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The Canal Convention

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Chicago, June 2. The National Ship Canal Couvention assemblod this morning in a inamraoth tent erected for the occasion on Michigan avenue. The attendance was large but not equal to expectation. The convention was ealled to order by Dr. Brainard of this city, who welcomed the delegates in an able marnier. Hon. C. R. Filley, Mayor of St. Louis, was chosen temporary chairmau, Moses H. Strong, of Wisconsin, A. M. Clapp, of Buffalo, and W. O. MeHenry, of St. Louis, were elected Secretaries pro tem. Bishop Simpson opened the uonvention with prayer. The committee on the permanent organization was announced, after which the convention adjourned to 3 o'clock ; E. G. Merick and J. B. ürippen representing your State on said committee. On the assembling of the convention this afternoon, Hou. Hannibal Hamlin was elected permanent ehairman ; A. E. Bissel is the Vice President for Michigan. Mr. Hamlin, on taking the chair, was received with rounds of applautes. He made au eloquent and able speech, and claimed it was a question of vast military as well as commercial importance. iue comimttee on resolutions postponed reporting until to-morrow. The aftcrnoon was principally occupied in patriotie speeches. C. D. Drake, of Missouri, made an extremely radical anti-slavery speech. This part of the proceedings was much to be regrettetl in a conveiition held nierely for commercial purposes, and creates much dissatisfaction. Milwaukee has sent a delegation in opposition to the proposed improvement, and it is doubtful if they will be allowed to take seats, Chicago, June 3. The Canal Convention bas concluded lts labors. Everything passed off harmoniously. The proeeedings this mornng showed great diversity of interests, and the accomplishment of the object of ;he eonveutiön was at one time almost despaired of, The Milwaukee deiegation, througli Judge Iïubbell., opposed the scheuie of the CttlargeBient f the Ciinal at present as uncalled for by military necessity, and was opposed to adding to the mdebtedness ef the government. His remarks were nat taken with good feeling )y a niajority. Another poriion oï Wisconsin wan-ted tb.e Convention to endorse ;he proposed improvemeni of St. Clair Falls, Fox and Wisconsin Rivers. Minnesota and Iowa wanted the improvement of the Desmoines and Koek Island Elapids, &c, &c. Finding nothing eould se accompiished, the frieuds of the seheme introduced a motion, whi-ch was adopted, to refor the resolutions, with amendmeuts, back to the comniittee. ■In the afternoon Mr. B-uggles, Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, made a report in behalf of the Commitec of Compromise, of resolutions endorsing the original canal cnlirgement and seheme, which were passed, witliout opjosition, amid great applause. The Conp.ention accomplished much iu ■he way of skswing a unanimous desire br a ship canal.


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