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Changing Clothing

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It has come withtn theob.servation of many a reader thut serious and severa illness tríis been ibdíioed, and even fatal siokoess caused, by a changa oí clothing. Injury nevyr comes, perhaps, by putting on inore or wanner clotning, but by dimioís'bíng tbe amount inconsiderately. Tho first great general rule, and alwuys the aafeut, is lo mako the elmnge when you first dress in the morning; if you wait until you are uncomí'ortably warm during the day, it s mo.-t likely to be in the early part oí the aiternoon. In making the cha o ge, thén, there are tvvo or thrGe causes oí' diaease in operation ; the faot of undressing eddangerá a check of perspiration ; the garments about to be pat on tnay not be períectly dry, there may be no opporiunity, even if they are dry, to warm tbem up to the hoat of the body; aod Imther, just about the time you have cluinged, the cool and damps of the aí'ternooo and evening begin to come on, increasing until dark, while having been ihrown ofl your guard by the wannth of the morning, you may fee! the nocèssity of a fire, and by tea time you are surnrised wilh a disagreeuble chilliness running over you; then the cold has been taken, to settle in the eyes, causing weakness and watering; or ia the throat, creatiug a raw or burning sensation at the llttle hollow at the bottom of the neck' and top of the breast-boue; or on the covering of the Inngs, to givo the painful pleurisy; or in the lunga Iheiriáeivus, ín the shape of a troublesome bronchitis or a dangerous pneurnot.ia; or ia the bowels. uausing vreakeniflg diarrhea; oronthe covering of the "bowelo, ia duuiug peritoueal ioflamraation, to end probably in death in a few davs, It is very unsafe to lessen tho amount of clothing sooner thaa the fii'ftt of May, and then not in quaiity but in loss thickness of the eame material; frorn yarn socks to vyorated ; from a thick, knitted fian nel shirt to one of coiiünon vvoolen flancol ; then about ihe first of Juoe to a gauze flannel ; if this is oppressive to sonse, then e.-nploy Cantón fiannel. But it ia certainly a great mistake for anybody to wear anything nest the skin, even ia the üuttest suminer weather, than woolen flannel, Silk shirts next the kin caunot be advocatod on aay tangiMt) grounds; ihe moment aman begins to twaddle with you about " electrical ïnfluences, turn your heel upon him and et hiai down as a Dre=uini.)tive and


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