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The Board of Supervisors for llie county 1 of Washumaw, met nt tlio Court IIouso, in dun Arboi-, Tuösday, .May 26th, pie:-.ent i'rom Aun Albor City, Conrad Krapf. " . " " James H. Monís. Ann Arbor Totvn, John Goddes. Augusta, Aaron Cliilds. Bridgwater, D. LeBarron. l'exler, L. H. Fiuedoin, E. Haire. Lcili, Newton Slieldon. Lima, Mop-ris ïhonipson. Lvudoii, Orman Claik. MancKeMer, P. Coon. Nortbfisid, Patriek McKornan. l'illsfluld, A. (,'i illuiidrn. Salom, Uui'us Balibitt Saliu, Marliii GVny. Scio, Lmlici' Palmbr. Bharon, }ay Kverett. Superior, E. M. Cole. Sylvan, Hiram Piereo. ■Webster, Robeit McColl. York, Thomas Gray. Ypsilanli City, Hiram Batchelder. " " John Gilbert. Ypsilanti Town, E. D. Lay. The Board being called to order by the County Clerk, proceeded to ballot for Chairman, when Robert McCoIl, of Webster, was duly elected. On motlon of Mr. LeBarron, t was Resolved, Tliat a committee of tliree be appointed to report to the Board the manner in which to provide for the Voluntcer Relief Fund of this county. The Chairman appointed upon tlie comraittee Daniel LeBarroi, John Gilbert, and Thomas Gray. Oh nioüoji of Mr. Thomas Gray, it was Resolved, That tlie Supervisors of the sóveral towns and vrárds in the county, report without, delay, the amount of orders that tliey have drawn upon the county on the Family Volunteer Relief Fund, Mr. Gilbert moved a resolution iu relation lo. certain dams across the Ilurop. River, at and below the city of Ypsilanti, which was refened to a committee cor.sisting of Messrs. Childs, Gilbert, and Palmer. Ou motion of Mr. LeBarron, it was Resolved, That the County Treaaurer report to the Board the amount of Family Relief Fund expended. Messrs. Palmer, Krapf, and Morris, were appointed a committee te wait upon the Courty Traasurer upon the subject. The Board tbereupon adjourned to Wednesday Bioroiafl, May 27 th, at 8 o'clock. Wednesday, May 2ïth, 1863. Board met pursuant to adjournnieot. Mr. MoColI iu the Chair. Present a quorum. A commuuication was received from Manchester, asking back pay from the Voknteer Relief Fund for Mrs.Lodicca C. Bailey. Referred to a committee to consist o; Messrs. LcBaron, Gilbert, and Thoma Gray. On motion of Mr. Crittenden, th cliuir appoiated Messrs. Crittenden and Hair, a committee to procure proposal from the several publishers of the city for pvintiug the proceedings of the Board for the present year. The committee was instructed to ad vise said publishers, that if tho proceedings were not published according to law, no payment would be made for the same. Tho Board took a recesa until 11 o'clock. At II o dock a quorum was present, and the Board resumed business. The committee to whieh was referred the resolution of Mr. Gilbert, relativo to the mill-dams at liawsonville and Ypsilanti, reported as follows : Your committee to whom was referred the resolution to construct shutes on the several mill-dama on the Huron river, known as the Rawsonville mili dam, (he paper mil dam, tüe Huron milldam, and alto a milldam cross Paint creek, in the town of Augusta, known ai the Hardy milldam, woiild recommend t h is Board to authorize the Supervisors of Ypsilanli City and Town, and also tlie Supervisor of the town of Augusta to notifv the owners of the several mill-dams, as tioned al ove. on or before the fifth day of June next, to constituía shutea in each and all of the above described mili dams, in accordance with Act No. 246, of tbo Session Laws of 1861, on or before the first day of Ociober next. Said shuteg labal] be six feet wide and eight nenes deep, and the upper end lo be eight inches below the level of the top of aid dams, and the bottorn to be below lovv water mark; and unless the owners of tila above raentioned mill-dams shal construct the shutes in the several daius as above described, on or before saicl first day of Oclober next, then the Supervi sois of Süiil tovvnship shall so eoustruc them on or beforo the first of Novembei next, and colleot the arnoiint of coat o constructing tlie same from each of the owners of the seveial inill-dams as above described. Your comrnitteo would reeotnmend that this Board order the Coiinty Clerk to furnish a copy of íhe foregoiug'to each of the owuers of the above described mili-dama, AARON CHILDS, JOHN G1LBERÏ. L. PALMER. Which report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Mclvornon moved that the Board proceed to cloct, by a viva voke vote, a conimittee of five oq equalization. Laid on tlie