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PRINT ING OF ALL KINDS Heatly Executed AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE. WEAREPREPaRED TO FILL ALL - ORDERS IN THE LINE OF PRIN T I N G AT THE MOST las?:tabls'eatsf. We have reoently purohaaed a RUGGLES ECTAEY CAIÖ) PESS3, and have added the latet styles o." Gard Type, -whioh eiiables C3 to print INVITATIOK CARDS, VEDDIITG CAEDS, VISlTfJTG CAEDS, BUSINESS CAEDS, &c. in the neatest styles, end rn o'-.eap as any other house in the Gtate. vv'e are abo prepared to print POSTEES, HANDBILLS, BLA.NKS, LJLL EEADS, CIECULAES, PAMPHLETS &c, THE .A,IR,GKTTS is in charge of. FIRST GUm W0RK1IEN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JCDR1TALS, HOTEL P.2GIGTEES, and OF ALL KINDS, fttTEES TO ANY PAsfelJN And Manufactnred in n.yi otylk at Yöih Priees, PeïliKJbB cf all Isinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Re-Bound, All Work warranted to give entire satisf'actioD. E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main fc Huroa Sts. All Losses promptly lu'justed MERCHANTS'IÑSÜRANCE CO,, 01? HARTFORD, C0N1Í. Cash Capital, $200,000. Tota, AJJ.J,, Jan. 1S(TÜT _ $237 E.TU0S.L01K,,,SecJrARKII0WARI)'Pl-W-'' The undcrsigned ha been appointcd Agent for the löoj-e reUabft Company, nnd wlll effect insurancr agai jat loases by flre at rcasonabk-rates . msuraIlce AnnArbor,.June2,1802. '" "' m'"'1'' lOval Picture Frames A LLSIZES .STYI.EE aad PRICES ju8t reeeived L4 Blackwood's Magazine AND THE Briüsh Reviews. PRIORS OFIEAl AS EVER, TO THOSÍ W 110 l'AY PBOWHCMS l.V APVAhCSÉ. Not witli.standinf,' tho cost of ReprintÍDg these ri . icals bas more than donblei] in ooagequence of the eniirmons rise !n the prlce of Paper andof a general advance in all other and DOtwithRtaadillg other publish is are roducirïg llio size fr nereasinK the I lh;ii' puMieations, w M,all eontinje, for fee year 1803, to fnrnish ours computa, as horelofore, t the ohl ratea, via. : - 1 TIIELONDON QÜARTERLY (Conservativo). THE EpiN KGB KE :.,v ( ,yi,is) TXIH SOUTH BRIT1SH EEVEEW (Free Churoh). THE WESTMix.',! i' rlli) BI '■ ■ EDIN S . ; ,,o,). TEtta . PerasD, Fopany oneof ihe four Reviews ... $300 For 4p ƒ two of tho four Reviews, - - - s 00 Eoranythreo of the ;our - - 700 F irall fou r of thol -, 8 00 ; '■■'■ ■ ' : ■ ■ , - - - . - _ 300 For ]31aol9f - .---500 ForBJ) ! ■ ■ .... 7Q0 ForBlftckwooda&d ihroePeviews, - . - 900 ForBlaekwoodatid the foui-P :vie-,vs, - -10 00 These wlll be nar pricea to all v.'ho pay pvior to the lst of Af'1' '"" ■ ■ ■ ' 6 'i-i' pajjiug tiUaftcrthat 1 ir, the pril en wjtj jo ins.eased t.- such extent as the iacreásed cost of EepriUf Biay demaná- therefere, SEND IN YOUR CRDHI'.S AMD BAVE YOUK MONKT. LEOXARD SOOTT & CO., Pnl.lishers No. 38 Walker ítreet, New York. S?5ï 3 íL.LÍÓN ON HIÖH PiïICES POR CL0TI1ING, CA3 UÍ...M1ÍKCED AT THE 0L0 & iiüLIABLE O !, Y 53 3 W C No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCX, MAIN St. IAM now opeulr-g a la.