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,. iilishcil everv Frirtay morning, in thethird story of IwhrickblocK.coruerof Main and Hurón Ms.. ANN ARBOB, ttich. Kntranceon Huivn u- t-;. ■.■■!■' Bilethe ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Terras, $t,5O a ":ir In Aflvance i,lvertHiï- Oac Mn..r,' (12 lines or less), one 5 cent for CTery ioasttion therefter! le- toan three montlis. ' I,,,. sauare S mus S-'.i 0 Quwrter col. 1 y $C0 L Miiare6mo 6.00 Hfelf column 8 mos 18 ,„,„,„.,, -i. lyciir 80: HlfotemÉ 1 vuar 35 ï,osq'res 6 mos 8 60 One column 8 mm. 86 (W ,,rr 1 . -:■ V 'i Om lumn 1 year 00 -rp dvcrtiseinents iin.iccoiñ)nnied by "ritten or "oroalcürcctioni. ivil! be published uu'il ordered out, ,' ,-lr n ■■"l accordingly, iVml í'l"'-': : 50 "nU "''' Wto. 25 cents per folio for eacli subsequenl irsertion. ,'.'■'■', pustpcnement saddod 1" mi Ivi-rli-ci.wnl Ure "liulo'ül be olmrged tüeame a Col iir.-.iin-;Uou. lob Priiitlng- Pamjililcts, Hiinrt Bills, Circula. ,.„,,, Ball Ticket, Ubels, Blanke, Bill Heads, nd „ther'v.irictios of Plain anii Panoy Job Prioting, execuleJwillr [iroinpüu'ss, a-nil in til' ' ■■ ' -v- Cids- We bavea Rugglea Ruiar.v C;ml PreM.and iirMTanety of theliitest stylesof Card type which !nJbesuH io print Cards of all Wad i tho noatost tyle and cheipci than anj otber house in the ,;,',■ Bosmess parda for m of allavocations aml proessions. Ball, We.Wmg and Visiting Cania, printed on ,l,ortaotice. Uall and sec samples. BOOK BÍSTHS6- Connectedwitli the Office Is a Binilerv in charge of tw i competeni worfcmeri.- SSíy Record, Le Igevs, Journals, and all Blank Booka do ín order, and of the rreatntock. Pumphleta anrt pVrimlirils bound in ,i neal anl .lurablo mmnft, at Detroi't Kn' ranee t, Bir.dery llrrough the Argus OUci". _______._r


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