table. Tlie coimnittee on printing reported in writiag. Accepted. Mr. Thompson moved that the printing be givea to Mr. Davis, at $30 - Lost. The subject was tabled, aud subsequently taken up and referred back to tho conimittee. The County Treasurer reported in auswer to the resolution adopted yesterdy, asTillows : Statement showing tlie amount of Relief granted from the Volunteer Family Kelief Fund, by tlie various Super■( ijors : Ann Albor city, C. Krapf, from Nor. 1, 1862, to May 31, 1863, 1,839 41 Ann Arbor city, J. H. Morris, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May 31, 1863, 4,537 75 Ann Arbor town, II. Mowry, from Nov. I, 1862, to April 30, 1863, 126 00 Anu Arbor town, J. Geddes, for May 1863, 19 00 Augusta, A. Childa, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May 26, 1803, 789 00 Bridgewater, D. LcBaron, from Nov. 1, 1862, t May 26, 1863, 226 00 Dexter, L. II. Jones, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May 26, 1863, 84 00 Freedom, E. Haire. Lima, M. Thompson, from Nov. 1, 1802, to May 20, 1863, 238 00 Lodi, N. SheJdon, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May l(j, 1863, 172 00 Lyndon, O. Clark, from . Nov. 1, 1863, to May 26. 1863, 255 00 Mancharte, P. Coon, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May 26, 18Ö3, 813 00 Northficld, P. Winegar, from Nov. 1, to Deo. 31, 1302, 186 00 Northfield: P. McKernon, from Jan. 1, to May 26, 1863611 00 Pittsfield, A. Crittenden, from Nov. ], 1862, to May 26. 1863, 280 00 Salem, K. Wheelok, from Nov. 1, 1862, to Maich 31, 1803, 341 00 Salem, E. Babbif, for April and May, 1863, 03 00 Saline, A. Kond, from Nov. 1, 1862, to March 31, 1363, 607 00 Saline, M. Gray. Scio, S. G. Johnson, from Nov. 1, 1862, to ipril 1863, 777 75 üoio, L. Palmer, for May 1863 108 00 Sharon, J. Everett, from jNov. 1, 1862, to May 26, 1863, 231 00 Superior, E. Col o, from Nov. 1, 1862, to May 26, 1863 314 oo Sylvan, J. O. Depevr, from Nov. 1, 1862, to Maroh 31, 1863, 2,137 00 Sylvan, II. Pierce, for Mav 18G3 630 f2 Webster, R, MeColl, from Nov. 1, 1802, to May 26,1863 54900 York, T. Gray, from Nov 1, 1862, to March 31, 1863. qqq nn Ypsilanti town, E. I). Lay, from Nov. 1, 1862, to March 31, 1863, 415 00 Ypsilauti city, E. Yost, from Nov. 1, 1862, to April 81, 1863, 1,173 Oo Ypsilanti city, II. Batchelder, for May 1863, 300 00 Ypsilanti city, J. Gühert, from Nov. 1. 1862, to May 26, 1863, i)542 00 119,787 43 This ineludes ooly the orders paid by Treasurer. Amount of outstanding orders uot known. The oomrnunica'ion of Treasuror was referred to the special committee .on the subject. Adjourned to ÍK o'clock P. M. AFTBBNOON SESSION. Board resumed business at 1% o'elock. After considerable filibudenng on the subject of Equlization Coniuiittee, Mr Tilomas Gray moved that Messra. Jones Gilbert, Thompson and Orittendeu be a committee to nomínate a coruinittee of five on EquaüzatioQ. Mr. Thompaon moved that the subject be postpoued unti] tho October scssion. Lost, and the motion of Mr. Gray adopte d. The Committee upon the Volunteers' Family Kelief Fund roported as follows : Your Committee, appoiuted to report some measure by which this Bo.ird is to be guided iu the issuing of orders on the " Volunteer Family Relief Fund " would report, that in their opinioD, some gene ral rule is absolutely necessary, in issuing orders to tho various families in the different townahips and wards in the Couuty in order that the Supervisors may be more economieal in its disbursement. We are aware that in many instauces families claim aid from this fund uader I the law, whether their neoesities cali for it or not, and we would recommend great ciireanddiscretion in tho amount of orders drawn on tho Treasury, as the ïndebtedness of tilia Oounty on account of said fund is now large and coustantly iucreasing, and at the present rate will soon be enormous. We would recommend to redeom all County Certificates as they are presented for redemption, and do not re-issue tbem but have thom destroyed. Pay out all the money in the Treasury for this purposc, as far as it will go, and authorize the County Trcasurer to bor row from time to time (after the amount now in the Treasury has been paid out) such ainount as shall be necessary to earry on the redemption, acd authorize him to issue County Bonda therefor, to aD amount not to cxceed 7,000 00, such Bonds to be payable on the first of February 1S6 J-, with interest not to exoeed 7 percent peranuum, and to be ncgotiated by the County Treasurer upon the best term s, and not below