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Our New Fleet Of Iron Clads

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Nuvy Dupurtinunt proposes to construct a Heet of seagoiog iron elads. Tlie New Ironsides is thoonly annored ship we have now uf that dass; and whila monitors niay be serviceable for harbor defence, no one doubta t'no necessity oí' a sea going íket, vvhich shall be abla to hold in check the annored squadrons of foreign nations. Our sea-going iron clads are to be of 3,500 tons burthen, to draw ""t more than fiiteen feet water, and to etearn Qot leas than thirteen miles tui hour. - They uro lo have two turrets, and each turret 8 tu earry two 13 inch rifled guny. The English are building only thcir smaller ships with turrets. Thoy hold and we think rightly, that a large ship should currv a more formidable arma ment than pan be placed in turrets. - It is vvell known that the offensivo power of our Monitors; is their vyeakeet point. One gun is as good a do, -n against a woodeo ship; but in a fiight with iron tiides, or with heavy etoBê walls libe ilioso of Fort Smnpter, a broadsiilo of tho New ironsidos is orth an liours' ring of a Monitor. Nor is the ppeed of' thirtien knots euflicient Soine of the English iron ciada liave made fourteen or fifteen ; as we are building after they are done, we ouííht to get out of our ships at least as va. a speed as they get out of their 1 1 1 a naval fight, now thnt Bteam is used, the battle is likely to be oftei) 10 tho=e wiio are swift as veel] as strong, Ity Whyn the. princesa Helena wat bnrn, it was tokl the Priiicess Royu that .ho liad got ;i yonnu; BÏsté'r. "O! tbat is delightlul" criad liuk i;r,iai!iit, royalty ; " do Iet mü 2 und teil mamma !"


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