-ge utid varied aasortjjieni of Spm: ; ' 1, , , 1 in view of the rebéllion on 'aigh ptices gonerally, wül offerthein to my friomïa andocfltomers at the very loweat figures for Casli - Those in waut of a superior article oí Cloths. Cassimeres, or Íleady-Eade Olothing, -wül cali onwho has just returned from the East, with a large assortment of SPRi: %SO!MER GOODS which have been purchased at the late LOW QUICES! and eau ofltr theui at alówer figure than.ever before. Among my Assortment m;iy be i'uuud BROADOLOTHS, CAS3IMERES, DOESKINS, VESTINGS of all doscriptions, togetlipr with a superior assortment of cay-Madc Clotlllng, int . . ,ivTRUXKS,CARPETBAGS, UMBREI.LA8, and c-iaöGeDtlemen's Funiishing Q-OODB, with numeious other articles usually found in similar establighmnts. As itn EMPOEÍUM OP FASHION, the subscriber flatters himself, that h!s long experience and general suecess,will enablóhim to give the greatest satisiaction to ali who may trust liim in the way oi EF" Manufacturing Garments to order. WI. WAQÜiEPv. AnnArbor, Aplü 9tli 1862. 84Stf K ii'mMnimiiinmBmfflnwmiii imnmmimi O. BXiZiSS Would take this method of informing his óld friends andpatrons and all otliers who may favor hún with their patronage, tliat he has gmttly euUrgcd bis Stock and Assortmeut ! and having adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTIÏ IN BÜYING & SELIJNG is prepared to -11 Goeds at ReEaonale 3PnoeS, His stock oonslsts in part oi tlie following: gj AMERICAN AHD OTHER iry! ' a ö tí ' 3 -- girTH THOMA 8 (JLOCKS! Fiae Jewehy Setís GOLD CETAIKS, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLEKY ! Pazors, Sliears, Sci.ssors and Bruslips, KOGEIia ÏLATED WARE, the bost ia markct, Gold Pens, Stssl Pons, Pencils, PAPER and ENVELOPES, Strings Sf Books for Instrumente, js != ui.-; v a. m , of Gold, Siher, Stsd, and Plled, milli PERISCOPIO GLASS, & superior article. Persons having difficult watehes to fl t with gïasses can be aecomodated, as ïuy atock is larfe'arul complete, P. S. Particular atlention to the 3a.3E3jEjiSLX3es.3:rjjof all kinds of noe '.Vntclics, gucb na Making and Setting iiew Jewels, Pinions, SiaJ's, and Oylinders. Alm CLOCKS, Ss TJ3"W'EIJ3R,-5r neatly repaireil and Va.i-anted, at his old stand aart side of Main Street. C. BLISS. Adu 4rbor, Nov. 25, 18C2 m 82Gtf MANHOOI) ; HO W LOSTyHOW 'RESTORED .luxi Publühed, in aSealed Bmelope. PriccSix Cents. A Lectuio on the Nature, Trentinenl. nn'i tUSiüH] ('ure of Spermatorrhaia ir Seminal Weak'ness, Sexual I t!U(5',NerTOusns, and [nyoluntarj Kmisslons, imlucinj Impotency, Con.sumption, and Mentalaiui Phrsieal Debiltty. J BY ROB'T J. CCLTIÍil'.VIÍI.r,, M. I). The iinporliint i'a(-t that the awfnl oon-0(iK'npes of Belf-Almse niay l; ellvc! uöl !v mnmcil uhl,', ,,. hiter nal medicinal or the dangeroua application of caustlos inMnnni'uis. iiic-dicated bougies, aiiil oili.i ,.mflrv;i devices, is hei-e clearly demónstrate, and (e cntiiiv new and lnVlily successful tfeafment as adopted by ' the eelebrated author, fuliy evplamed, bv means of whiebfvervone i.isnabtoii to cuic hhiisclr porfectly and . at the least pasulble c'ost, tiereby avoiding ali the advertisrd nostrums of flip day. The lecture will prove a boon to tn"u.s;iiuls :inil liunrijniils. t Sent uudrrse.' U plalfa eövelop'c, to any address post paid on receipt of twopostagc stampa, by ing thepuhlislicrs. f'IIAS.J. C. KT.TXR & CO t 900tf 127 Eowery, Nw York, r.,,,1 Office Bu.x',4586 ARl1 ■'■UW1 .ii i-..M .,i,, , j ..... ! fKOJI ITBIJSHEE? AND Manufacturen, a and Complete tock ol' LAW & MÜD1CAL BOOKS, School Books, Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books, dan STATIONE '&ï. Z5T l Wall and Wlndow