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A New Bell, Weighing Over 800

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]bs. without triramings, has been purchased by the Congregational Church of this city, has arrived, and will be huns; in its place next week. It is from the Troy factory and is said to be a superior article, but before bragging on its tones we prefer to hear it 6peak. jpíjj' The Episcopal Dïocesan Convention of this State was in session in our city on Wednesday and Thursday, with a full attendance. Pressing busiues engagements preveuted our being present and sketching the proceedings. L2" White, of the Michigan University, spending the year in Europe, has iemied a pamphlet of 40 pages trom the presa of Henry Stevens, 4 Trafalgar Square, Londun, titled, "A Letter to William Howard Russell, LL. D., on Passages in bis ' Diary North and South.' " It is written in a vigorous, terse style, effectually exposes some of the prejudices and errors of Russell's Diary, It ia a severe but jast criücism, and we trust that a wide oirculation of it abremd will do rauch to counteract the impressions wbieh Dr. Russell's book would leave upon the mind of the reading public. - We are glad to notice that the Studente have repriojd the pamphlet from the London editinn for home circulation. JL3T The Democratie State Cnven(ion of Pennsylvania is to be h-eid at Harrisburg on the 17th inst. It is proposed to nominate Gen. Wm. B. Frankun for Governor.


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