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New York, June 1. An extra oí the Havana Diario of the 26th reeeived per steamer Sheldrake, reporta tho arrival at Havana of the stearner Darien from Vera Cruz with importitnt dispatches froin Gen. Forey, announeing the occupation of Puebla by the French iorces under his comtnand. The prisoners inclade Gen. Ortega and twenty-three other Generaos, nine hundred rainor ofiioers and 17,000 men. It appears on the 16lh Gen. Forey opened with heavy artillery on tho Fort Totimepulitan, and on the 17th a breech vvas efifeoted. The Freneh troope then moved to the assault, and after desperate resietance entered the Plaza, when General Ortega Burrenderad unuondilionally. On tho 20th ono división of' the French army started for the Cilv oí Mexico. The following are additional particulars of Mexiean nevra. On the 8th inst. Gen. Gomonfort who had reeeived reinforcements triad to attack the rear of the Fi'ench forcee, and General Bazamo'a división opposed him, whicb defealed its opponent completely. The battle took place near San Larenzo uomoniort losmg ü.öUO, killed, wounded, and prisoners, eeven or eight rifled i cannon, and the greater part of his equipments and rnunitions "of war. It. appears that Comnnfort's attack had for its principal objocfc to favor tho entrnnce into Puebla o!' a lare convoy of provisions and ammunition. Gen. Porey had reoeived in time a part of tho heavy artillery he expected and nlready on tho 16th had mounted a battery opposito tho Fort of Tolimehuacan, one oí thj most dreaded in Puobla. On the same day the artillery began the fire and by the I7th a breech had been made. Forey thun commanded an assault to be made but refiistanco immtídiately ceased, a part of the French army entered the town and Ortega surrendered without eonditions, with all his forcee, including all the artülery and eqoipments. Thero would be left in Puebla only a oeoessary garrison to prevent its being moleated by guerrillaa, and the rest' oj tho forces would immodiatoly tako up tho roHroh for the capital. Tho nnrnber of prisoners ia as already stated.


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