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Butter made during the month of Juno is usually considerod best produced during the year. Pasture is fresh and abundant, cowa have reguincd their strength, and with right management evorything is favorable to an abundant flovv of milk. A littlu painstaking in thio dairy will make a largo dlöerence in the cash returns. For large dairying a building devoted to the purpose is indispensible. It will groatly facilítate operations to have spring water in or near the premises. - The temperatura of the milk and cream should be kept uniform nt about 55. - Observe the utmost eleanlinesa in every departmaut. Vessela for milk or cream should be -ecalded immediately after uae, thoroughly dried, and well aired. Keep tin utensüs bright; they aro prefcrable to wood for roceiving milk. New tuba should ba sealded with buttermilk before using, to remove the taate of the wood. Have all vessels for packing and marketing neatly painted, or scoured bright, and plainly marked with the owner's name. Botter made this month raav, with proper care, be kept winter, when much botter prieea can be realizod. Calves rnay be gradually induced to drink sour inilk, and also oatmeal and miík or water, by adding' a little at a time to their feed. This, with good sweet pasture, will keep them thriving. A calf well cared for during the first year or two, will be every way superior to ?.n animal neglected at this important eeasoD oi growth. Grain-Fie'dí. - Mark theeariiost and best portions to bo harvesíed separately for beed, and take out weeds by hand before the graio is headed out. - In Southern localities cutting may commence before the close of the month. Wheat and rye are ripe enough for harvest when the berry is just out of the milk, and firin enough to bear moderate pressure of the thumb-nail without breaking. Haying is töo often delayed until the grass is over-ripe. Cut grass and clovcr when just passing out of bloom. - If left later tnuoh of its nourishing subst'ance is converted into woody fibre of liltle valué for feeding, Mowing machines, horse-rakes, and horse pitch forks, will bu oi great service during the present yuar of scaree help. They will pay on all farms where thero is inuch grass to cut. Hay caps will in most iistanees pay fr thernso'ves o a single acason. They not only save nvuch damage from raius, but by theii use graas can be cured without deterioration from clow, and kept uninjurec until hauling can be conveniently at tended to. A good barometer wil be of great service in dotermining when it is gafe to cut lurgely. Manurc-rnaking is in order at al se.isons. Keep the pigs at work com posting. Pile up oitttle-di'Opping in the yard and cover thetn with muck, or spread plenty of muck in enolosures, to be occasionally turned over with the plow. Adi! all v.eedsnnd refuse from the garden and viciüity of the dwelling to the compost heap. Arrange the privy po that its deposits can be mado ivaiiable. When there is opportnnity, dig out niu&k from be dried during the season and carried to the burn-yard in autumn. Poultry. - Keep them in the ppultry yard until ftPt'erftoon, thatthey m:iy deposit their egg in the appropriate place. Soáttered hen' nests are a premiiim to skunks and oiher prowlér - Allow notui to stt after the middlo of the month. Allow yóling chick ens access to the garctun nnd fruit yard to destroy inser.ts. Cleanse and whitcwash their apartments frequenth'j Liquid manure müdo from tbeir droppiugs s nn excellent applicatiuii lor viiies and other pluu's in the garden. Sheep and Lamba. - W.ish, ií it must bü done, as soon as the weatlier adinits. Trim off-taglooks and fihh bofore shearinu'. Mark aaoh ewe pluinlv, iaiincdi ately aftor removing tho tleect-, and desígnate superior ewos to bo retaioed as broeders. Doek and cástrate lambs i f not nlroady done, and guard against tho fiv by einoaripg the wounds vvith tar. Swine. - Keep th(?m growing vi;h plenty of aour milk, and a little grain or bran. Allow thern Hie range of the orchard, which they will cultívate sufficiently, and greatly benefit by doslroying grubs and iijsects ;, unsouiid fruit as it l'alls. Tool-. - Save hirod help by usingthe best implemcnts - ihosa vvorked by horse power as íar as practicable. - Provide all the nacessary utsoeila before coinmencing tho hayingánd harvesting Weeds need ouly neglect to tinive vigofouslj .


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