the par value. We would also recommend that the Oounty Trcasurer be authonzed to issue Bonds of said Couuty, to ft amount neeessary to redeetu all orders drawn by the scveral Superviüors of said County on him from the "Volunteer Relief Fund" up to the time of the uext regular meetiug of this Board, not to exceod Sl2,000.30; said Bonds redeemnble on tho lat of February 18G4 at not to execed 7 per cent ntcrest and sold to the highcst bidder u sums as deemed necessary by the Treasurer, boing advertised in two or more of the papers of this city for two weeks. J). LeBAIiON. CLn. Report accepted and laid on tho table. Mr. Palmer moved that the Supervisor from Manchester pay to Mrs. Lodicea Bailey such sum as he shall doom reasonable as back pay. Lost. Mr. Thomas Gray moved that the expenses and traveling fecs of this Board ! for the extra session be now audited and I paid out of the Volanteer ltelif Fimd . Lost. Mr. Thomas Gray moved that this Board dónate their fces and expenses for this session to the Soldier's Fund, Lost. The Committec ou the nomiuation of an Equalization Committee reported the names of Mussrs. John Gilbort, Morris Thompson, Newton Sheldon, Alleu Crittenden, and P. Coon. Report accepted, and on motion of J. H. Morris, the Supervisors so named wore elccted the Equalization Committee for the present vear. The report of the Committee on pro viding ways and' means for the Volun. teers' Relief Fund was taken from the table aud adoptedi Committee on printiDg made further report. Report aocepted and laid on the table. Mr. Thomas Gray moved tbat further propositions be invitet), and. that the olerk be instructed to give notice lo the four pulbisbers of this city tohand in their proposals by 8 o'cloek to-morrow morning. Carried. Mr. Gilbert moved tliat Messrs. f Krapf, Morris, aud the Sberiff bo a eoramittce tomake sueh repairs on the jail as they may deern necessary. Carried. Mr. Lay offered the following resolution : Resolved, That fhe Supervisors of the differeüt tovvus aud citiea in this County are hereby requested to grant orders on the Voluuteerw' Family Relief Fuud, exeept in oases uot here" provided for, as follows : For a family of a volunteer consi&tibgof a wife, or widowed mother only, tbat has a house or place to live free of rent, and not othenvise provided for, the sum of three dollars per inontb, and if no house or place to live the sum of five dollars per nionth; also an additional sum of one dollar and fifty cents per nionth for cach child under the age of eight years, and one dollar per inonth for all cbildren over eight years and under twelve years ' of age belonging to said family, and in case of sickness of any member of said family, the Supervisor of uie respective towii or city where said family resides, may graut additionrl amounts to the famijy of said volunteer, as their wants iu bis discretion ruay require, said orders not iu auy case to exceed the amount established by law. Which was adopted, Adjourned to 8 o'cloek to-morrow morning. ÏHURSDAY, May 28, 1863. Board met at 8 o'ciook, A. M., Mr. MeColI in the chair. Present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read aud approved. Mr. MoKernon offered the following resolution. Resolved, That this Board of Supervisiors allow the sum of to E. B. Pond aad Seainan & Colé, eacb, for reporting and printing the proeoedings of tliis Board ia their papers for tbe present year. Adotped. Mr. Gilberfc moved that 15 Le paid to eaeh of the other publishers whe shall rcpublish said proeeediogs. Carried. Mr. Thos. Gray moved tbat the-Clerk of the Board make certified copies of the report relative to mili dam sohutes just adopted by tbis Board, ar.d foiward thein to the County Clerks of the Counties of Wayne, Monroe, and Lenawee, and request said Clerks to bring the same to the notice of the Supervisors of their several Counties. Carried. The Clerk was instructed to have five hundred copies of the resolution of Mr. Lay, adopted yesterday, printed and distnbuted to the several Supervisors. On motion of Mr. Thos. Gray the Committoe on jail repairs were restricted to 850. Mr. LeUaron offered the folio wing. Resolved, That tlie County Treasurcr bo authorized to procure fifty blank Order Books for the usa of the Supervisors of this County in issuing orders on the ! " Volunteer Relief Fund;" said books (o contain one hundred orders each, and to bo proeured without delay and at the j lowcst possibie expense. Adopted. ' Adjoumed sine die.


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