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Gen. Hunter To Jeff. Davis

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. The followino' letter from Gen. Hunlër to Jeff. Davis ia priuted in the Free South, dated May 30: " Headquarters I)ep't of the South, ) Hij. ton Head, Port Royal, April 23. 5 " Jefferson Davis, Richmond, Va,.: "The United States flag must protect all ts defender?, white, black or yellow. Severa] negroes in the einploy oi' the governmeut in the Western Dtepartmeotbave been erueliy mnrdered by your authorities, and otbcrs sold into slavery. Ëvery outrage of this kind igainst the lava oí humanity which tnay take place in this Departpartment shall be followed by the iiuIHediftte execution of the rebels of bighest rank in mv possesion, man för man. These exeeulions will certainly take place fur every one inurdered or sold Oto a slavery woríe than death. On your autr.orities will rest the rusponsibility of this barbaious policy, and you will be held responsible i-o the world to ei me for til the blood thuashed. In the inontirof August last you deelared all those ergaged in anning the uegroes to fight tor their countiy to be fehms, and diruted tliu immediate execution of all sueh as sliould be eapt'ü'ed. I have given you long enoiigh io peflect on your folly. I now give you nolioe that unless ihis order is imineiliaicly revoked, [ will at once cause tho exeoution oí every rebel ófficer and every rebel slave holder in n:y poesessioo. - The popr negro is üghling for liberly n ts trucs! sénse, and Mr. Jefferson has beautïiully eaid "in suuh n war t;)ere is no attribute of tbe Ahniglitv which will induce him to tight on the sidc of the oppiessüf." You say you are filitinii tor liborty. Yes yon are are fightfng ior liberty - liberty to keep four mil'ions of your fellow beings in ignorance and degradatiuii - liberty to separate parents atl children, husbaiul and vvifo, brother and sister; liberty to 8tea! the products of their labor, exacted with many a cruel lash and bitter tear - liberty to Bdcer their wives and daughters and to ReM 'your own children into bondage - liberty to kill these children with irnpunity 'A'lien the murder cannot be proven by one of pure white blood. 'f his is the kind of liberty - the liberty to do wrong- rwhich Satan, chief of the fallen angels, was contending for when he was cast into heil. I have the honor to be, most ráspectfúlly, Your most obedient sèrvant,


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