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The True Soldier's Exampler

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end you," wrote Nclson, " my plau of attück, but it is to place you perf'ectly at ase respectiug my iuteutions, and to giva full scope to your judgment for carrying them into effect. We can, my dear Collingwood liave no little jealousies. We have only the great object in view : that of anuihilating our enemies, and getting a glorious pcace for our country.'1 These v.'ords of a British Adiuiral, aliuost sixty years ago, raight bave beeu said, ought to be feit, by every Federal General, this blessed evening. But hear the rest. Oollingwood before the batlle of ïrafalgar, had come on board the " Victory" to hold a final conference. " Coll," said Nelson, " where is your captain ?" "Thefact is answered Collingwood, " we are not ougood terms with each other." '■Terms!'' said Nelson,; " not on good. temis with each other ! I'll soon arrange Accordingly a boat was dispatched to the ' Royal Sovereign," and the captain was brought on board the '; Victory."- As soon as he reuehed the deck, Nelson led h t in to Gollingwood. "Look," said Ñelson, " yonder is thn eneátít '" " Ves," theyboth replied." ' Wejl," he added, " shake hands like Engl-felïSieu.'! NteJ we say those two men had do enenyes that day but France and Spain ? Map we say, that the soldiers of our 18 Federal armies should ouly need to Lo!r in a rebel's face to be brothers in-arms, self forgetting, carnest, ardont every-oue?


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