Paper, ,, . . ., Drawh.naiul Miit!iematicallnstruments, MusicJuïenilelbraiieii.Eiivelopes, Inks and Cards. GOLD And all other kinds of Pens and Pencils Window Cornice, Shades andFixture, POCKET CÜTLERY! Aaduvorytliingpertaining to the trade, and more to whichtïiey would invite tlie attentlon of the countrj'. Inconductisgour business, we shall d all that can ledone,so tlmt no rcasonable man, woman or chilü shall find any fault. ' We possess facüitios whicli iriU enable us to supply our stomers at tho Lowest Possible Figures. We propone to sell for READY TAY, ai a email advance. We expect a profit on our goods, but Cash Sales -wúl Adtnlt pf T -,7 FieiTRES. The "E5iriitEBoOKSTOHj!,"Í5 manned by agocd 'crew,' nd they will alwBffB bi' iriund on the "quarter deck " ready aud willing to attend to all ivitb. pleasure, who wíl] favor them with a cali. líemember the "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & CoAnn Arbor, May, 1860. 7 SCHOFF & ïlTTÊR A RE STILL ON HAND at tbeirold Stand No. 2, Franklin Block, witb. themost complete assortment of Books and Statïojaerjr, PEKFUMEEIES, FANCY öOOrS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPE.RS, SHADES, KOLLEG, COEDS, TASSELS, GILT COENTCES, CTT3TAÏNS, HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & "7 1W. .ƒ,3 ?;e. Ever oftered in this Market ! and tboy would suggest totlioseinpursuitcrai'iiigin SAJJTA CL A 773' LINE that they can secure a Dcul-Ie Chrisimas Present ! by piirchasEng from tliis [ot1';, jis each purcliaür gete anndditocalpresert of Jewelry, &c, Ranging izaras Jrcm 50 cis. to $50, ÍS" ïlieytrust that theirlong experieuce inselecting goodsforthis market, .ml sti iet attenüüD to the ivanta ofOu.-t(nners1may entitlc them to a !berlsbare oí P&tjronage. Alm Arbor,Dec. 5. 1860 777 tf Uiíte Fetoiryi "' . , i.- Beutle Üt 'íraver, [SlICfÍSOTtO'A. .1 íuthprluml.] Manufacturera of and Dealurs in Gmis, Pisto), s, Ammutiition Flasks, Pouíheé Game Bags, and Everjother artïcle in that Line. All kinds uf H E2 = jL. 'jC 3e& x SST CSduDe at the shortest notice, and in the beet nianner a full assortineñt always kept on hand and raado order. Shop on Hurón streflt. Aii:i ArbOfDöt. 8, 1362. 873tf L.ET ïtlfc PEOPJLfi ■oy. Providence lias again Crowntd our Arms with Success ! "-ANDA. & C. LOEB, OF THE CLEVELAND CLGTIIM HOUSS, arenotï olTering to the citizens of Wasutcnaw county, and the State of Michigan gcnorally , A LABGER AND BETTEE SE LECTED STOCK OF SPRING & SILMMER GOODS, iban was ever bcforo brou-rht to this city, whiuh we wiUsell Chea-per than any House west of Neio York ! Our stock coasists of Ready-Made Clothing, HATS, TRUNKS, VALISES, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c,, Snd in conolu&iOTl we would"tiaytQ all wbo want tobuv GOOIl (Ot)PS .VI 1.OIV PBICB3, to cali at thu 'Cleveland Clcthing House, IhiMl.Mirswost of Cook's Hotel, andyou ivillsavo monev h.v 'l"i"Kso. A. fcC.I.OEB. ' N.B.- Dou't forget tocall beforo purchivsine elsewllt'ro. Ann Atboi, liay lst, 1863. SmS02 POR SAt-E ! TWO of tho moatdcsiriible builijinglola in tbc City of Anu Arbor, untainiijjicach one acre and a quartei ifglound'. lüoyaresituotedonState Streel, uwir tlie -imiiIi w(",'l ooraer (U the Unhersitv Square Por enns.&cinqini-cattlio ARGOS OI-'FICK Nut. 14 1SC-. ' '


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