciiible in raass meeting iu front of the Chicago limes office, Wed nesday evening, June 3, at 8 o'clock, to tako counsel together in regard to the recent nrfamous order of Gen. Burnside, suppressing papers always democratie and consequeutlj always loyal. " Per order of the committee." Special Dispatch to the Det. EreaJEress. Chicago, June 3. A motiou was made in tlie United State.s Court this moruing by the Times counsbl, to defer the applieation for in juuotiou uutil uotice of applieation could be given the military commandant at Camp Douglas. Judgo Drummond in granting the motion said : ' I may be pardoued for-saying that personally and officially, I desire to give every aid and assistaucc proper to the government, and to the adininistration in restoring the Uniou, but I have always wishèd to treat thal government as a government of law, aud a government of the constitution, aud not a governmeut of mere pbysical furto. I persoaally have contended and shall always coutend, for the right of free discussion and the right of commeitiug, under law and undor the constitution, upon the acts of the officers of thegoverument." Duriug the day the Times office seemed the center of attraetion, aud was visited by a largo number of peoplo. In accordance with the cali issaed thia forenoou, au immense meeting assembled al etght o'clock to-night in front of that office. The crowd soon filled the street, reudering it impassiblo Thu meeting' shortly aftewaru's adjourned to the Court House Square. It was addressed from the north side of the entrance by gentlemen of both parties. The speeches counseled obedience to tho laws and denounced the recent order of General Burnside as arbitrary and despotic. During the afternoon the militia weve ordered under arms, but at present writing the meeting is orderly. Nothing of a sorious nature is anticipated. Judge Davis of the United States Court of the Southern District is expected to-uigbt to act on the matter of an application for an injuuction, in conncction with Judge Drummond. General Ammen is also espected tonight.


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